Village News April 30, 2023

April 30, 2023


Hello everyone. I am working on getting more frequent newsletters out. Some things have cleared up on my schedule, so I have a little more time to work on this. There are a few pressing issues for May, so I will be sure to send out more information and try to do it weekly for the time being.



1.  May General Membership Meeting

2.  Neighborhood Safety

3.  Community Yard Sale

4.  Rolling Road Widening news

5.  Shredding event with donation collection for ECHO on May 6

6.  Calendar



1 – The May General Membership Meeting is typically the second Thursday of the month, so it will be on Thursday, May 11, at 7:30PM. The school is still requiring insurance for us to meet inside their facility, so the location is TBA. I would offer my house, but I have a sick cat that would not take well to strangers either in or around the front yard. After a very expensive stay at the emergency vet, we want her to be as comfortable as possible for the amount of time we have left with her. If anyone wants to volunteer their front yard, please let me know. I was not sure if the tent in front of RVES is an option, or if we would be arrested for trespassing if we all happened to show up. If anyone knows, please let me know.

This meeting will discuss what our $10 dues goes towards, a report from each of the Board of Directors (BOD) and Executive Council (Membership Chair, Directory Editor, Facebook Group Moderator, Neighborhood Watch Coordinator, and Webmaster) plus a report from the Village West Pool BOD.



2 – Hopefully, the school lockdown last week was a one-off event and things can go back to normal, but it did make me want to remind people to lock your doors. If your house was near the location of the fleeing criminals, I am sure every car door was checked to see if it could be another escape vehicle. House doors could also have been checked to see if any keys are left by it to access vehicles.


If you are driving south on Rolling Rd towards our community, please be careful of people not merging when the right lane ends at Kenwood Avenue and pretending there are still two lanes to turn onto Rivington Road. This will be addressed with the road expansion project, but that will not start until the end of next year. I did not believe it when I was told about this, but I saw it happen a couple of days later. The road is barely wide enough for two lanes, and I expect an accident to occur because of it. I tend to center my vehicle in the lane when it becomes one, so I doubt it will happen to me. If you tend to stay to the left, it might encourage people to do it.



3 – This May has tricky weekends due to Holidays. It looks like having the Community Yard Sale on Saturday, May 20, with a rain date of June 3 will prevent conflicts with people being out of town for these Holidays. If you are interested in participating this year, please let me know your address and a brief description of what you are offering (e.g. children’s clothes, toys, kitchen appliances, yard appliances, box of free stuff etc.) Due date is Friday, May 13, so I have time to make maps and address lists, and then create the street sign location maps.

If you want to volunteer to put up the street signs the night before and take them down that afternoon/evening, please let me know.  


4 – There is not much news from the last newsletter, but I was told by VDOT that we will need to remove our community sign. I will confirm that it does not have to happen with the current utility relocation work. They did say the existing location will not work. I will contact their sign permitting people to see what needs to be done about having the sign placed close to where it currently is. If it looks like there might be issues since there is no record of a permit being pulled for the current sign to be installed, I will contact the Supervisor’s office for assistance. If anyone knows of a company that can remove and relocate the sign when we need to do it, please let me know. We will need to account for this with out budget, so getting estimates will be helpful.



5 – On May 6, there will be a free, local document shred event on May 6, at 6045 Burke Centre Parkway.  Shelley Draheim, the sponsor, is asking people to bring food donations for ECHO.  Since ECHO continues to try to meet expanding requests for food assistance, every food drive is important.  



6 – Calendar


May 6 – shredding event

May 11 – CAWSV General Membership meeting at 7:30PM – location TBA

May 14 – Mother’s Day

May 20 – Community Yard Sale (Rain date June 3)

May 29 – Memorial Day Holiday

June 19 – Juneteenth Holiday

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