Village News

Village News - September 10, 2023

1.  Membership Drive

2.  Community Directories

3.  ECHO Collection Drives

4.  Looking for a new Vice President for the Civic Association

5.  Lee Chapel Rd Meeting

6.  Annual Meeting - October 12 at 7:30PM, hopefully in Rolling Valley Elementary School

7.  Additional information about the West Springfield Elementary Tennis Courts

8.  Calendar

Village News 06/01/2023

1.  Neighborhood Safety/Concerns

2.  ECHO Events in June

3.  Girl Scout Enrollment

4.  Directory

5.  Call for a PTA Official for RVES to help us out in October

6.  Free VRE rides on Fridays through September 1

7.  Free Concerts and Kids’ Night at Burke Lake Park on Wednesday nights

8.  Calendar