Village News, 9/9/21

Dear Village Neighbor / Friend,

We are now halfway to our 350-membership objective. And 40% to our goal of 100% participation.

1. Evacuations from Afghanistan – Kirby Myers (SVD) daughter Casey Myers Doane is the founder and executive director of One Digital World, a San Diego based nonprofit that prepares refugees for integration by providing computer access and online classes to refugee camps. Usually, their efforts are focused on education but now ODW is working with their former students to get vetted Afghan families connected with the U.S. government and to collect and record crucial data in an effort to get individuals out of Afghanistan. See San Diego woman working to get families out of Afghanistan - ( for the interview with this remarkable young lady.

2. Calendar:

  • 14 October – Village Meeting, 7:30 PM, vote to Ratify FY21 Audit Report, vote to pass a FY22 Budget Proposal with markups if/as needed and vote to elect new Board of Directors.
  • 1 November – end of the FY22 CAWSV membership drive – will you be in?
  • 7 November – daylight savings time ends

3. Volunteers Needed to Audit – one hour task at most. No special skills required other than basic competency in elementary math. If you can balance your family’s checkbook – you can audit our association records. Our Treasurer, Liz Greene has the books so well organized that you’ll be done in about the same time it will take you to drink a beverage. We need two volunteers for this task that will happen soon after the end of this fiscal year (30 September). The audit report will be prepared and amended with any comments you may have. One or both auditors will submit their report at our 14 October meeting for the rest of our membership to vote to ratify the audit.

4. BOD Elections – We elect a new Board of Directors during our October meeting. Positions that are needing new blood are President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Some currently serving may be willing to continue, but a couple of us need to transfer the responsibility while we are still here and can help with the transition. We especially need a Board (BOD) Member from the east side of Rolling Road. It isn’t hard or time consuming; I guarantee - but may be good for you and the health of our organization to have some transition, continuity time. Give it some thought and let’s talk. The Executive Council (Membership Chair, Webmaster, Neighborhood Watch Coordinator, FaceBook Group Moderator and Directory Editor) are appointed by the BOD. We are thankful that Andrea Lewis (SVD) stepped up to be our new directory editor and thankful for the quality directories we enjoyed from Kirby Myers while he served in that position.

5. Yard Waste and Household Trash Collections – County did give commercial trash services the option to pick up yard waste along with household trash on Thursdays in our case. Republic said that they will continue to pick up yard waste on Wednesdays but have that option to pick it up along with household trash on Thursdays. NO - your yard waste doesn't have to be in the same toter with your household trash (Republic's phone message was misleading). You can continue to put yard debris in other type containers or bags, but not in plastic bags. If Republic misses pick up on Thursdays, then we have yet another complaint to make to county Solid Waste Department ( after you report the same to Republic (703/818-8222). Ironically all of this is due to manpower shortages, especially licensed commercial drivers (CDLs). If you have Bates or American – I will include what those trash service companies will do if one of you will tell me.

Have heard that some in the village were missed for yard waste collection yesterday and did leave it out assuming it would be collected today with household trash, but Republic failed to pick it up (again). Please make the report to Republic and also to Fairfax County.

Stay safe good people!

John Cooley


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