Village News, 9/8/22

Dear Village Neighbor / Friend,

According to our unofficial WS Village Weather Prognosticator and Self-Proclaimed Soothsayer – Madam Kerri Henry – we are in for an early and cold winter. Every year she says pert near the same after watching the tree leaves turn, the squirrels mating and nesting feverously and the acorns falling, but one of these years – maybe, just maybe she might be right!

1. CAWSV Membership – Dues are $10.00 for the entire Fiscal Year 2023 (10/1/22 – 9/30/23). But using PayPal (preferred payment method) will cost you an extra $1.00 to cover their transaction costs, not much more than the cost of a postage stamp. Here are links to three PayPal options for your membership dues:

Or you can use your online banking service or even snail mail to dispatch $10.00 for FY23, or $20.00 for FY23 & 24 or $30.00 for FY23, 24 & 25 payable to “CAWSV”, P.O. Box 2204, Springfield, VA 22152. It’s on you to report your listing instructions, but you can also email me the following:                                                                      

  • Name(s) – include in the next directory? “Yes” or “no?
  • Address - list in directory – “yes” (if yes to names, it’s yes here also and similarly if “no” to names -it’s no here and no for phone and email)
  • Phone Number(s) - list in directory? Yes, or no?
  • Email Address(es) – list in directory? Yes, or no?

All who have joined, or renewed membership receive an email receipt. Let me know if you think I missed you.

2. Community Cleanup – 9/17/2022 from 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM in the Village West Pool Parking Lot. Those who responded to recent enews will be granted priority in the queue to offload. Based on village responses – we will have two rolloffs much like we did back before county’s help. But when they are full – we’re done!

Due to the costs, supplemental payment is required along with advance knowledge of your desire to use this service.

  • If, on the cleanup date you have already paid your FY23 dues – your cost will be $10.00.
  • If you were a member in FY22 or are a new resident since 11/01/21 but haven’t yet joined for FY23 – it will cost you $20.00 (covers your FY23 membership and use fee).
  • If you were here, but not a member in FY22 – it will cost you $40.00 (also covers your FY23, prepay for FY24 membership and use fee).

Unlike when we’re supported by county – plan to offload your own offerings at the collection site and possibly even stick around to help others.

3. Girl Scout Troops - are forming for grades K thru 12 at Rolling Valley Elementary School in Springfield and the surrounding area. Become a Girl Scout family! To get on the interest list, enter your information here:\.

4. Calendar:

  • 10 October – Columbus Day
  • 13 October – General Membership Meeting (elect new Board of Directors, ratify FY22 Audit, Pass FY23 Budget with markups as needed.
  • 1 November – FY23 Membership Drive Ends even though residents can still join anytime during the Fiscal Year.
  • 8 November – Election Day - maybe then the emails and phone calls will stop.
  • 11 November – Veterans Day

6. For Sale: If you are interested, come see these at 8131 Edmonton Court. Email to coordinate day & time.  

  • Kawai Upright Piano – Kawai (bought new for $5K and still like new) with matching bench seat and lots of sheet music. You’ll find them online for much more than our asking price of $2,000.00. Will help move it!
  • Later this month we’ll have a Dining Room Set with 6 chairs, china hutch and buffet cabinet - $500.00 obo for the lot.  

7. Free: Y’all come get this stuff, please!

  • Two twin beds, both suitable for toddlers given their side rails. Bed, frame, side rails, and stain-free mattresses in this package.
  • Two heavy duty desks
  • Three chests of drawers
  • Bedside tables/stands
  • Two each 4-drawer metal filing cabinets
  • One wooden shelf unit that has served us well as a food pantry
  • We will have a chest freezer in the not-too-distant future. Be the first to call dibs on it.  

Email or call 703/451-7055 or text 703/628-3613 to arrange day/time to come have a look to see what you may want.

8. Still Searching – “We” need a person who has good common sense and genuine interest in our community. If you are that person, I will help as you may need and want even from Colorado. My son claims that I’ll be lost without this CAWSV hobby; and he might be right - at least in the short term. I suppose community involvement has become a habit after 20+ years. My youngest has already volunteered me to become the HOA President there in Colorado-ville, so she is now up for adoption and certainly out of my will. Ha! But to keep me active in my “hobby” I again offer to help the next President as he or she may need and want. I will forfeit all rights of persuasion but will help as you may need. Win – win, I reckon!

And if you are waiting for the 13 October meeting to declare, you’re forfeiting a leisurely handoff instead opting for data dump and run. I’m hoping for the leisurely transition and working on that now even before you declare. 

9. Happy Retirement – U.S. Department of State’s Senior Executive Staffer, Suzanne Mary McCormick, my wife will officially retire from her INR duties on 13 September after 43 years of service to our nation. For those who have wondered – yes, I am a kept man. It’s good work if you can find it but pay and benefits aren’t so good. Ha!

When did politics start depending so heavily on our donations? Makes me feel bad about the state of our electoral process to hear from a candidate or incumbent who believes they are losing because his or her rival raised more money than they did yesterday, last week or last month or whenever. Are we electing a prom queen/king (popularity contest) or someone to represent our interests at county, state and at federal governments? And then to hear that their “war chest” (our donated monies) is being used for questionable payouts to their family and friends makes me want to sit firmly on my wallet. Not really looking for a rebuttal, but very willing to post your comments next week over your name & address (no mean-speak please).

Please forgive any errors above. Even though expected, still regretful news about the Queen.

John Cooley


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