Village News, 9/15/22

Dear Village Neighbor / Friend,

Lengthy report today, but hope it is meaningful. If not, pretend it is – OK? Have you heard that Fairfax County is about to give $15,000 in hiring bonuses to attract highly qualified candidates for specific key positions including developmental disability support coordinators, emergency service clinicians, nurses, police officers, and sheriff deputies for certain jurisdictions. Learn more at Fairfax County Homepage | Fairfax County.

1. CAWSV Membership – FY23 dues are $10.00. Request you use PayPal, but you will be charged an extra $1.00 to cover their transaction costs, that’s not much more than the cost of a postage stamp. Here are links to three PayPal options for your membership dues:

Or you can use your online banking service or even snail mail to dispatch $10.00 for FY23, or $20.00 for FY23 & 24 or $30.00 for FY23, 24 & 25 payable to “CAWSV”, P.O. Box 2204, Springfield, VA 22152. It’s on you to report your listing instructions, but you can also email me the following:                                                                     

  • Name(s) – include in the next directory? “Yes” or “no?
  • Address - list in directory – “yes” (if yes to names, it’s yes here also and similarly if “no” to names -it’s no here and no for phone and email)
  • Phone Number(s) - list in directory? Yes, or no?
  • Email Address(es) – list in directory? Yes, or no?

All who have joined, or renewed membership receive an email receipt. Let me know if you think I missed you.

2. Candidate for President – Even before the 13 October meeting, I am asking for unanimous consent to commence transition to a neighbor who expressed interest in the position to be your CA President. Yes, we’ll still need a vote at that meeting, but not knowing how long Suzanne & I will be here – anxious to transition the position and not just a data dump, cut and run. At least for now, I will assume you are granting permission – there is no need to respond unless you also want the President position. Here’s a brief overview of Mr. Jeff Fasceski to help. 

Jeff Fasceski is a Civil Engineer working for Fairfax County in their Transportation Department as a Project Manager overseeing a few sidewalk and trail projects throughout the County. Jeff & his wife Lauren moved to WS Village from Burke. There, he was a member of the townhouse HOA Board for several years and President for a few.

In Jeff’s own words – “One thing I noticed immediately when I moved in was the friendly and ‘neighborly’ nature of the community. People wave and say ‘hi!’ when walking on the sidewalk. That is something my last place lacked. I want to make sure our community does not change and will do everything I can to make it better. I welcome everyone’s advice and suggestions to make this happen. I look forward to hearing advice, history, or feedback so I can be the best I can be for the community.”

Making me feel better about our “community”, we did also have a couple others considering it. I hope they will continue to consider “it” in case Jeff needs a volunteer to succeed him in the future or help along the way.

3. Community Cleanup – cancelled but hoping it’s only postponed if we can find ways to reduce our out-of-pocket costs. No one needed that cleanup more than me, but our VP Bernie Koehle is willing to haul your oversize waste to the I-95 Landfill for the cost of dumping and a bit more for his fuel and time.

We have already appealed to County DPW for their help to do a cleanup without having to pay in blood. I am sorry for the late cancellation, but at least Bernie is willing to help us.

4. New Springfield Hospital – Thanks to Kathy D’Amato for this alert:  Inova Health System has approval to proceed with plans for a new 21-acre, 1 million-square-foot hospital at the intersection of Beulah Street and the Franconia-Springfield Parkway.

Inova expects plans to start construction in late 2023. Plans also include approval for a traffic signal that would left-hand turn from Franconia-Springfield Parkway onto Walker Lane, a turn that is currently only permitted for emergency vehicles. 1,462 parking spaces and a helipad is also in the plans, though the hospital would not include a Level 1 or Level 2 trauma center.

5. Trash ServiceSome of you have heard but County is taking steps to address the ongoing trash service issues that too many continue to face, especially those serviced by American Disposal. County is negotiating a consent agreement with American to address the breakdown in their operations that are resulting in repeatedly missed pickups. (Apparently, they also received a $2,500.00 slap on the wrist for their failures)

County is also developing a model that will allow residents to petition for contracted service as part of a sanitary district. If a sanitary district is approved by the Board, that same area would be serviced by the County hauler. But, due to current labor constraints on all trash haulers, those requests to become a sanitary district are not now recommended for approval. (We have been refused several times over the last 20 years).

However, the BOS could approve new sanitary districts that would then be serviced by a private hauler contracted by the County. Intent would be to strengthen accountability for haulers to provide agreed-to service levels or risk losing their contract. It would also help haulers operate more efficiently, serving entire areas instead of some, but not all homes in a particular area.

Does anyone else see the dangers of putting government in between business and customer? Or is it just me?

Supervisor Pat Herrity says “The new model is not perfect, but the current system is inefficient and therefore expensive. While each of us currently get to choose our provider, we apparently have little leverage with that underperforming commercial provider. This model should result in better service for contracted areas, providing benefits for both haulers and residents – including fewer trash trucks running through neighborhoods”.

If you are experiencing customer service issues with your hauler and they are unresponsive, you can contact Supervisor Herrity’s office or directly reach out to our Solid Waste Management staff by at or calling 703/324-5230. Chairman of the BOS suggests we submit this form with our complaint Solid Waste Feedback Form | Public Works and Environmental Services (

6. Mid-Autumn Day – the second grandest festival in China after the Chinese New Year (22 January 2023) was celebrated last weekend starting on 10 September. The day is also known as the Chinese Moon Festival which is at that time of the year the moon is believed to be at its fullest and brightest. In Chinese culture, full moon symbolizes reunion, so that they reunite with their families for celebrations. They worship the moon together, appreciate the moon together, enjoy reunion dinner and even share one mooncake to celebrate the reunion. 

Two ladies stopped by my home to pay their CAWSV dues and were patient with my wife and I as we tried to work through our language differences. That was pure fun for us, and I hope for those ladies also. During that conversation, we learned about their ancestral Moon Festival and admittedly felt not-so-well educated for not knowing already about their celebration. But trying to communicate was a blast!

Isn’t that one of the many reasons why our village is so special. Granted it is easier when we have to talk or at least try to talk, but where else can you go just next door and visit another culture, religion and folks with a different home language? Who remembers the days of Block Captains (BC) and the challenges each of us BCs had trying to sell membership to our CAWSV residents. As one of Julia Hale’s BCs, I thought we had more languages spoken here than at the UN General Assembly. Ha!

7. Pictures of Village Life – We need to freshen up the website with newer pictures especially those that reflects summer in the village, at the pool, along the stream or in block gatherings. Even if the photo is just your family doing what your family does during summer months – please send to our webmaster, Bob Havey at

8. Dog Walker Needed – we have a village neighbor with a very loving German Shepherd female dog that will need to be walked twice daily the first 3 weeks in December. Particulars of the job will be worked out with the dog owner, but please let me know if interested or if your responsible, older child (capable of handling a 40 lbs dog) is interested. I will forward your contact information on to the neighbor in need.

9. Handyman Extraordinaire – many of you know Haidar Sadiq and have used him for a variety of HVAC, plumbing, electrical, painting and appliance repairs. He did 5 tasks for me last Saturday that would have taken me half a day for each. He finished all 5 within an hour and a half and that included cordial visits with my family. Haidar worked for me and the U.S. government in northern Iraq where he first demonstrated his can-do attitude. Anyhow, you can reach him at 703/589-3474 or by email at Nice thing about Haidar is his willingness to say if the job is beyond his skill level. His prices can’t be beat unless I had spent a few days and a lot of sweating and swearing to do those same plumbing and electrical maintenance tasks.

10. Home Cleaning - Lidia (Betty) Palacios has cleaned my home for a very long time. She has many other village references, and we all agree that she is remarkably thorough and honest. She will clean your home before and / or after a family celebration, once each week, twice a month or monthly. Prices vary with frequency but are very reasonable and competitive. She is at 571/241-7133 or by email at

11. RVES Haunted House - The Annual Rolling Valley Haunted House and Fun Fair is back! We are seeking Volunteers adults and kids to assist with the Haunted House. The point of contact to join the team of volunteers is Jay Davies at or Mark Gregris at Please come out to support this very worthy fund raiser for Rolling Valley.

12. Calendar:

  • 10 October – Columbus Day
  • 13 October – General Membership Meeting (elect new Board of Directors, ratify FY22 Audit, Pass FY23 Budget with markups as needed.
  • 1 November – FY23 Membership Drive Ends even though residents can still join anytime during the Fiscal Year.
  • 8 November – Election Day - maybe then the emails and phone calls will stop.
  • 11 November – Veterans Day

13. For Sale - Dining Room Set with 6 chairs, china hutch and buffet cabinet - $500.00 obo for the lot.  If you are interested, come see these at 8131 Edmonton Court. Email to coordinate day & time.  

14. Free - Y’all come get this stuff, please!

  • Two twin beds, both suitable for toddlers given their side rails. Bed, frame, side rails, and stain-free mattresses in this package.
  • Three chests of drawers
  • Two matching end tables/stands
  • One wooden shelf unit that has served us well as a food pantry
  • One bench that also lifts to a storage for linens, toys or a place to stash that dead body
  • 2 Chests of drawers suitable for garage or for kids toys
  • And lots more – come have a look!

Email or call 703/451-7055 or text 703/628-3613 to arrange day/time to come have a look to see what you may want.

15. Money & Politics – last week I expressed my frustration with the incessant appeals for money to help incumbents win reelections or for candidate contenders to win that same seat. A well-respected family reminded me that mass marketing via the airwaves is the most effective way to get their message out to the voting public and that those TV and Radio commercial messages do cost money. I understand the costs, but don’t understand why I get messages from all over the country from those wanting money. Anyhow, I have again been schooled that there is another side and perhaps a justification for these requests for me and my wallet to save the world. However, I think I will continue to sit on my billfold!

This was a rushed effort today and hoping you will have understanding.

John Cooley


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