Village News, 9/1/22

Dear Village Neighbor / Friend,

Should go without saying but please let me know if you want to add or delete an email address or if you want changes to your directory listing instructions. Also continue to invite you to send articles that may interest others and announcements of joyous family news.

1. CAWSV Membership – Please let me know if you do not intend to renew your membership or join our civic association. For those who will - we’d like to complete the CAWSV membership drive ASAP, so we have one less issue to deal with during transition. Preferred payment method is PayPal. Here are those links to three options for your membership dues:

Or you can use your online banking service or even snail mail to dispatch $10.00 (FY23), or $20.00 (FY23 & 24) or $30.00 (FY23, 24 & 25) payable to “CAWSV”, P.O. Box 2204, Springfield, VA 22152. Or drop off your dues at my 8131 Edmonton Court home. We can update your listing instructions while you are here or with a follow up email.

The FY23 Membership form is on our website (West Springfield Village) and can be found at our FaceBook Group, but it isn’t needed if you are happy with your current directory listing. It’s up to you to report your listing instructions and correct spelling of names, email addresses, etc but you can also email me the following:                                                                       

  • Name(s) – include in the next directory? (pick “yes” or “no)
  • Address - list in directory - yes (if yes to names, it’s yes here also and similarly if no to names -it’s no here and no for phone and email)
  • Phone Number(s) - list in directory? (yes or no)
  • Email Address(es) – list in directory? (yes or no – your choice)

Your phone number and email address will be used for association business but will not list in the directory without your consent. We will not call you unless we have an emergency (lost child, severely injured child, SWAT moving in tactical formation as our Middle School kids were disembarking from their school bus – all that has happened right here in River City!). We have had no compromise of our personal information and don’t see any leaks in our future.

All who have joined or renewed membership have received an email receipt. Let me know if you think I missed you.

2. Community Cleanup – Project Leads Jason Henry and Mark Gregris in coordination with Pool President Jen Guernsey and the Pool Board are arranging this event for 9/17/2022 from 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM in the Village West Pool Parking Lot. Those who responded to recent enews will be granted priority in the queue to offload. Second priority will be those who now respond stating your desire to use the service. Based on the responses – we will have two rolloffs much like we did back before county’s help. When they are full – we’re done!

Supplemental payment by each who wants to participate is required along with advance knowledge of your desire to use this service.

  • If, on the cleanup date you have already paid your FY23 dues – your cost will be $10.00.
  • If you were a member in FY22 or are a new resident since 11/01/21 but haven’t yet joined for FY23 – it will cost you $20.00 (covers your FY23 membership and use fee).
  • If you were here, but not a member in FY22 – it will cost you $40.00 (also covers your FY23, prepay for FY24 membership and use fee).

 3. Girl Scout Troops - are forming for grades K thru 12 at Rolling Valley Elementary School in Springfield and the surrounding area. Become a Girl Scout family! To get on the interest list, enter your information here:\.

4. Calendar:

  • 5 September – Labor Day
  • 10 October – Columbus Day
  • 13 October – General Membership Meeting (elect new Board of Directors, ratify FY22 Audit, Pass FY23 Budget with markups as needed.
  • 1 November – FY23 Membership Drive Ends even though residents can still join anytime during the Fiscal Year.
  • 8 November – Election Day - maybe then the emails and phone calls will stop.
  • 11 November – Veterans Day

5. ECHO - is now distributing and asking for donations of winter clothing. And their most-needed list of products has changed and is below for your review.  

            a. ECHO Changes Food Distribution - Food assistance in our community is one of ECHO’s greatest challenges. Now, instead of handing out pre-packed bags of food that are the same for every household, clients can now choose foods that reflect their dietary needs. This means less waste and greater accommodation for health, religious and cultural needs. This also means a change to most-needed foods.  In addition to personal care products such as toothpaste and deodorant, the list includes nuts, dried fruits, dried beans, honey, lentils, tomato paste, sugar, coffee (including instant), canned fish and maseca (masa) flour. 

            b. Shred and Share event at Burke Presbyterian Church, 5690 Oak Leather Drive, Burke, on Saturday, 17 September from 9:00 AM to noon. ECHO volunteers will be collecting non-perishable food donations at this event.

            c. Food and Housewares Drive - also, 17 on September from 1:00 – 3:00 PM at the Springfield United Methodist, 7047 Old Keene Mill Road to collect non-perishable foods and household goods that are clean and in good condition (sheets, towels, saucepans with lids, flatware, toasters, coffee makers and electric mixers, etc).

            d. Winter Clothing Donations needed: Adult and Children's winter coats, children's sneakers, boys jeans-sizes 14, 16, 18 and men's jeans-sizes 30/30, 30/32, 32/30 and 32/32.  Clothing, household goods such as small appliances (that work), comforters and dishes, as well as food donations are accepted at ECHO's Donation Door, 7205 Old Keene Mill Road, on weekdays between 9:30 AM  and 12:30 PM, or Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings between 7:00 and 9:00 PM as well as one Saturday morning a month (check for the date each month).  Receipts are cheerfully provided.

            e. Tutoring and Mentoring - become a tutor or a mentor as a part of ECHO’s School Partnership Program.  ECHO has placed mentors in five local schools at levels from elementary to high school.  No specific degree or qualification is required except for passing the Fairfax County Schools background check.  We need people who are willing to listen to and encourage a child.  Mentoring takes place during the student’s lunch time; tutoring time is arranged between the tutor and the school, or after school at two local houses of worship.  To find out more, please email

            f. Volunteer Openings - ECHO volunteers do meaningful things to help local people who have immediate challenges. There are many types of activities from interviewing clients to assessing donations; from helping with our social media to changing the building’s HVAC filters; from running our massive Yard Sale, to serving as photographer for special events from time to time.

Email to find out more.   

For more information about ECHO on the following topics, please click the links to our website:

6. For Sale: If you are interested, come see these offerings at 8131 Edmonton Court. Or email me at

  • Kawai Upright Piano – Kawai (bought new for $5K and still like new) with matching bench seat and lots of sheet music. You’ll find them online for much more than our asking price of $2,000.00.
  • Later this month we’ll have a Dining Room Set with 8 chairs, china hutch and buffet cabinet - $500.00 obo for the lot.  

7. Free:

  • Two twin beds, both suitable for toddlers given their side rails. Bed, frame, side rails, and stain-free mattresses in this package.
  • Two heavy duty desks
  • Three chest of drawers
  • Bedside tables/stands
  • Two each 4-drawer metal filing cabinets
  • One wooden shelf unit that has served us well as a food pantry
  • We will have a chest freezer and an upright refrigerator to either give to someone in our CAWSV or convey with our home.

Email me at or call 703/451-7055 or text 703/628-3613 to arrange day/time to come have a look to see what you may want at 8131 Edmonton Court.

8. Still Searching - Not looking to pin the tail on another donkey who moved too slowly past me. Instead, we need a person who has good common sense and genuine interest in our community. If you are that person, I will help as you may need and want even from Colorado.

9. Happy Anniversary – USAF LTC (R) Glenn Cooley & my daughter-in-law Kerry Cooley, 2 September.

John Cooley


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