Village News, 8/25/22

Dear Village Neighbor / Friend,

Wow! It must be an election coming up. Politicians and would-be pols are again stuffing my email inbox. Haven’t heard a word from our elected officials or those who want to challenge for their position, but now and suddenly it is me and me alone (well plus my wallet) who can save whatever they think worth saving. Suspect you’re getting the same chatter.

1. What Else Can I Say? I will back you up even from Colorado as you (the next CAWSV President) may need. I will help and even ghost write for you until you no longer need or want my help. Some of you have suggested I check with that other person or even another, but if you gave it thought in order to nominate someone else – aren’t you exactly who we want to be the next President? It won’t work if we strong arm you into volunteering, but we need to identify a new President now while I am still here to help. You can stop going in the opposite direction when you see me at Giant or out on a walk – I’m not looking for targets of opportunity.

I have never lived anywhere as long as we have lived here. Suzanne and I raised a child here. I am deeply invested in this Village and the success of our civic association. The Army taught us that the real evaluation of how well you performed in a job is not what you accomplished, but the success of the one following you in that position. The President before me certainly inspired me to do more. His wife was gravely ill when he took the reins and died during his service to our community. Me? Nothing as noble - it’s just time to move on…

2. CAWSV Membership - I asked for a PayPal-smart person to help us develop options for you to pay for one year (FY23) or two (FY23 & FY24) or even three years (FY23, FY24 & FY25). My favorite outlaw, Liz Greene responded with a parting gift for our village with these PayPal links for this requested purpose.

Those who did not know Liz and her husband Olin missed one of our best village families. They are now basking (showing off) in their retirement home but are sorely missed. Liz was our Treasurer for many years and even caught me a couple times pilfering CAWSV funds, Ha!

Why offer this option this year? Our expenses will be steady and maybe even decline until Rolling Road widening project is finished. Then we’ll need to consider a new village sign(s) and whether to restart the median maintenance contract and perhaps raising our annual dues that have been $10.00 per annum for over 20 years.

We want to complete the drive ASAP for selfish reasons – to make it one less issue to deal with during transition.

The FY23 Membership form is also on our website (West Springfield Village) and can be found at our FaceBook Group. The form isn’t needed if you were and are still happy with your current directory listing. It’s up to you to report your listing instructions and correct spelling of names, email addresses, etc but you can also email me with your information. Here’s what we need:

  • Name(s) – include in the next directory? (pick “yes” or “no)
  • Address - list in directory - yes (if yes to names, it’s yes here also and similarly if no to names -it’s no here and no for phone and email)
  • Phone Number(s) - list in directory? (yes or no)
  • Email Address(es) – list in directory? (yes or no – your choice)

If you say no to listing or no to listing phone and/or email – it will not be, but we need it for association business.

All who have or will join will get an email receipt. Let me know if you think I missed sending you a receipt.

Preferred payment method is PayPal. Or, you can use your online banking service or even snail mail to dispatch $10.00, payable to “CAWSV”, P.O. Box 2204, Springfield, VA 22152. Or drop off your dues at my 8131 Edmonton Court home. I can update your listing while you are here or via email if I miss you.

Rolling Valley East residents are invited to join us at the same rate and with the same privileges other than running for one of our director positions. Please advise your Rolling Valley friends of our standing invitation. 

3. Community Cleanup – Project Leads Jason Henry and Mark Gregris are trying to find us the best rate for rolloff rental and securing the no-fee dumping permits. We hope to hold this event either on 9/17/2022 or 9/24/2022. More to follow. Those who responded to recent enews will be granted priority in the queue to offload. Second priority will be those who now respond stating your desire to use the service. Based on the responses – we will cut one rolloff to help hold down costs. But when they are full – we’re done!

It will require supplemental payment by each who wants to participate and advance knowledge of your desire to use this service.

  • If, on the cleanup date you have already paid your FY23 dues – your cost will be $10.00.
  • If you were a member in FY22 or are a new resident since 11/01/21 but haven’t yet joined for FY23 – it will cost you $20.00 (covers your FY23 membership and use fee).
  • If you were here, but not a member in FY22 – it will cost you $40.00 (also covers your FY23, prepay for FY24 membership and use fee).

 4. Calendar:

  • 5 September – Labor Day
  • 10 October – Columbus Day
  • 13 October – General Membership Meeting (elect new Board of Directors, ratify FY22 Audit, Pass FY23 Budget with markups as needed.
  • 1 November – FY23 Membership Drive Ends even though residents can still join anytime during the Fiscal Year.
  • 8 November – Election Day - maybe then the emails and phone calls will stop.
  • 11 November – Veterans Day

5. For Sale – Kawai Upright Piano – Kawai (bought new for $5K and still like new) with matching bench seat and lots of sheet music. You’ll find them online for much more than our asking price of $2,000.00. Interested? Email me at or come see it at 8131 Edmonton Court. I have a neighbor with a truck and grown boys if you need help moving it.  

6. Free – two twin beds, both suitable for toddlers given their side rails. Bed, frame, side rails, and stain-free mattresses in this package. Also, desks, chest of drawers, bookshelves, two each 4-drawer metal filing cabinets and more. Email me at

My wife and I will have a ton of stuff to give away and maybe sell a few items. Come have a look to see what you may want at 8131 Edmonton Court.

John Cooley


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