Village News 7/9/20

Dear West Springfield Neighbor / Friend,

Our house is very quiet now that 3 of our 5 grandkids are gone. I do recall the fear whenever one of the little darlings shouted “Hey grandpa, look what I found!”

It’s Your Enews! This is your newsletter. You are welcome to submit articles that you think will interest others in the village to include joyous family announcements or even your best recipe. Ads for items for sale or giveaway or work wanted or help needed are easy to include and make these enews more a community resource. Only ask that it be provided in a narrative format instead of a flyer or url link or any other way that challenges my limited computer skills. 

Property Acquisition / Eminent Domain - We had two lawyers reach out to the village with offers to help prepare us and represent us (mostly RR homeowners) for what is now about. 

            1. Mr. Mike Coughlin, 703/680-4664 from law firm Walsh, Colucci, Lubeley & Walsh PC.

            2. Mr. Kevin DeTurris, 703/293-7235 of Blankingship & Keith

Both offered to take a portion of the difference (normally 1/3) between what VDOT would offer you and what they obtain for you as their fees. The more of the 57 village homes they represent – the more clout they’ll have in representing each of you. Some have asked me if they need a lawyer. I can’t comment other than to say that if it were me and given the lawyers’ fee structure – I certainly would have legal representation.

Highly recommend you look to our website ( where you will find an entire section devoted to the project to include the design plan and timeline. You can pull down the plan and enlarge to focus on your property. The project itself isn’t expected to start until 2024, but before that will be utilities relocation and before that property acquisition. Project is expected to be completed in 2026 But, Phase I (Improving the Intersection of Rolling Road and Old Keene Mill Road) has begun; expect a lot more traffic interruptions there until PH I is completed.  

Return to School – Fairfax County School Board agreed on a plan to offer students and staff a choice in how they return to school in August. Parents are to receive an enrollment letter so that they can state their preference.

The plan ( offers families two choices: 

1. Full-time online instruction. Students will take part in virtual, face to face instruction four days a week. Details can be found at the link.

2. Students will receive at least two full days of instruction in school each week. Students will be engaged in independent study and work on the days they are not in the school building.  Details can be found at the link. 

One day each week will be set aside for teacher planning and extra support for some students.

COVID-19 Update – Thought this link provided a lot of answers about what we can and can’t do during Phase III PH III guidelines can be found in English here and in Spanish here. Latest from Fairfax County concerning the virus can be found here. For now, forget about congregating at a bar, but do continue wearing a mask.

4th of July Pride – we actually looked like a community, a proud American community with the flags that were place by each of our mailboxes. Thanks to Tim & Yee Peng Royster for the idea. They, in turn want to give “a big shout-out” to the following individuals and their families for volunteering in the CAWSV July 4th flag project!”

            Chau Chiem, John Hoffmann, Liz and Olin Greene, Ittylene Neal, Marilynn Bianco, Seamus O'Connor, Amy and Mike Bowab, Jeanne Jones, Julia Hale, Andrew and Becky Klapmust, Carrie and Bill Mast, Brad and Jeannette Swain, Glenn and Dianna DeMarr, Wendi Dorey, Michele Schulker, Kate Smith, and Greg Nakamura

Rat Poison – I don’t like rats either, but we have to be careful how we attempt to control or eradicate them. Rat poison can also be dangerous for our pets and our children. At this link you can find pet “safe” poisons - Advise you also take a look.

None of the existing poison is completely safe when used around pets and children. However, choose a slow, or first generation poison over “fast” because it requires multiple exposures to become deadly. If your pet consumes this slow poison one time, it should survive. Also, try to avoid the exposure by setting the poison in special poison bait stations, which make it virtually impossible for a pet or a child to get to.

Fast poison kills after a single dose (death within 3 – 4 days after consumption), but is extremely dangerous for pets and humans.

Fairfax County does not provide rat or mice control; but County Health Department suggests you hire a Virginia licensed pest management professional who can provide expertise in effectively and safely placing pesticides and traps.

Thanks! – A village family needed many copies of a particular obituary in the Washington Post for their large, extended family. They were overwhelmed by the response. Well done West Springfield Village – very well done!

Happy Birthdays! Rigel Martin Briggs and his momma, my daughter – Elizabeth (Cooley) Briggs!

Stay safe; stay healthy!

John Cooley, CAWSV


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