Village News, 7/7/22

Dear Village Neighbor / Friend,

Seemingly forever now we have dispatched these weekly enews on Thursday afternoons. Even when I am travelling, another from the CAWSV leadership team sends it out – on Thursday afternoons! That’s what we signed up to do. Your implied task is to report if it isn’t in your inbox, junk folder of suspected spam folder. I can tell you exactly when it left my computer heading to your inbox but cannot tell if or when it arrived.

1. New Neighbors – Did I say something wrong? Or maybe you didn’t see our request to help us identify your new neighbors. We know there are many but couldn’t tell that by the deafening silence from most in the village. We’d like to give you a letter of welcome along with a Village Directory to present to your new village or Rolling Valley neighbors. I am willing to deliver that if you prefer, but I personally think it best from you, their immediate neighbor.

  • Thanks to Rebecca Myles who reported new neighbors at 6709 Greenview. I dropped a welcome packet off, but unfortunately did not meet our new neighbors.
  • Thanks also to Julia Hale who reported new neighbors Robert & Lauren Burrell at 8311 Wythe Lane. Please add them to your directory.  
  • John & Lois Hoffmann wanted you to post a pen & ink change to your community directory to add new neighbors Katie King, Matt Bartley, and their canine companion Ben. They now reside at 6811 Landor Lane.

2. 4th of July Flags – Several of you asked about those small U.S. flags we had displayed in past years. Those flags belonged to Tim & Yee Peng Royster and their real estate firm. Tim & Yee Peng have moved from the village and must have taken their flags with them. It would cost us about $300 - $350.00 to purchase our own, but more importantly – it will require one of you take the lead in future flag displays that also includes storage when not in use.  And to quote Bob Dylan “It Ain’t Me Babe” though I also missed seeing them this last weekend. If you be it “babe” and willing to store the flags and coordinate putting them out and picking them back up and soaking up the village’s praise – let me know.

Note – this will require a discussion and approval of the Board of Directors and Executive Council to spend from our bank account. We usually include your input for that decision, and this is your chance to get in front of that discussion and decision.

3. Summer Recycling & Waste Prevention - Received this from County’s Solid Waste Management Division, thought it was good enough to share.


  • Plastic plant pots can’t be recycled, but some retail locations may accept them, or you can reuse them.
  • Mulch and potting soil bags should go into trash unless cleaned out to be recycled where you recycle other plastic bags.  
  • Garden hoses are not recyclable but can be made into soaker hoses for gardening. Good idea! Otherwise, discard with household trash.

For Cookouts or Barbeques:

  • Set out a recycling bin, preferably beside the trash can.
  • Use products that are reusable, compostable, recyclable, or real plates.
  • Instead of bottled water, set up a big water jug with lots of ice for guests. Buy recyclable cardboard cases of beverages rather than six packs. Six-pack plastic rings are not recyclable and can harm wildlife and marine life if/when released into the environment. 
  • Choose beverages packaged in cans rather than plastic bottles. Although plastic is recyclable, only a fraction of the collected material ends up being reused, whereas aluminum is a very desirable, high value, and 100% recyclable material. 
  • Gather glass containers and take them to your nearest Purple Club location. 
  • Avoid single use party decorations and balloons.

On the Road!

  • Purchase products that are reusable, compostable, or recyclable. 
  • Use public recycling bins at beaches, parks, lakes, and other locations. Follow local recycling rules since rules vary from place to place. 
  • Properly dispose of your trash on hikes and walks. Carry it out with you.
  • Hold onto recyclables until you stop at roadside rest areas that have recycling containers.  
  • Place items in the recycling bin that are empty, clean and dry.
  • Disposable cutlery, straws, plates, napkins, and paper towels show be disposed as trash and not recyclables.

Check this link for a flyer that describes what is recyclable in Fairfax County. Always Never Flyer (

4. Babysitter Wanted - Jonathan Janik and Roberta Pinheiro (Loudoun Lane) are looking for a weekend/weeknight babysitter for their rising first grader for the upcoming school year.  If interested, please call/text us at 617/852-7506 (Roberta) or 617/515-6311 (Jonathan).

5. Calendar:

  • 13 July, 5 – 7:00 PM – Springfield Fun Family Nights - children’s entertainment (balloons, magic, and science shows and more) at Burke Lake Park
  • 13 July, 7:00 PM – Free Concert in the Burke Lake Park (Randy Thompson Band playing Americana Country, Roots Rock)
  • 23 July - Secure Document Shredding at Rolling Valley Kiss & Ride

6. Our Civic Association Website (CAWSV) – I don’t think our WebMaster, Bob Havey ever sleeps. He is always searching for ways to make the website more useful to all to include those considering purchasing or renting a village home. Please take a look at what he has done and then give him feedback (West Springfield Village). Does it fit your needs when you will want to sell your home or put it up for rent? Can and will you offer constructive ideas to improve it?

I now understand why moms, especially mine had to ask their kids if they enjoyed the family’s dinner/supper. I, for one always assumed mom would cook our supper and it would be good. Wish I would have told her thanks more often.

John Cooley

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