Village News, 7/21/22

Dear Village Neighbor / Friend,

Are we covering what you want in these weekly enews messages? We do welcome your feedback, ideas, and constructive criticisms.

1. Are You Too Busy to be the Next Civic Association President? Even with your hectic day-to-day life? NO! Based on my own experience:

  • Can you be a stay home parent and the civic association president? YES!
  • Can you be the PTA President at your child’s elementary school and then at her middle school all the while contributing to your citizen’s group in a leadership capacity? YES!
  • Can you coach a select travel youth team and still be involved in your home base community? YES!
  • While serving the CAWSV, can you audit financial records other organizations and serve as a purchasing agent for the largest girls’ athletic group in northern Virginia? YES!
  • Can you represent, lobby, or testify at district, county, and state for community improvements such as 1) the traffic light at Rolling Road and Barnack Drive and 2) the cell phone tower we all enjoy when we want to use our cell phones? YEP!
  • Can you simultaneously serve on our Springfield District Council while also serving as our Civic Association President? SURE, you can!
  • But can you do all that and still take your turn cooking, cleaning, and doing your share of laundry for your family? If not, I surely made my wife think it doable. Or maybe she insisted I could? I did by the way!
  • Can you do all the above all at the same time while also serving in a voluntary capacity as President of the CAWSV?  Why YES you can!

Not trying to understate the tasks involved and certainly have no intent to overstate my performance; in fact – most of you have much better time and task management skills than mine. Some of you have even pointed out my deficiencies along the way but are nowhere to be found when we look for a replacement. Go figure! I too sat on my hands until Dick Denny gave me no way out, other than to join him on the Board of Directors (BOD). Kinda glad he did back in May 2000 when the sitting BOD resigned. That was 22 years ago! But it is now well past time to pass the torch. May I give it to you?

2. Computing Corner – prepared by our WebMaster, Bob Havey who is owner/operator of D2D Computer Services (see his ad in our directory) and very meaningful to each and all of us. Here’s Bob in his own words:

            A New Wrinkle in Bogus Email - I have run into this twice in the past 2 weeks, so it's likely to affect someone else.  I have seen it on AOL and Verizon accounts, but Yahoo uses the same servers, and other providers are not immune to the same type problem.

            It's not clear how my first customer was compromised, but the second one responded to a "Please verify your username and password" email.  NEVER respond to that kind of email.  And don't talk to strangers!

            By now most of you have seen or heard the "trick" where you get an innocuous email asking if you can do a favor or if you shop on Amazon.  When you respond, you receive a second email with a request that you get them a gift card and email it to them.  The new trick is that the bad guys actually hack into the "senders" email account and compromise it by taking advantage of some new AOL features.  This is what happens:

  • They establish an account with the same username as the AOL or Verizon account.
  • They set the "Reply To" account to be the new account.
  • They direct all incoming mail directly to trash or to be forwarded to the account.
  • They might change the account password so you have to recover your account.
  • They set a "back door" with an app password so they can get back into your account and wreak havoc again.

 All of this is easily fixable if you know what to look for:

  • Log into your email account.
  • Select "Try the new AOL mail."
  • Get into "Settings" - "More Settings".
  • Remove any "Send Only Accounts", Email aliases, or Forwarding addresses that you did not put there.
  • Get into "Account Security" - App Passwords" - "Manage App Passwords."
  • Delete any App Passwords that are not for your devices.

            I have prepared a "picture book" with more detailed instructions.  It is available at  If you need help, call me on 703/569-8195.  You can try to reach me by email at, but if you have gotten into this mess, your email may not work.

3. West Springfield Real Estate Market Report – for month of June 2022, this includes all homes in addition to our separate family units.

  • Fewer Units Sold in June compared to a year ago. Active Inventory is higher than May 2022, but lower than June 2021. Median Sale Price – In June 2021, the median sale price for West Springfield Homes was $585,500. It was $670,000 last month. There 22% more Months of Supply than June 2021 or 0.6 months of supply now available.
  • New Listings & Current Contracts – 24% decrease from June 2021 down to 63 homes newly listed for sale in West Springfield. There were 47 current contracts pending sale this June compared to 66 a year ago. Sale Price to List Price Ratio –still about 102.3% of the average list price. Days on Market - average was 9 days which is slightly higher than the average a year (7 days).

4. Village West Pool Membership - Did you know our wonderful local pool offers 30-day memberships?  August is going to be a hot month so if you haven't already joined the pool, now if the time to cool off and enjoy affordable family fun!  See

5. Buy Once - Get 12 Chances to Win!  The Rotary Club of West Springfield (the nice folks who clean trash off of Rolling Road) is sponsoring a unique raffle to support all of its programs including community college scholarships, Kristi‘s Christmas, Polio Plus, supplies and food for needy elementary school students, first responder awards, water and sanitation projects, disaster relief and support for refugees in our area.

  • $600 in prizes will be awarded every month starting 30 July 2022 and continuing through June 2023.
  • You can purchase a game chip for $100 or up to 5 numbered game chips at a cost of $100 each.  No more than 200 chips will be sold. 
  • Each month’s drawing includes 3 cash prizes:  $300 for 1st chip drawn, $200 for 2nd chip drawn and $100 for 3rd chip drawn.  The winning numbers will be put back into the drum for the next month’s drawing.  

You’ll have a chance to win each month and you do not have to be present to win.  Go to

6. Lawn / Yard Caremiddle-aged Jay Aceto (SVD) is looking for local lawn maintenance and yard work. He has all his own equipment and materials and can be reached at 571/235-4004. Jay’s specialties include:

  • Lawn care and mowing, Weed control, Ornamental health and Spot spray for weeds in early spring and also all seasons.
  • He will also provide crabgrass and broad leaf control and spot spraying in the spring. In late spring we will apply organic fertilizers 65 % (16-3-8) for growth and fully replenish ground nutrients.
  • During the summer he will apply fertilizer (5-0-30) for disease control

Jay’s prices are negotiable and very affordable.

7. Document Shredding – Saturday, 23 July, 7 – 11:00 AM at the Rolling Valley Kiss & Ride, 9220 Old Keene Mill Road (those in line at 11:00 will be serviced unless the trucks are already full). Residents only, no businesses. Stay in your vehicle and do not try to stick around to watch shredding. All documents will be shredded on-site. See last week’s enews edition for more information.

8. Calendar:

  • 23 July - Secure Document Shredding at Rolling Valley Kiss & Ride
  • 27 July - Free Concert in the Burke Lake Park - The Skip Castro Band (Party Band)
  • 1 August – FY23 Membership Drive Begins, ends 1 November 2022.

9. Membership Drive Begins Soon - We have nothing on the horizon that would suggest the need to change the dues amount until FY26 at the earliest. We voted at the last general membership meeting to keep the dues at $10.00/annum for FY23. You are certainly welcome to prepay also for Fiscal Years 24 & 25 – if that be your fancy! If we do have to change the dues before FY26, we’ll send Guido to collect the balance. Ha! You can find the form at our FaceBook Group and also on our website. If you are happy with your directory listing, the form isn’t necessary, but still helpful. Drive commences 1 August but already 18 have renewed their membership.

10. New Neighbors – I or one from the CAWSV leadership team will deliver the welcome letter and a copy of our current village directory to your new neighbors. Your involvement can be limited to simply reporting their arrival.

Happy Birthday Elizabeth Dianne (Cooley) Briggs!

Just a bit warm outside. Stay cool and please check on your neighbors to ensure they can also stay in a cool house.

John Cooley

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