Village News, 6/24/21

Dear Village Neighbor / Friend,

We welcome any constructive comments you may have. Will also appreciate your willingness to sign on as an officer for our civic association. Interested?

1. Calendar:

  • 4 July – Independence Day – Federal Holiday commemorating the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Celebrate safely.
  • 14 October – Village Meeting, 7:30 PM, vote to Ratify FY21 Audit Report, vote to pass a FY22 Budget Proposal with markups if/as needed and vote to elect new Board of Directors.

2. 4th of July Community Flag Project - To celebrate our Independence Day, Tim & Yee-Peng Royster (Smyth Street, 571/275-0871) of The Royster Hearth Group Real Estate Team will, in cooperation with our Civic Association of West Springfield Village (CAWSV), place small American flags by residential mailboxes again this year. 

Flags measuring 12" x 18" on a 31.5" wooden staff will be placed next to your mailboxes from Thursday, 1 July and Friday, 2 July.  All the flags will be removed on Monday, 5 July for storage until the next holiday. If you do not want a flag placed in your yard, please e-mail Yee-Peng with your address at by Monday, 28 June.

Volunteers are needed to place and remove the flags. If you will help, please e-mail Yee-Peng at

3. New Neighbors & Directories – If you have a new neighbor who arrived our village after 1 November 2020, we would like to give them a welcome letter along with a community directory. Or better yet – give it to you to present to them. Those who moved in after 11/01/2020 have free membership in our civic association for the rest of this membership year (10/01/20 – 09/30/21).

4. Friday Food at the Pool - Village West Pool is delighted to welcome another restaurateur from our area, Hemant Mathur, who will bring delicious Indian food from Chaat and More to the Village West Pool parking lot via food truck this Friday from 4 - 7:30 PM!

Hemant requests that we preorder, if possible. To do so, click HERE, then select CHOOSE LOCATION in the upper right to select your pickup time and see the full menu. (You won't see all of the items on the first page.) Please place your preorder by NOON on Friday. In case you have trouble with the embedded link above, try this -

If you need to avoid gluten, then skip the naan, the yogurt sauce, and the samosas. All of the entrees themselves are gluten-free.

5. Anti-Virus – Last week we said that Windows Defender is sufficient to shield viruses for most home computers and that McAfee, Norton or my ESET are not needed. Past President Henry Butler reported that he has used PCMatic for several years and has had absolutely no intrusions as it takes care of his Windows 7 Professional. PCMatic covers up to five computers for $50/year.

6. Feeding Birds and Wildlife (continued) - Received a follow-on report from Mary Eskelund (Glover Court) concerning wild bird feeding. (Last week’s report is below for reference.) Mary says that once it is safe for us to start feeding birds again, we should not feed them or any animal instant cereals or anything labeled “instant”. If birds or animals eat instant cereals or food, the fluid in their body and water they drink may cause instant foods to expand and could actually kill the wildlife we so enjoy.

State and County agencies ask that we:

  • Cease feeding birds until this wildlife mortality event has concluded;
  • Clean feeders and bird baths with a 10% bleach solution;
  • Avoid handling birds, but wear disposable gloves if handling is necessary; and
  • Keep pets away from sick or dead birds as a standard precaution.

If you encounter sick or dead birds in Virginia, please submit an event report at  If you must remove dead birds, place them in a sealable plastic bag to dispose with household trash.

7. Covid-19 –Click here to find who has which vaccine and to schedule an appointment to include for those 12+.

8. Lawn Mowers – We have two young men who are in the business of lawns and landscaping:

  • Abdullah Hagi has all the equipment. You can reach him at 571/621-2996.
  • Village Resident Jhonny Esquivel (571/435-6896) is looking to add village customers.

Hoping to enlist more. Do you have a reliable, hard-working youngster in your clan who is willing to do such work on a schedule for pay?

9. Featured Directory Advertiser – West Springfield Car Care, 703/912-2900, 8400 Old Keene Mill Road. Many of us trust them with our vehicles’ maintenance and repair. Those who do use their service praise their professionalism knowing they won’t find imaginary items to “fix” while they have your car in their shop. They specialize in foreign and domestic repairs and service. They also do VA State Emissions and Inspections.


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Has anyone ever purchased something based solely on those “nuisance” ads stuck up front or in the middle of FB or YouTube videos? Me neither! Take care, drive even more carefully now that the kids are on summer break from school. Stay safe!

John Cooley


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