Village News, 6/16/22

Dear Village Neighbor / Friend,

Recently a resident asked me to tell him again about the particulars of an article that had been included over a year ago. With a little effort, I found it, dusted it off and dispatched it to him with a note about how he could find the same all by himself by searching the enews archived on our website (West Springfield Village). Now you as well know where to find those older editions with contractor recommendations or articles or even stories that I seemingly love to tell. Ha!  

1. We Still Need a New CAWSV President! – Granted – the pay is lousy, but the personal rewards can’t be beat. Where else can you serve an extended community mostly from the comforts of your home. There are 10 CAWSV leadership positions, each with a slice of the effort and responsibility. It ain’t hard nor is it an unusual demand on your time. Can you do it while your young children are also demanding your attention? Yes, I did! As the designated stay-home parent, I was also concerned way back when, but I did get involved in our civic association and glad I did.

Some of you may have been at the EPG Public Meeting where my civic-minded daughter sought recognition, was given the floor and then stood up tall on her chair to voice her 5-year-old opinion about the need for county and VDOT to be careful in the EPG due to the unexploded ordinance. She had no choice but to go to that meeting and many others with me but raising and waving her hand and arm for that speech was all her. Maybe a bit of “community engagement” rubbed off on her.

I will help the next President even if I have moved west. I am invested in the continued success of this community that helped raise that bold and outspoken child.  

BTW - Our constitution and by-laws mandate that those filling leadership positions must live in the village. Even though we welcome participation from surrounding communities, you have to either rent or own a West Springfield Village home to be on the Board of Directors or the Executive Council.

2. "Share and Shred" - event is scheduled for 18 June from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM at Kirkwood Presbyterian parking lot, 8336 Carleigh Pkwy. Bring your food donations and get your documents shredded while there. Items especially needed are granola bars, flour, Masa flour, peanut butter, coffee, honey, sugar, bagged rice, dried black beans, dried red beans, canned fish (such as sardines), canned milk, canned fruit, jelly, feminine products, liquid dish soap, deodorant, toilet tissue, razors, shaving cream and hand lotion.

3. Summer Concert Series – taken from the 9 June 2022 Herrity Report - Free Concerts at Burke Lake Park. Our District Supervisor, Pat Herrity will again partner with parks and local businesses to bring seven free concerts to nationally ranked Burke Lake Park. Mark your calendars for every Wednesday night at 7:00 PM starting 13 July through 24 August for an incredible line-up of bands, food trucks, 2 Silos beer, and Peterson’s Ice Cream. The atmosphere is informal, so bring a picnic dinner, blankets, and lawn chairs, and relax with friends and family.

Also, this year will be two family fun events right before the concerts on 13 and on 20 July. These Celebrate Fairfax @ Springfield Nights family fun nights will start at 5:00 PM and run until the concert begins at 7:00 PM. Kids will have the chance to get a balloon creation from Sam the Balloon Man, see mind-bending optical illusions and bubbling potions with Mad Science, and be amazed by Drew Blue Shoes Magician.

Expect more updates as that first event in July nears, but here’s the full line-up:


  • 13 - Randy Thompson Band (Americana Country, Roots Rock)
  • 20 - The English Channel (Top 60’/70’ British Hits)
  • 27 - The Skip Castro Band (Party Band)


  • 3 - Practically Einstein (Vintage Rock)
  • 10 - The Road Ducks (Southern Rock)
  • 17 - Speidel, Goodrich, Goggin & Lille (Rock)
  • 24 - The Colin Thompson Band (Blues Rock)

 4. Water & Sewer Lines Insurance – we began this discussion last week but gathered additional information from my homeowner’s insurance policy. I asked USAA if our water and sewer lines are covered from our house to the street for water line leaks or breaks and separately for sewar line issues. Also wanted to know if any damage inside our home caused by backup from either line would be covered. And their answer is – we won’t know until we file a claim, and the insurance sends out their adjusters to make their determination – insured and covered or not. That wasn’t the answer I was hoping for but understand some insurers (not mine) have a rider that can be added specifically for water and sewer lines from the house to the public lines.

Most of our homes are now about 55 years old and were built using cast iron pipes from house to street. Cast iron pipes have a life expectancy of 50 – 65 years which motivated me to add water and separately sewer line coverages from Home Serve offered through Dominion Energy (our electrical provider). You’ll have to call Home Serve at 855/336-2465 to obtain their coverage.

5. Calendar:

  • 18 June                   Share & Shredding Event (see article above)
  • 19 June                   Father’s Day
  • 19 June                   Juneteenth
  • 23 July                   Secure Document Shredding at Rolling Valley Kiss & Ride

6. Slow Down – It is on us, each of us to drive more slowly and safely now that our kids are out enjoying the summer. Please have that discussion with your young drivers about being distracted by phone, friends, makeup application or false bravado when they’re driving. Spend time in your front yard or walk the streets to see the problem firsthand. Also ask your delivery drivers to drive more carefully.

7. Joyous Family News (Births, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduations, etc) – hard to believe, but none reported this period.

Stay cool! Be safe.

John Cooley

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