Village News, 5/27/21

Dear Village Neighbor / Friend,

Now we see plenty Cicadas, certainly can hear them and finding it hard to avoid squishing a lot of them.

1. Calendar:

  • 31 May – Memorial Day
  • 11 June - Last Day of School
  • 20 June – Father’s Day (but, isn’t every day Father’s Day?)
  • 14 October – Village Meeting, 7:30 PM, Ratify FY21 Audit Report, pass a FY22 Budget Proposal with markups if needed and elect new Board of Directors.

2. Memorial Day – Take a moment to remember the fallen military service men and women and to thank them for the freedoms we enjoy. Give them the honor they deserve every day, but especially on Memorial Day.

3. Community Yard Sale & Free for All – It was yet another success. Most often heard comment was just how nice it was to again visit with neighbors. I agree – it was good to see many of you again and to meet some very nice folks here to buy our stuff or take it free of charge. We advertised on Craigslist, NextDoor and in our own enews and Facebook Group. Washington Post did not return either of my calls to advertise with their online service, but maybe we don’t need to spend money for that service.

I asked for a couple volunteers to help with the yard sale, but no one stepped forward. I told myself that I would do just one more and then either we get a volunteer coordinator or we don’t do a community yard sale. Our type organization relies upon our willingness to help the larger group of neighbors, friends, our community and our civic association.

“Yep – just one more” I told myself and I’ll be done! But then without being asked Bob Lomax (Edmonton Court) said he’d go with me to put the signs out along Rolling Road. And later the same day and also without being asked Jason Henry (also Edmonton Court) said he’d ride with me to deliver signs and the lists to participants. And the following morning Marin Henry (Jason’s oldest daughter) was at my car at 7:30 AM to help place directional signs along village streets. After the sale had ended, I was preparing to go collect all of the signs when I received a text from Jane & Bob Lomax saying they were already picking them up. Well, I’m feeling a lot better about “us”, at least about those on my street. I understand your family schedules are busy again with “normal” activities, but want to thank the Lomax and Henry families for carving out time to help us all.

OK – having said all that - we’re gonna need us a Yard Sale Coordinator going forward and not anyone serving the village in another capacity. I will help the Coordinator, but as wingman, not flight lead. We can do it again whenever or you can borrow the signs if you want to go it alone.

Generosity – One very generous village lady donated the proceeds from her yard sale to our Civic Association. Over a cup of her coffee and homemade cookies, I returned her money. Another lady had offered to cover the delta between our revenue and expected expenses. She and I are to enjoy a beer this summer to celebrate her generosity, but we are on solid financial footings. In my opinion, revenue is just one measure of a viable, voluntary citizens’ association. Voluntary membership is another and the willingness to volunteer to help neighbors, the village and our CAWSV is perhaps the most important ingredient when measuring success.

4. Covid-19 – Those who are unvaccinated or not fully-vaccinated are strongly encouraged to wear masks in all settings. Click here to find who has which vaccine and to schedule an appointment to include for those 12+.

5. Featured Directory Advertiser – Breathe Body & Mind – 6350 Rolling Mill Place, Suite 103, West Springfield - your place to take care of yourself. Classes offered in-studio, online and via on-demand video library. Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Core Conditioning, Strength Training and Personal Training. New customers get 30 days of unlimited classes for just $30.00. Breathe Body & Mind Breathe Body & Mind ( or or 703/829-0167.

6. Random Acts of Kindness – Ittylene Neal (Ontario Street) wanted to acknowledge Jeff and Anne Carter generous acts of kindness. Ittylene was out of town and had to stay longer than planned, but when she did return, she found that her lawn had be mowed and trimmed. Well done Jeff and Anne!

7. Ice Cream Social Fundraiser - The Workhouse Ceramics Ice Cream Social Fundraiser is back for 2021!  Saturday, June 5, 12 – 4 PM on the quad at the Workhouse Arts Center (  For $20 you can select a fabulous handmade ceramic bowl and have it filled with ice cream (TBH, it's an ice cream novelty this year). At the same time, The Workhouse Community Market Celebrating Cultural Diversity will also be going on (10 AM – 2 PM) and at 1:30 there will be a performance by The Great Zucchini for the kids.  If that's not enough, the new Lucy Burns Museum and all the galleries will also be open 11 AM – 5 PM.  

8. Happy Birthday - Amanda G. Cooley!

Take care, stay safe & healthy!

John Cooley, CAWSV


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