Village News, 5/20/21

Dear Village Neighbor / Friend,

As the morning sun warms the earth, the faint sound of Cicadas grows louder; soon it will be a full symphony performing the 1812 Overture.

1. Calendar:

  • 22 May - Village-Wide Yard Sale
  • 5 June – Rain Date for Yard Sale
  • 20 June – Father’s Day (but, isn’t every day Father’s Day?)

2. It Ain’t Personal – the enews is sent to myself with your email address and all the rest in the village listed on the “BCC” for your privacy. It isn’t necessarily directed at you, unless the shoe fits Cindy!

3. Community Yard Sale & Free for All – This Saturday, 22 May from 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM. It will be up to each participant to determine how to conduct the sale safely for you and for your customers. You have until 2:00 PM today to be added to this list and/or to correct it. I will dispatch an updated list tomorrow (Friday) afternoon.

Yard Sale Locations:

  • 6821 Barnack Drive - baby carriers, stroller, Pack N' Play, jewelry. 
  • 7001 Barnack Drive - Kids toys and household items.
  • 6904 Brisbane Street - baby walkers, car seats, bassinet, toys tricycles, 16 inch bicycle with training wheels, luggage and clothes, calico critters and their houses, doll house, golf clubs and golf bag, baby crib and changing table. Plus some items are free (luggage, tricycle & more).  
  • 8126 Edmonton Court - small desk, brown chair with ottoman, assorted lightbulbs, electric blower, electric hedge clippers 16’’, pair of table lamps, two 6 foot aluminum step ladders, 37 in Vizio flat screen lcd television, various Christmas ornaments, small 1.5 gallon craftsman vacuum, framed picture of the World Trade Center and assorted comforters.
  • 6806 Landor Lane - yard tools, storage chests, camera tripods, auto air and oil filters, Vintage TI99/4A Computer complete with Expansion Box, Vintage Commodore 64 Computer complete system, Vintage TI 4000 WinSX Laptop computer, Casio keyboard, Keyboard tray, photo albums, White House Christmas ornaments, Personal alarms, shop light with bulbs, rocking chairs and misc freebies.
  • 6802 Landor Lane - 2 new Patio table covers, Men's golfing windbreakers (5), Men's rain jackets (2), Soft side carry-on suitcases (2), Comforter 'Set for double bed, 8 mm camera, projector & screen, German Beer steins, Miscellaneous kitchen items, Miscellaneous knickknacks
  • 6808 Landor – variety of household items to include dining room table set / buffet
  • 6808 Ontario - used tools, Purses, Misc household items, Hinges, Door knobs, Pedestrian door, Desk, clothing, Misc items
  • 6810 Landor Lane - Kids toys (Kitchen oven/range playset, Lego sets w/ box [mostly Star Wars], Yard equipment, Sun Joe Shredder Joe electric mulcher w/ extra filament strings and Free (Miscellaneous toys, General household items that are still in good condition & gas grill).
  • 6716 Rolling Road - BONSAI (Dwarf) Trees
  • 7912 Springfield Village Drive – Christmas ornaments, Christmas dishes and glasses, Antique lamps, Girls teenage clothing, Coffee table, wire shelving, plastic storage drawers, vinyl records, costume jewelry, picture frames, books, board games and more!
  • 8008 Springfield Village Drive - furniture, art work and miscellaneous for sale plus freebies.
  • 8134 Springfield Village Drive - yard tools, games, sports equipment, kids’ toys and kids’ clothes.

Free / Only Free:

  • 6804 Barnack Drive – All Free - Some candle holders, candles, silver plated serving pieces and some decorative glass items.
  • 8131 Edmonton Court – energy efficient window shades and more!
  • 6909 Ontario Street – lots of free stuff, only free/no sale items
  • 8308 Wythe Lane – lots of quality items, all free

Help! Still need a couple volunteers to put out signs, pick them up after the sale and to distribute the lists to participants. We can’t put signs in the median of RR or on the verge of most properties. If we put one in your yard – thank you. If you want me to move it – just say so.

Now the rest of you go and buy or collect their offerings!

4. CAWSV Membership Dues for Current FY21 and Beyond - A resident asked if her family could still join our civic association. And she further asked if she could prepay for out years. The answers are yes & yes.

No - we aren’t kicking off the drive until August, but now that we have set the dues amount for the next membership / fiscal year ($10.00 per household), you can pay in advance for FY22. Not seeing a need to increase dues until Rolling Road is widened, we voted at last Thursday meeting to keep the dues at $10.00 per household (whether you rent or own). We will again consider the question of dues after the RR project when we’ll have to decide whether or not to restart RR median maintenance and relocate our village sign or get a new one for whatever location we will be permitted. So – yes you can prepay for out years, but wouldn’t advise prepaying beyond FY25. The form is on our FaceBook Group and on our website or you can email me for a copy. If you are an existing member and happy with your directory listing instructions, the form is not necessary.

You can pay $11.00 using PayPal by clicking “Here”. The extra $1.00 covers the charge PayPal exacts on our transactions. Or use your online banking service to dispatch payment to CAWSV, P.O. Box 2204, Springfield, VA 22152.

5. Covid-19 – so? Mask or no mask? Reckon that depends on where you are going and of course if you have been vaccinated. Fully-vaccinated individuals do not have to wear masks in most indoor settings, except on public transit, in health care facilities, and in congregate settings. Businesses can still require masks in their establishments. Employees who work in certain business sectors—including restaurants, retail, fitness, personal care, and entertainment—must continue to wear masks unless fully vaccinated, per CDC guidance. Those who are unvaccinated or not fully-vaccinated are strongly encouraged to wear masks in all settings.

Click here to find who has which vaccine and to schedule an appointment to include for those 12+.

6. Alternatives to Banned Plastic Lawn & Leaf Bags – (1) I ordered 72 Gallon Garden Waste Bags (2 Pack), Heavy Duty Reusable / Collapsible Leaf Bags with 4 Reinforced Handles from Amazon. They cost $19.99 for the 2 Pack. They will work well for dry leaves, but had to be careful not to surpass the commercial haulers’ 50 lbs limit when using them for grass clippings.

(2) I see a lot of you using the paper bags that are “marked” and then “marked over” by passing dogs. They seem to work well, but are more expensive at $1 - $2.00 each. (3) If your recycle trash is collected on Mondays and you can keep that toter open for use for yard debris until Wednesdays’ collection – that would be a no cost solution, but leave the lid open so the haulers can see it is yard debris. (4) heavy-duty, reusable, 44 gallon containers (varying sizes) at / about $40.00 each. I have two of these that haven’t held up well to rough handling. And lastly, (5) small amounts of yard debris can be put in with your household trash to be incinerated helping to produce electricity. Yes – this is approved by county solid waste department, but only small amounts.

7. Email Scam – from our Neighborhood Watch Coordinator, Jeff Carter - Be very cautious when receiving an email with an attachment, even from a known account such as a local vendor you may have dealt with. I have received two such emails from known vendors in the past two days. I called both vendors and they confirmed that their email account had been hijacked and that hackers are sending bogus quotes, invoices, etc., as an attachment. If you hover your cursor over the attachment, you will see a completely different web address than the vendor’s web address. DO NOT click on or open the attachment, delete the email, and always confirm with the vendor via phone or text as to whether they have indeed sent correspondence.

8. Featured Directory AdvertiserRice & Spice – Village Neighbor, Natalie Tantivejakul’s Rice & Spice Restaurants serve authentic Thai Cuisine for lunch and dinner. The restaurants are family owned and operated for over 18 years and at local addresses:  6466 Landsdowne Centre Drive (corner of Beulah & Telegraph 703/750-1084) and the other is at 6244 Little River Turnpike (703/339-9775). She also has two other Asian Nine restaurants in DC and MD.  Natalie supports local schools and our community with food drops and serving at social events at the VW Pool. Learn more at

9. Village Meeting – last Thursday evening via zoom. Thanks to those who attended the meeting. Dues will remain at $10.00. Minutes of that meeting will be reviewed by those who attended the meeting and then those approved minutes will be posted to our website -

10. Random Acts of Kindness – Lover O’Brien (Ontario Street) wants to express her appreciation and thanks to her wonderful neighbors, Patty and John Rader and also Becky Hatcher. Lover says “While I was recovering at home from a small fracture, they brought in my newspaper and mail and always checked on me to see if I needed anything. I am very grateful for their help and support.”

11. Tutor and Baby Sitter Wanted - Jonathan Janik and Roberta Pinheiro (Loudoun Lane) are looking for a private tutor for their rising kindergartener (Vinícius), who hasn’t received in-person instruction in over a year.  

They are also looking for a weekend/weeknight babysitter to look after 2 boys for summer months and into the fall season. Call/text us at 617/852-7506 (Roberta) or 617/515-6311 (Jonathan).

12. Directory Editor Needed – We need a replacement Directory Editor ideally one of you on the east side of Rolling Road to help balance our Executive Council. Kirby Myers ( has served exceptionally well in this capacity for several years now, but needs to step down. He has made it very easy with minimal time investment. The directory is assembled during late November / early December of each year. For the sake of continuity, we need a volunteer who will work it for a few years+. It wasn’t difficult when I did the directory way back when, but Kirby has made it very doable for those having basic computer skills. Questions? Contact Kirby. How ‘bout it?

Stay safe & healthy!

John Cooley, CAWSV



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