Village News, 5/19/22

Dear Village Neighbor / Friend,

Many of you will do a grand job as our next President; certainly, better than me. Just need you to step up without me having to camp out at your front door. Even though we vote to elect in October, I’d hope to have time ample to adequately prep the incoming with files, points of contact, procedures, and some learned techniques to limit the amount of your free time needed to serve our community. I’m cleaning up our master planning calendar and very willing to share it with you. No – you don’t have to be retired or without child in your home or whatever other excuses that even I used until Dick Denny left me no choice. “Get involved!” he demanded and now I’m asking you, but not demanding. In fact, a two-person family team will work well.

1. Fairfax County’s Foster Parent of the Year! – And she lives right here in West Springfield Village on SVD! Sue Christensen was recognized for this honor by county for her loving support of 23 children who needed someone to care for them. Here’s the link to the story - Meet Fairfax County's Foster Parent of the Year ( Wow! She is officially my hero! Well done Sue! Thanks Natalie Perdue for the heads up about his award.

2. Neighborhood Watch and Our Security – two cars were rifled just recently and a 3rd one was seen on camera beckoning someone to come check its doors. Several more cars were stolen or ransacked in neighboring communities. Not sure what else we can say to convince all to lock your cars even if parked in a garage or carport and to not store anything of value inside the car, at least not in plain sight. Most importantly – check your security and that of your neighbors. Install security cameras and car alarms that provide and alert when someone without the key attempt to get in. Lock you parked vehicles, please!

3. Minutes of the 12 May Meeting – We had a very good turnout for the front porch meeting even though it was raining lightly for a portion of that meeting. Thanks to those who joined us to shape the business of our civic association. Other than what you see in the dues article – the rest of the minutes are being vetted by those who attended that meeting and soon after their approval – the minutes will be posted to our website (West Springfield Village). A lot of that discussion will interest you; I guarantee!

4. Membership Dues – were set at $10.00 for FY23 and expected to stay at $10.00 per household through the RR construction period of 2024 – 2026. Some of you may want to prepay for FY23, 24, 26. It may be a growing season or two after project completion before we’ll want to again supplement VDOT’s mowing schedule. We do expect extraordinary expenses in late 2026 to either move or relocate our village sign or purchase and install one or two new ones. CAWSV, P.O. Box 2204, Springfield, VA 22152.

5. Community Yard Sale & Free for All – 28 May 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM. 4 June is the rain date, also 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM. Go to WSV Yard Sale List to add your name, address and a general category of items you want to sell or to edit your previous posting. In case we missed your report, here are those addresses currently listed:

  • 7004 Vancouver
  • 8131 Edmonton Court
  • 6821 Barnack
  • 6919 Vancouver
  • 6823 Barnack
  • 6710 Barnack
  • 6811 Bluefield Court
  • 6703 Ontario
  • 8006 Springfield Village Drive
  • 6911 Brisbane Street  
  • 6904 Ontario Street (see next)

Thanks to Lindsay Latham and Lauren Fasceski for volunteering to manage this event.

6. For Sale – Ittylene Neal (6904 Ontario Street) is selling this roll top desk for another village neighbor. It’s a bit much to put out for the yard sale, but that neighbor is asking $150 OBO (or best offer). The dimensions are 53 & ½” wide X 20” deep X 44 & 1/2” high. Interested? Contact Ittylene at 703/475-1386. Ittylene will also participate in our community yard sale at her home on 28 May. Proceeds will be used to support the VFW Post 7327 and the Auxiliary in Springfield. In addition to selling the donated items, she will also sell hotdogs and drinks.  All proceeds from the yard sale will be going into two VFW pots: Veterans Unmet Needs and the Relief Fund. Let’s stop by to buy, have a hotdog and/or to make a donation.

Rolltop desk

7. Large Items of Trash Left Curbside – That area between the sidewalk and the street (the verge) is property of Virginia, not part of my plat or yours. Leaving waste or trash on the verge for an extended period is in the same as dumping trash along the highway. Your trash companies may provide bulk trash pickup for a separate payment – but – suggest you coordinate with them before placing your old couch, mattress, appliance, and other such items too large for your trash container (toter) curbside. There are some in the village who frequent the I-95 Landfill and may be willing to help. Check first with your trash hauler and then let me know if you still need help. There will be costs, but reasonable. If you are one of those willing to help others for a fee – let me know please. I will not publish your information, but will share with someone in need.

Suppose we should also mention the need to pull your trash & recycling toters back off the curb once the commercial haulers have collected your stuff.

8. RVES Food Truck Fridays - Stop by Rolling Valley Elementary School from 6 -8:00 PM this Friday 5/20 and again on 5/27 and enjoy an easy meal from a local food truck! Bring chairs and hang out on the lawn or grab your food to go. These events are open to the community!

  • Friday, May 20 - Kona Ice (shaved ice with your choice of flavors)
  • Friday, May 27 - Taco One (handcrafted street tacos)

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9. A Few Good Softball-Playing Men – Received from Stephen Gagliano (Barnack Drive) - We’re putting together a men’s 35 and older softball team to compete this in the summer’s league. We need a few more for a full team expecting to play on Wednesday or Thursday nights. Interested? Contact Stephen at or 703/843-3191.

10. Calendar:

  • 28 May                      Community Wide Yard Sale / Free for All
  • 30 May                      Memorial Day (Federal Holiday)
  • 4 June                        Rain Date – Community Yard Sale / Free for All
  • 10 June                     Last Day of School (Early Release)
  • 19 June                     Father’s Day (just saying..)
  • 19 June                     Juneteenth
  • 23 July                       Secure Document Shredding at Rolling Valley Kiss & Ride

11. Birthdays and other Joyous Family News:

  • Quoc-Huan Vuong – Good man who delivers mail to most in our village.
  • Amanda G. Cooley (A.K.A. “Hooter”) – her nickname was bestowed upon her by me because of her soft, rhythmic hooting (Hoot Owl like) she made while sleeping as an infant. She now serves as a victim’s advocate in the Larimer County, CO District Attorney’s Office. Her job has exposed her to risk, but she is one tough coonass (and that is not a derogatory or profane term!).  

Heat, humidity, and thunderstorms – are you ready? If you’re still reading this – please hit “reply” and then “send”, comments aren’t necessary. Stay cool!

John Cooley


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