Village News, 4/8/21

Dear Village Neighbor / Friend,

1. Calendar (Refer to the calendar in your community directory or see details in archived editions of the enews at our website

  • 13 -15 April – Fairfax County Budget Public Hearings
  • 8 May from 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM, Document Shredding at the Rolling Valley Park & Ride, 9220 Old Keene Mill Road in Burke.
  • 13 May – Village meeting (set dues for FY22 and more)
  • 22 May – Scheduled Day for Village-Wide Yard Sale (virus permitting)

2. Covid-19 - Individuals who live or work in the Fairfax Health District that fall into the following categories are now eligible to register to get a COVID-19 vaccine:

  • Energy
  • Water, Wastewater, Waste Removal
  • Housing and Construction
  • Food Service
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Institutions of Higher Education Faculty/Staff
  • Finance
  • Information Technology and Communication
  • Media
  • Legal Services
  • Public Safety (Engineers)
  • Other Public Health Workers
  • Barbers, Stylists, Hairdressers

More details about who is included in these categories can be found here and in other languages here. As always, you must register here. Phase 2 of the vaccinations is on track to begin 18 April.

3. Supervisor Herrity’s Budget Town Hall – Did anyone else sit through that Town Hall on 31 March with Supervisor Herrity and County Executive Bryan Hill? The Citizen’s Guide to the proposed FY22 budget can be found here fy-2022-advertised-citizens-guide.pdf ( It is worth your review that should take no more than 5 minutes. Given the disregard for the public input to the zMod proposals, I was hesitant to invest more time to solicit and provide CAWSV input to the proposed budget, but did provide my own questions.

  • Does it really matter whether the real estate tax increases are due to raising the RE tax levy or due to assessment increases? For the homeowner footing that bill – NO, if does not! Last year I paid over $400 more in RE taxes due to increased assessments and once again expecting to pay $340 more if the tax levy is $1.14 per $100 in value or $400+ if it remains at $1.15, as advertised. Consider setting the levy even lower than $1.14 for a manageable RE tax for Fairfax County home owners.
  • Similar to each of the last 20+ years’ budget discussions, I am sure there will be more talk about the need to increase the revenue from commercial property even though vacancy rates are on the rise. How about converting some of that vacant commercial property to affordable housing?
  • I understand why County wants to maintain its “premier status”, but according to the county executive officer a mere 12 months ago “Our future may be leaner, and will certainly be more efficient, as we use different tools to provide the services that are needed for our community.” That enhanced efficiency is what most of us have wanted for quite some time now. Are both county and FCPS working more efficiently, separately and collectively?

Sign up to testify before the Board during the budget public hearings on 13 – 15 April. Testifying is as simple as sharing your experience with the Board and how the tax rate will affect you personally and/or providing your opinion on potential reductions in spending. You can sign up here to testify via writing, phone, and video. Or, provide your input to me at to be added to what I hope will be the majority opinion of our community.

4. This Week’s Featured Advertiser: Comfort One Heating and Air Conditioning. They are a Hamby family business with excellent recommendations from the village to include my own Gary Hamby replaced my HVAC units several years ago and was able to secure a substantial rebate on the new unit from the Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy (DMME). They installed it and have since maintained it with semi-annual service calls. If you see their ad in our directory, they are offering 15% off your next check-up or repair by simply mentioning code (WS152) or you can get up to $1200 off any new heating & cooling system. You can reach them (Rachel Hamby) at 800/472-2408.

5. Contractor Recommendation - Ben Migliaccio (703/268-3212, Sandover Court) – has used Marvin from ML trees multiple times to do work as had Ben’s neighbor. Marvin does outstanding work is licensed and insured, and is honest which is hard to find in that industry. His equipment is well-kept and up-to-date and they do a thorough cleanup after the job is done. He can be reached at 540/229-9285.

Please keep in mind that when any of us recommend a contractor, it is based on what that contractor did for us. There is no way to know how well they will work for the next person.

6. Criminal Investigation - In fact, Fairfax County Police Detective Jonathan Loesch (703/277-2358) wants to know if were also taken by another tree cutter, Scott Canard. Did he take money for work yet to be done?

We went through a lengthy process before with input from respected contractors about finding the right guy or gal for your job. I have all of that on file and can forward to you if you want to review that advice.  

7. Protecting Trees from Brood X Cicadas - Cicadas cause more aesthetic damage than anything, but certain varieties of young trees may suffer from drooping branches within a few weeks of an emergence unless you protect them. Should young trees be protected? How to Protect Young Trees From Cicadas (

I also asked Bill Steele (SVD) and he suggested that covering with burlap is generally not necessary. If you are concerned, Bill recommends putting TangleTrap" or some sticky stuff on trunks to keep the young ones from crawling from the ground into the tree.

If you do cover your trees, Bill suggest leaving the covering on for only a few weeks, until the pests are gone. If left on too long it can smother the tree causing fruits to shrivel.

Does anyone else have any experience and suggestions? I did see this morning that Copper Head snakes enjoy munching on Cicadas and may be out searching for their next bite. Be warned and beware!

8. Free for All? – Back when we had Village-wide yard sales, we also put out unwanted items that still had a useful life marked “free” for anyone venturing by. If we restrict items to only what we could leave curbside, we should be safe to conduct that part of the annual yard sale; right? In fact, we can do these events more often than the yard sale, but recommend we pick the same day and hours, 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM. We can advertise in Nextdoor, on our FaceBook Group and on our website. If we do this, we should assemble a list of participating addresses and a general description of the free items. Interested?

John Cooley, CAWSV



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