Village News, 4/28/22

Dear Village Neighbor / Friend,

1. CAWSV Treasurer – We had reported that our relatively new Treasurer Nelson Ritchie had to leave the village much too quickly when his work required him to move from our village and probably to Texas. Nelson had stood up and volunteered to serve his/our community instead of simply living here (his words). It did make me feel good knowing that others feel that same sense of obligation to “community”. So, we were put right back into the breach searching not only for the next President, but also for a new Treasurer. And then up steps Jim Womack who also expressed his interest in serving the community in which his sons are growing into manhood. Please help welcome our new Treasurer – Jim Womack (Edmonton Court).

Also note that just about all of us on Edmonton Court either have served or currently serving our civic association.  What about you and your immediate neighbors?

2. CAWSV Meeting –At the 12 May meeting, we’ll provide an update of what we do with your $10 annual dues; I think you’ll approve. Agenda items include a report from each on the Board of Directors (BOD) and Executive Council (Membership Chair, Directory Editor, FaceBook Group Moderator, Neighborhood Watch Coordinator and WebMaster) plus a report from the Village West Pool BOD. We’ll also ask for a membership vote to confirm the appointment of our new Treasurer, Jim Womack.

The main objective of the May meeting is to set the dues rate for the next membership/fiscal year (10/01/22 – 9/30/23). We have been $10 per annum per household since I have been involved with our leadership team.  Do you see any unusual FY23 expenses?

These meetings provide us a chance to socialize with neighbors and friends. To that end and since FCPS is demanding we jump through their insurance hoops, we will either meet at my 8131 Edmonton Court home or via Zoom depending on weather forecast. If at my home, refreshments will be provided, but if via Zoom – to each their own.

3. Community Yard Sale & Free for All – 28 May 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM. 4 June is the Rain Date, also 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM. Thanks to Lindsay Latham you can add your intent to participate and include a general category of items you want to sell by clicking on this link WSV Yard Sale List. It should allow you to post your intent and edit as you may want or need. The link didn’t work for all like intended last week, but Lindsay has it up and firing on all cylinders now.

Need more Stuff to Sell?  Sue Borschel is hoping to find a generous soul willing to take four items I have and sell them, but you keep the money.

  1. Two brand new filters for refrigerator
  2. Combo iPhone and Apple watch charger
  3. Brand new Inivo 550BN HDMI switch
  4. Pallets

Contact Sue Borschel at 703/459-4399 or via email at if you’re willing to help her out. In fact, there are many of us also willing to “hire” young Americans to sell our stuff for a flat fee guarantee or for a percentage or even all they get from the sales. Anyone interested? Fund raiser possibility? For this – let me know.

4. County’s FY23 Budget Markups Completed - county Board of Supervisors (BOS) approved a 3-cent real estate tax rate (levy) decrease for homeowners, from $1.14 to $1.11 per $100 of assessed value. To be honest, I didn’t think they’d go beyond a 2-cent reduction – so I stand corrected (kinda) by their decision. They did not address the inflated home assessments, but maybe the budget hearings weren’t the right forums for that. So, instead of my RE taxes going up $1152 for the year if they had not reduced the levy, they will now go up by a mere $949 to $7508. And, instead of a 17.6% increase, 8131 Edmonton Court will only increase by 14% – certainly not enough for my Happy Dance, but at least they tried – or did they? This marked up budget will include the largest percentage increase in residential property taxes since 2006.  Who remembers who sat in the chairman’s chair then and who was our District Supervisor? I do and the story hasn’t changed – we need to raise more to spend more to attract more businesses and quality employees to county so they (commercial entities) can hopefully reduce the burden on homeowners. Yes – we’re raising more (revenue) and they are certainly spending more, but not sure what we’re getting in return except more taxes so they can spend more and so on and on.

The BOS also agreed to a 15% reduction in the assessment of personal property (car tax), which will limit any increases due to the growth of used vehicle values.

The budget markup vote was 9-1 with our Springfield District Supervisor continuing to ask that the budget include spending constraints. That type restraint hasn’t happened for 20+ years and doubt it will given our apparent willingness to open our wallets. Read more in the latest edition of the Herrity Report The Herrity Report | Board of Supervisors - Springfield (

5. Secure Document Shredding at Rolling Valley Park and Ride is rescheduled to 23 July.  More information can be found at Document Shredding | Public Works and Environmental Services (

6. House Painters – Tom & Shelly Fowler (8129 Edmonton Court) just had the inside of their home repainted using Carlos Morales from Lorton (cell number is 703/282-4865). Tom & Shelly think he is good and offers you their open door to come have a look see at Carlos’s work. Contact Shelly via text at 703/282-3002 to arrange a mutually convenient time to stop by. I already did have a look and agree with the Fowlers’ recommendation.

7. Rolling Valley ES Rockin’ Around the Block Fun Run, Walk & Roll + Health Fair Pop-Up – from RVES PTA President, Caroline Green – event is in memory of former RVES PE teacher Susanna Horner.

Join us at RVES on Saturday, May 7 to run, walk or roll on our 1-mile course! (Note that the course is stroller and wheelchair friendly.) Check-in is at 9am / Fun Run starts at 9:15am / Health Fair Pop-up is from 9-11am.

At the Health Fair Pop-up, enjoy activities and giveaways from Elite Martial Arts, Honest Soul Yoga, Onelife Fitness, Village West Pool and more. The event is free, but snacks will be available for sale, with all proceeds going towards new PE equipment!

Please RSVP if you plan on attending:

Note that students should be accompanied by an adult, and no dogs are allowed.  

The first 50 kids to check in at the event will receive a free pop-it toy! 

Call for Volunteers! Several parents/guardians are needed to help with the Fun Run on Saturday, May 7 from approximately 8 – 10 AM.  This is a super easy way for adults and/or teens to help out - please email: with any questions or sign up here!

8. Calendar:

  • 8 May                        Mother’s Day
  • 12 May                      Village Meeting
  • 28 May                      Community Wide Yard Sale / Free for All
  • 30 May                      Federal Holiday (Memorial Day)
  • 4 June                        Rain Date – Community Yard Sale / Free for All
  • 10 June                     Last Day of School (Early Release)
  • 19 June                     Father’s Day
  • 19 June                     Juneteenth
  • 23 July                       Secure Document Shredding at Rolling Valley Kiss & Ride

9. Happy Birthdays:

  1. Bobbie McClain - understand from a normally reliable source that Bobbie celebrated the anniversary of her 29th Birthday just recently. Hope you had a happy birthday ma’am!
  2. Quoc-Huan Vuong’s Birthday is 26 May – mark your calendars. Who is he? He delivers our mail to most in the village.
  3. Ann Womack (Edmonton Court) – hoping her family makes this a memorable celebration for her.

10. ECHO - This year, ECHO wants to be prepared to prevent shortfalls in service.  In their words:

“Food and fuel prices are high and has caused many who are earning normal wages to struggle to feed their families.  Pulling together as an ECHO community, we can manage that.  The generosity of our donors can solve food insecurity in our neighborhoods.”

ECHO needs food, clothes and volunteers click here to see what you can do to help -

That’s all this week. Stay safe good people.  

John Cooley


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