Village News, 4/21/22

Dear Village Neighbor / Friend,

1. Status of Search for the Next CAWSV President – still nothing new to report. For the sake of this community and take a chance. It’s not much of a chance since it is very easy once you are read on. Your success begins at that moment and I’m willing to do what’s necessary to make you a memorable leader of our CAWSV.

2. CAWSV Meeting – We meet twice during the year, once in May and again in October. At the May meeting, we’ll provide a run-down of what we do with your $10 dues; I think you’ll approve. Other agenda items include an update from each on the Board of Directors (BOD) and from the Executive Council (Membership Chair, Directory Editor, FaceBook Group Moderator, Neighborhood Watch Coordinator and WebMaster plus a report from the Village West Pool BOD.

The main objective of the May meeting is to set the dues rate for the following membership/fiscal year (10/01/22 – 9/30/23). We have been $10 per annum per household since I have been involved with our leadership team.

And then in October we’ll provide similar updates, but the main purpose of the October meeting is to vote ratify the FY22 Audit Report, to pass a proposed FY23 Budget (w/markups as needed) and to also elect a new board of directors (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer). The 5th member of the BOD is the Past President who does not require a vote, nor do the members of the members of the Eecutive Council.

Both meetings give all of us a chance to socialize with neighbors and friends we’ve yet to meet.

We asked for the Rolling Valley ES Library but getting an additional requirement from FCPS for insurance. If they persist with this nonsensical demand, we may meet again via Zoom or on my front yard/porch. Rarely does it take more than an hour.

3. Community Yard Sale & Free for All – 28 May 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM with 4 June as the Rain Date also 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM. We have time but let me if you plan on participating as a seller, a donator of free stuff or a lemonade stand proprietor. We did have a couple of neighbors (Lauren Fasceski and Lindsay Latham) volunteer to do what’s needed to make this another success. We all will owe them our gratitude.

Once the list is complete, we’ll attach a map of the village to that list and give each participant several copies to give to your customers to help guide them to other participants. We’ll also include locations of lemonade/refreshment stands if your youngsters want to get into business.

We’ll put signs out but have to use your front yard instead of the VDOT right of way (sidewalk, verge, curb and median). For those along Rolling Road, please let me know if you do not want a directional sign placed in your yard.

Free stuff should be clearly separated and labeled to keep folks from taking your family pets, children, or other items you don’t want growing legs. Free means free for anyone who stops by. Free stuff has proven to be an enticement for customers to visit. All of this has worked very well in past years but do recommend you spice up your listing.

Thanks to Lindsay Latham you can add your intent to participate and include a general category of items you want to sell by clicking on this link WSV Yard Sale List - it should allow anyone with the link access to edit the document. Let’s make this work!

4. West Springfield Real Estate Report – condensed from Long & Foster RE March 2022 Market Report:

  • Units Sold – 48, up 2% from same time last year.
  • Active Inventory – 11, up 38%
  • Median Sales Price - $625,000, up 8% (median, not average)
  • Days on the Market – 7, up 40%
  • New Listings – 56, no significant change from one year ago
  • Current Contracts – 50, down 14%
  • Sold vs Listing Price – 107%, up 1.3%
  • Months of Supply – 0.2, no real change

**Note – this report includes all family units to include townhomes, duplexes and our type detached single family units.

5. Proposed FY23 County Budget and Your Taxes - you still can and should address your concerns about your property taxes by emailing even though the public input hearings for the proposed FY23 county budget have ended. The clerk is tasked to get your comments to each of the 10-member Board of Supervisors. Supervisor Herrity reported that most of the public comment at the recent hearing was in opposition to the budget, but they (BOS) have failed to listen to us, their constituents before (zMod). If this budget proposal is adopted, it will cause my RE taxes to go up over 17.6% to almost $8,000 next year! That will be a 75% increase in the last 10 years!!

My guess is the BOS will toss us a bone and reduce the levy by a penny or if they really can find courage – they may reduce it by 2 cents knowing that the proposal had a $84+ million “slush fund”. What better use of that $84+ million other than reducing our tax burden? But even if they reduce the levy by 2 cents but continue with the skewed assessments (my assessment is up by $101,030) – my RE value (based on comparable home sales) will still move causing my RE taxes to also go up by over $1000. With the current assessment value – they’d have to reduce the levy down to $0.97 per $100 of assessed value. That won’t happen.

I know some of you will again tell me to shut up and simply pay whatever they charge for the privilege of living in Fairfax County. But, if you want a copy of the letters that I wrote (representing myself only, not the CAWSV) – glad to forward to you to use to write you own. Not sure how much they or I could help if you support the proposed budget as written but will try if you may want.

Tomorrow, 22 April – the BOS will meet to discuss the pre-markup budget proposal. And then on 26 April they will begin marking up that proposal before they vote to approve the FY2023 budget on 10 May County’s fiscal year begins 1 July.

6. Calendar:

  • 8 May                                    Mother’s Day
  • 12 May                                  Village Meeting
  • 28 May                                  Community Wide Yard Sale / Free for All
  • 30 May                                  Federal Holiday (Memorial Day)
  • 4 June                                    Rain Date – Community Yard Sale / Free for All
  • 10 June                                 Last Day of School (Early Release)
  • 19 June                                 Father’s Day
  • 19 June                                 Juneteenth

7. Happy Birthdays:

  • Suzanne M. McCormick – have heard from a reliable source that her well-deserved nicknames are “WrongWay” and “Convoy Connie”. She is often seen with her noble companion, Sadiqi (a Yemini Street beast).
  • Jane Lomax – Another young lady will also celebrate the anniversary of her 29th birthday. Happy Birthday Jane!

Stay safe! Drive more slowly please and remain watchful for our little people who may be out enjoying this great spring weather.

John Cooley, CAWSV



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