Village News, 3/25/21

Dear Neighbor / Friend,

I was out walking our Wonder Dawg, Sadiqi the other morning as a lady approached on the other side of the street. She gave the dog and I a warm smile and a cheerful “good morning”. Too many of us walk with ear buds or headphones or while talking on a cell phone. Her cheerfulness was very welcome and contagious. Try it.

ZMod - The County Board of Supervisors (BOS) approved changes to the county code (zMOD) to include:

          1. Accessory Living Units (ALUs) - residents now have the flexibility to make changes within their home for an ALU complete with stove to house two additional residents. Exterior changes to the home for an ALU are not allowed and at least one off-street parking space must be provided. To be approved, a homeowner must reside at the same property with the ALU; not a distant landlords. The BOS eliminated the need for a special permit; the request for an ALU can now be granted after an administrative review.

          2. Home Based Businesses (HBBs) - can also be administratively approved if the HBB does not that generate customers coming to the home. Other HBBs that may have customers coming to the home (other than for instructional activities) would still need to go through a public hearing, special permit process.

          3. Flags - not more than three 25-foot flag poles on residential property. If you want a taller flag pole, apply for a special permit. There is no restriction to the size of flags flown.

There are many other changes to the simplified code, but these three drew most of the public’s attention.

COVID-19 – There are about 84,000 on the current wait list for the vaccine. About 328,000 have received both doses of the vaccine. That will be 328,001 at 2:45 PM today. Fairfax County expanded group 1B to now include essential workers in:

  • Food and agriculture
  • Manufacturing
  • Grocery store workers

If you meet the criteria detailed here, register with the Fairfax County Health Department here. That same registration form in Spanish is here. Fairfax County expects to start registering those in Phase 1C mid-April, if the supply level continues.

Featured Advertiser – HRM Automotive, (8086C Alban Road. Springfield) has worked on my family cars for a very long time now. As his name implies, we found him and his team to be very good mechanics, honest and certainly reliable to repair whatever we could break or wear out on our cars. When my daughter started driving, we would take her car to Tim to make it road worthy and safe. I have trusted him with my vehicles and trust you will be pleased if you do also. He can be reached at 703/866-0602 or visit his website at HRM Automotive - Auto and Hybrid Repair in Springfield VA.

Lawn Mowing Service – Rolling Road & Village resident Jhonny Esquivel (571/435-6896) is looking to add village customers.

Beep, Beep, Beep – Bob Havey, our webmaster reports that he often hears low pitched beeps in the neighborhood – specifically 3 low pitched beeps every few seconds.  These were ubiquitous last summer when Verizon was doing very little, in-home/premise services. The 3 beeps mean that the battery in your FiOS needs to be replaced. Verizon will probably replace the whole box with one that may or may not require a battery.

Random Act of Kindness - Monday afternoon found Andrew Bilski (SVD) in a fight with his lawnmower as the Republic truck stopped to pick up his recyclables. Seeing Andrew locked in battle and apparently losing the fight to the lawnmower - one of the workers took his bin all the way to his carport rather than leaving it on the curb as usual.  

Andrew wanted to credit and thank that gentleman for his random act of kindness. He also wanted all to know that he eventually won the contest with his lawnmower.

Calendar (Refer to the calendar in your community directory or see details in archived editions of the enews at our website

  • 27 March from 10 AM to 1:00 PM, Drive Through Food Collection for ECHO at St. Mark’s Church (5800 Backlick Road)
  • 31 March – Last day for yard debris collection in plastic bags
  • 8 May from 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM, Document Shredding at the Rolling Valley Park & Ride, 9220 Old Keene Mill Road in Burke.
  • 13 May – Village meeting (Agenda – set dues for FY22 and more)

Happy Birthdays – Thomas Wesley Briggs (my son-in-law) and Susan Cooley (one of my sisters-in-law).

Brood X Cicadas Are Coming!

John Cooley, CAWSV

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