Village News, 3/10/22

Dear Village Neighbor / Friend,

For security’s sake, I now have 2-step verification required to log into my AOL/Verizon account. I suppose that’s a small investment in time and process to secure my account from bottom feeders. This CAWSV account and my Gmail ( were not violated or compromised. Please know that I will never ask any of you for money, gift cards, help go get a relative out of jail or even your sympathy if or when I do get hurt.

1. Needing a New Treasurer – Our current Treasurer will move from the village for his work. So, we begin the process again to find a replacement. Our Treasurer is the only one who can spend association monies. He or she does have a backup, but we rarely use that option since the backup can muddy the waters without much effort (any guess who that is?). If you can manage your family’s money, or the money of a PTA or a sports team or a scout troop or the money from a fund raiser – you can be our Treasurer. The other obligation of our Treasurer is to vote whenever the Board of Directors has to decide a course of action instead of the general membership. And that also happens rarely. Time investment – very little but ask Nelson or previous Treasurer Liz Greene to get a better estimate.

We need that new Treasurer now so Mr. Nelson Ritchie can focus on what he needs to accomplish for the move and his work. For continuity’s sake, we want someone who can commit to the position at least until October 2023.

And we (you and me) still need a new President for our civic association!

2. Real Estate Property Taxes & Car Tax – So my real estate taxes (and yours also) will go up to over $7,500 for county’s fiscal year and may go to $7,700 if the tax levy of $1.14 remains. The County Board of Supervisors (BOS) just voted 9 – 1 to continue the budget process at that $1.14 levy. Sure – they can still reduce the levy, but that’s now very unlikely it will decrease by much, certainly not back to a level to keep our RE taxes at the same amount as they are now.

Our Secretary, Molly Alonzo reports that it has become difficult or even impossible to purchase a home with a VA loan. Surely, we all recognize that many who live or buy into our village are military or work for the government who rely upon VA mortgages. Many others have cash in hand and are willing to waive the home inspection and the home value verification. But the VA won't waive these inspections which makes the superficial home valuations based on inflated comps even more worrisome. And those with cash in hand are often purchasing our village homes as investments with plans to rent them under the new zMod rules (either google it or ask me if you want an explanation of zMod and the impact it could have on village life).

All of this is happening in broad daylight right under our noses, but have you expressed your displeasure to the BOS? If not, please do – even if you support the RE Tax increase. You can reach all the supervisors by writing to

The county executive officer submitted a $4.8 Billion budget proposal that includes $80+ Million in discretionary money for the BOS to spend as they may want for board majority initiatives. Now if that doesn’t chafe your 6 – consider also that you’ll likely also see an increase in your personal property (vehicle) tax.

The average personal property tax bill will increase by $181 due to significantly increased valuations for used cars. Fairfax County chose to use the clean trade-in value as listed in the pricing guide for most vehicles. Virginia subsidizes a percentage of the tax on the first $20,000 of assessed value for vehicles coded as personal use and then county imposes an additional $4.57 per hundred-dollar vehicle value above that $20K subsidized amount.

I cannot imagine any of us doing the happy dance knowing we’ll pay even more taxes, but willing to include your support arguments without edit.

3. 2022 Fairfax County Teen Job Fair – This year’s fairs will be back in-person at West Springfield High School on 12 March from 1 – 3:00 PM and Chantilly High School on 19 March from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Students can register at - 2022 Fairfax County Teen Job Fair - Student Registration Survey ( Businesses can register at - 2022 Fairfax County Teen Job Fair - Official Business/Organization Registration Survey (

For more information on the fairs, you can visit here or call Supervisor Herrity’s office at 703/451-8873 or email

4. Stuff the Bus is a collaborative program to help restock the shelves of local food pantries including ECHO who needs to refill their shelves so they can continue to help neighbors in need. They ask that we donate to Stuff the Bus on Saturday, 19 March from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM at the Cardinal Forest Giant at 8320 Old Keene Mill Road. Please consider giving items from the list below in sizes appropriate for a household of about four people.

Cooking oil, Corn Flour Maseca, Bag (dry) beans, peas or lentils (16 oz.), Rice - brown or white (5 lbs. or smaller), Canned fruit in light syrup or juice (20 oz. or smaller), Healthy hot and cold cereal (42 oz. or smaller), Healthy snacks (e.g. raisins, granola bars, nuts, crackers), Canned tuna, salmon, sardines, chicken (15 oz. or smaller), Canned tomatoes - low sodium, no salt added (29 oz. or smaller), Spaghetti Sauce, Canned pasta (16 oz. or smaller), Macaroni and cheese, Peanut butter (40 oz. or smaller), Honey, Instant potatoes (16 oz. or smaller), Pancake mix (32 oz. or smaller) and syrup, Canned vegetables - low sodium, no salt added (29 oz. or smaller), Cooking Oil, Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, Facial Tissues, Detergent, Liquid Dish Soap, Deodorant

5. Free Ink - Ian & Mariam Swanson (Edmonton Court) have new & unused HP inks if anyone can use it. These genuine HP 950 black and 951 color are available to first come without concern if your home is good or not. Contact the Swansons at

\6. Calendar - so, is it Daylight Saving Time or Daylight Savings Time? Either way, set those clocks ahead Saturday night for official change at 2:00 AM, Sunday, 13 March. In the farm/ranch community, we used to call this Governor’s Time.

 ·      14 - 16 March                      RVES PTA Spirit Event at Rice & Spice

·      16 March                              Rice & Spice Neighborhood Food Drop at RVES

·      27 March – 1 April             RVES PTA Online Auction

·      1 April                                    Student Holiday (Teacher Workday)

·      4 – 8 April                             Holiday (Spring Break)

·      30 May                                  Holiday (Memorial Day)

·      10 June                                 Last Day of School (Early Release)

·      19 June                                 Juneteenth

7. Happy Birthday! Liz Green, my hero again celebrates the anniversary of her 29th Birthday. Good on ya Liz!

Stay safe, dry, and warm (snow possible this weekend!).

John Cooley


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