Village News, 2/24/22

Dear Village Neighbor / Friend,

Yep – got it right - the crocus and day lilies have indeed sprouted. Although many believe that it isn’t spring until the Forsythia Bush blooms yellow. I haven’t seen any in bloom; you?

1. Yard Debris Collections - we “should” get back to separate Wednesday collection of yard debris next week (2 March – 21 December 2022). Remember – no plastic lawn & leaf bags, instead - use paper bags, empty trash toters or reusable mesh bags or heavy plastic/rubber containers. I use the 72-gallon mesh, reusable mesh bags even though the trash crews don’t like them. They have asked that we use our trash and/or recyclable toters if/when possible. I am sympathetic to their problems with the mesh bags, but also expect they’ll become more effective and efficient as time goes by and might even become capable of emptying the bags into the truck and not onto the street. We do know that the empty mesh bags will catch wind and travel.

2. 2022 Community Directory – anybody missed? If so - let me know ( and one of us will get a copy to you. Same for new neighbors or those non-members wanting to purchase a copy ($10). Cover photo is credit to Bob & Jane Lomax (Edmonton Court). What do you think about the 2022 edition? Please share any constructive comments have improve the 2023 edition.

Last week, we thanked those who volunteered to deliver the directories, but want to also thank these young men who might have been “volunteered” by their parents:  Valentin and Felix Bois – thank you!

3. Rolling Road Median Mowing 2022 Contract (FYI Only) – Your CAWSV Board of Directors (BOD) and Executive Council (EC) voted to accept Image Works’ contract proposal for maintaining our portion of the Rolling Road median and the area around our village sign at Rolling Road & Barnack Drive. We had anticipated a cost increase and included a modest increase in our FY22 budget. But increasing fuel costs mean even higher contract proposal or $2145.00. We had budgeted $2025.00 or $120.00 more then what the general membership had voted during the October 2021 meeting. No action necessary, just for your information. This is just one benefit we enjoy thanks to your civic association dues. This one contract takes 215 dues-paying members to cover the costs.

4. County’s Proposed FY23 Budget – Once again commercial real estate taxes are far less than needed to relieve any pressure on us homeowners (it’s been 20+ years since that LP record started skipping to repeat and repeat and…). The board of supervisors (BOS) is considering a budget proposal of $4.8 Billion that includes:

  • Keeping the real estate tax rate levy at $1.14 per $100 value. But, with real estate assessments rising, this still means a RE tax increase based on your property assessed value. In fact, my 8131 Edmonton Court property taxes will rise by $1,151.74 (17.6% increase) even if they keep the same tax levy!
  • Now, if the BOS were to throw us a bone and reduce the levy to $1.13 – that would mean only an additional $1,084.10 (16.5% increase over last year) or if they really feel our suffering, they could reduce the levy to $1.12 which would mean a mere $1,016.47 tax increase (15.5% increase). Just 10 years ago, my RE taxes were $3,320 less than what is proposed in this budget. If you think they’ll go lower with the levy, you haven’t been paying attention to all the studies and initiatives to change everything relating to our history.
  • I know some of you will tell me to shut up and pay the taxes, but our RE property assessments are based almost exclusively on are comps – many of which were sold after a bidding war that caused many to sell for well over asking price. How do you determine the market valuation there?  
  • In this proposal, FCPS will receive an additional $112.6 million over current county allocation bringing that package to $2.5 Billion. That should allow them to cover the costs of their high dollar studies and to address their employee compensation.
  • Expect personal property taxes to go up on average $181.00 per vehicle due higher car prices and assessed values due to – you guessed it – the Covid-19.
  • This budget proposal also commits $20 million more to affordable housing.
  • It also includes a 4.01% market rate adjustment for County employee pay, as well as performance, merit, and longevity increases.

For more information, click on Department Homepage | Management and Budget ( Can you provide comment? Oh, Hell Yes! And you SHOULD! Email the Chairman, Jeff McKay at: You can also sign up for the budget public hearings on April 12-14, with options available to testify over phone, YouTube video, or in person.

  • If you want to comment using email E-mail - submit written testimony, including attachments, to
  • If you want to snail mail your comments – send to the Department of Clerk Services at 12000 Government Center Parkway, Suite 552, Fairfax, VA 22035.
  • The Clerk accepts written testimony until the time the meeting is closed.

5. 2022 Fairfax County Teen Job Fair – Springfield District Supervisor, Pat Herrity announced the annual Teen Job Fair Series. Last year, over 124 business representatives and over 1,000 students participated. This year’s fairs will be back in-person at West Springfield High School on 12 March from 1 – 3:00 PM and Chantilly High School on 19 March from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

These fairs provide an invaluable opportunity for students to interact with employers. Local businesses are expected to be eager to hire and students who are hopeful to start new opportunities that may have been put on hold by the pandemic. Countless students report that this is where they landed their first job. For businesses, it’s a great opportunity fill vacant positions and put a bug in the ear of younger job seekers who may apply in years to come.

Most job seekers attending the fair are between ages 16 to 18, but limited opportunities are sometimes available for students as young as 14. Job opportunities at the fair include full-time, part-time, seasonal, volunteer, and internship opportunities. In addition to job opportunities at the fair, students will also be able to attend a career-building workshop, like a Resume Workshop and Interviewing 101. The best part of this fair is that it is completely free for students and participating businesses.

Students can register here. Businesses can register here. After you register, you will receive confirmation and further information about the fair if your registration has been approved. Registered businesses will be provided a table space at the fair to set up materials and interact with students. Please note, businesses and organizations registering for the fair must be offering positions for their entity. Job hiring services, preparatory services, and advertising platforms not offering direct hiring will not be permitted. There will be limited space for businesses at the fair and want to reserve every opportunity for employers offering positions to students.

For more information on the fairs, you can visit here. If you have any questions or concerns about the fair, feel free to call Supervisor Herrity’s office at 703/451-8873 or email

6. Celebration of Life – Son of late Rob Muegge (Landor Lane) wants to invite anyone who knew Rob to attend a Celebration of Life 3/6/22 from 4 – 6:00 PM at the American Legion #176, 6520 Amherst Avenue, Springfield. Son’s name is Austin in case some of you knew or know him and/or Rob.

7. Calendar:

  • 2 March                                Wednesday Yard Waste Collections Begin Again   
  • 4 March                                FCPS Student Holiday
  • 13 March                              Daylight Savings Time Begins
  • 14 - 16 March                      RVES PTA Spirit Event at Rice & Spice
  • 16 March                              Rice & Spice Neighborhood Food Drop at RVES
  • 27 March – 1 April             RVES PTA Online Auction
  • 1 April                                    Student Holiday (Teacher Workday)
  • 4 – 8 April                             Holiday (Spring Break)
  • 30 May                                  Holiday (Memorial Day)
  • 10 June                                 Last Day of School (Early Release)
  • 19 June                                 Juneteenth

Stay safe, dry, and healthy.

John Cooley

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