Village News, 2/11/21

Dear Neighbor / Friend,

Phase I – Rolling Road Project – is underway. PH I is to improve the intersection at Old Keene Mill Road and Rolling Road to include a second left hand turn lane from northbound (NB) Rolling Road onto WB Old Keene Mill Road. Plan also calls for a right hand turn lane from NB RR onto EB OKMR. It is reasonable to expect delays at that intersection as the work progresses. Plan accordingly. Work is to be completed by year’s end.

PH II is the actual widening of RR through our middle to include 2 NB lanes, 2 SB lanes, a 16’ raised median, left turn lanes, a standard 5 or 6’ sidewalk on the east side and a 8 – 10’ asphalt multi-modal path on the west side – both going all the way to the intersection with Old Keene Mill Road. Phase II is scheduled to begin in 2024 and be completed in 2026. Go to our website ( for schematics and background information.

COVID-19 – CVS will begin Covid-19 vaccinations through a new federal program beginning tomorrow. Only one of the CVS Pharmacies in county will be administering the vaccine. I can’t find where it says which one it will be, but it is apparently fully booked already. CVS is to also follow the guidance of the Virginia Department of Health by vaccinating those is Phase 1a and 1b.

This morning we heard that people who have received the full course of COVID-19 vaccines can skip the standard 14-day quarantine after exposure to someone with the infection as long as they remain asymptomatic.

As of yesterday (10 February) and since 3 February, Fairfax County has had 1,546 more confirmed cases (53,234 total), 90 more hospitalized (3,428) due to the virus and 29 more deaths (840 to date) attributable to the virus or co-morbidity.

The number of cases in the 22152 area population increased to 1401 testing positive out of recorded 28,550 population.

Flags and Flagpoles – Part of the attempt to modernize county’s ordinances included specific limits to flags and flagpoles. We are on record supporting the zoning ordinance amendments for flags and flagpoles; specifically to:

          1) limit the height of a flagpole to 25 feet for our single-family dwelling developments. 

          2) ensure that freestanding flagpoles be setback five feet from any front lot line or street line and comply with the location regulations in a side or rear yard;

          3) limit number of flags to no more than two on our single-family dwelling lots; and to

          4) limit the size of flags to 24 square feet in our residential developments.

Proposed Zoning Changes – we (CAWSV) did not support the proposed changes that would allow an apartment within our single-family, detached homes and to expand Home Based Businesses (HBB) with increased customer activity. We did not support proposed changes that would eliminate the public hearing process which has historically accompanied applications for each of these uses, nor did we support approval through a simple administrative permit without notifying or seeking input from neighbors.

The Fairfax Federation of Citizens Associations (which includes our CAWSV) also weighed in recommending the proposals be tabled in part due to lack of public support. At yesterday’s planning commission meeting, all regarding these changes and flags / flagpoles was deferred for a decision until 24 February to allow more public input and to provide answers to questions posed by the public.

Random Acts of Kindness - Hernan & Lucy Ruiz wanted to thank Rich & Jenna Liao and the Kaiser kids for shoveling their sidewalks and driveway. No doubt there were many others who help their neighbors and our community. With all the negative, these type reports are very welcome. Thanks to all who help neighbors.

Calendar (Refer to the calendar in your community directory or see details in archived editions of the enews at our website

  • 13 March from 2 – 5:00 PM Virtual Teen Job Fair
  • 14 March - Daylight Savings Time Begins
  • 20 March from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM – Virtual Teen Job Fair
  • 8 May from 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM, Document Shredding at the Rolling Valley Park & Ride, 9220 Old Keene Mill Road in Burke.

Have you provided feedback to our Directory Editor, Kirby Myers? Please do, especially if you have constructive ideas to improve it. Stay safe, warm and healthy!

John Cooley, CAWSV

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