Village News, 2/10/22

Dear Village Neighbor / Friend,

Thanks to those who responded to last week’s enews giving us reason to believe this mail merge process will work, that is until something else happens to knock us off center line.

1. 2022 Community Directory – we should have them in hand tomorrow, Friday, 2/11/2022. We’ll break them into lots and deliver to our volunteer deliverers. Weather looks good for weekend delivery to those who joined or renewed their membership in our civic association. Please let me know next mid-week if you were missed. Those who chose to not join or renew membership may still get a copy of the directory for $10.00 and that comes with full voting rights membership for the rest of this fiscal year (10/1/2021 – 9/30/2022).

2. Rename Districts and Precincts? Fairfax County Board of Supervisors are considering the “need” to rename certain magisterial districts to include Lee, Mason, Mount Vernon, Springfield and Sully. They are also considering renaming several precincts:

  • 616 Gunston (in Mount Vernon District)
  • 709 Mosby (in Providence District)
  • 705 Graham-Greenway (in Providence District)
  • 608 Hollin Hall (in Mount Vernon District)
  • 930 Lees Corner (in Sully District)
  • 732 Oak Marr (in Providence District)
  • 730 Penderbrook (in Providence District)
  • 115 Ravensworth (in Braddock District)
  • 236 Stuart (in Hunter Mill District)
  • 422 Van Dorn (in Lee District)

Why? Allegedly the decision to change or not is based on seven criteria, including if a name is geographically confusing (for example - Springfield, VA not being part of Springfield Magisterial District due to precinct boundary changes) or not representative, or associated with the Confederacy, segregation, racism or slave ownership. And lastly, if the district name violates the spirit or explicit meaning of the One Fairfax policy?

  • Is the name offensive to the community?
  • Is the name related to the Confederate past?
  • Is the name associated with segregation, Jim Crow, racism, discrimination, or slave ownership?
  • Is the name confusing to residents or is it geographically representative of the district?
  • Is the name of historical significance or is the name no longer reflective of life in that part of the county?
  • Does it help residents aspire to the best possible quality of life in the future?

Did this initiative rise from the voices of offended, tax-paying, county residents? Are they also considering changing the name of our Fairfax county and removing statues and memorials for Ulysses S. Grant, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson?  Whether you support this initiative or not, you can and should provide input to the eventual decision by:

3. The Confederate Names Task Force - charged with evaluating and recommending possible alternative names to Lee Highway (Route 29) and Lee-Jackson Memorial Highway (Route 50). Following a wide-reaching outreach campaign (?) and thousands of responses from the public (not from me – you?), they recommended the following name changes:

Suggested Alternative Names for Lee Highway are:

  • Cardinal Highway
  • Route/Highway 29
  • Langston Boulevard/Highway
  • Lincoln-Douglass Highway
  • Fairfax Boulevard/Highway

Suggested Alternative Names for Lee-Jackson Highway are:

  • Little River Turnpike
  • Unity Highway
  • Route 50
  • Fairfax Boulevard
  • Blue & Gray Highway

The Board of Supervisors Chair promises that the BOS take these decisions seriously and that the BOS has a strong record of focusing on racial inequities and advancing our community together. Fairfax County Department of Transportation has created an email inbox ( to ensure they have conducted substantial outreach.

4. Spring 2022 Community Police Academy – If you are at least 18 years of age, Live or work in Fairfax County and can provide your own transportation and can clear a review of your criminal record and police contact history, you may be eligible. For information, refer to last week’s enews and visit

5. Real Estate News – we have several RE Agents in our village who provide frequent insight into that sector. If they submit something that may be beneficial to village residents, I include in the enews. One of those agents is Tim Royster along with his wife – Yee Peng (Smyth Street). They often put videos out with very helpful information about selling, buying, and downsizing homes. Their latest is “5 Things They Don’t Tell You About Vienna, Virginia”. I think it has value for us, but you decide.

Are you thinking of moving to Vienna and you’re wondering if Vienna is a good fit for you and your family?  In this video (, we will cover 5 things we want you to know before moving to Vienna.  They include:

  • Real Estate Taxes
  • Commuting to DC and Dulles International Airport
  • Schools and Rankings
  • Restaurants
  • Real Estate

You can also subscribe to the Roysters’ Living in Northern Virginia YouTube channel here:

6. Calendar:

  • 15 February                         RVES PTA Spirit Event at Chipotle (5:00 – 9:00 PM)
  • 21 February                        President’s Day / Student Holiday
  • 2 March                                Wednesday Yard Waste Collections Begin Again  
  • 4 March                                FCPS Student Holiday
  • 13 March                              Daylight Savings Time Begins
  • 14 - 16 March                      RVES PTA Spirit Event at Rice & Spice
  • 16 March                              Rice & Spice Neighborhood Food Drop at RVES
  • 27 March – 1 April             RVES PTA Online Auction
  • 1 April                                    Student Holiday (Teacher Workday)
  • 4 – 8 April                             Holiday (Spring Break)
  • 30 May                                  Holiday (Memorial Day)
  • 10 June                                 Last Day of School (Early Release)
  • 19 June                                 Juneteenth

7. Papa John's 40/10 Give Back! Every Wednesday during the 2021-2022 school year, you can receive 40% off all menu prices at Papa John's - plus, Rolling Valley will receive 10% of the proceeds! Simply use the code RVES4010 when you order online or by phone.  Offer is valid through 6/8/22 at Papa John's in West Springfield.  

8. Cub Scout Pack 1545 Fundraiser – Ledo’s Pizza is sponsoring a fundraiser for Cub Scout Pack 1545 (see flyer below).


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Postscript - I suspect many of you disagree with me about certain issues represented above and I appreciate that. I try to keep my opinion to myself, but it surely can be a challenge as my wife knows too well. You are certainly welcome to this bully pulpit any time you want to take on the President position in our Civic Association. One way or the other and after serving 20+ years in a one-year position – I am done no later than 13 October this year. If still in the area, I will help transition you into the position, but my wife and I will at some point move toward the setting sun.

And if you are wondering – no one has stepped up yet. This organization is beneficial to all of us, regardless of your membership status and certainly larger than just one person. I will have failed if I leave this position and our CAWSV falters. Who knows, your experience as a community leader may propel you into politics, shoot - maybe even the white house.

Stay safe and healthy.

John Cooley


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