Village News, 1/7/21

Dear Neighbor / Friend,

Beyond all odds, here we are in a new year, though off to a very shaky start.

COVID-19 Update - Just over 10,000 from county’s Phase 1a (healthcare workers and residents of long-term care facilities) have received the first of two required doses of the vaccine. Virginia Department of Health (VDH) is making the decision on who’s in what group/phase and when that phase gets the vaccine depending on availability, of course. Right now there are 3 declared phases (1a, 1b, & 1c). Vaccinations are happening as fast as the vaccine is received, but the doses aren’t yet arriving as quickly as expected or hoped.

VDH adopted the CDC recommendations for phasing the distribution of the vaccine as follows:

  • Phase 1a - healthcare workers and residents of long-term care facilities.
  • Phase 1b - the next priority group includes frontline essential workers and people 75 and older.
  • Phase 1c will consist of people aged 16-74 with high-risk medical conditions, people aged 65-74, and other essential workers.

As vaccine availability increases, recommendations will expand to include more groups / phases.

District Supervisor Herrity suggests that if you believe you fit into the criteria for Phase 1b, you should notify your doctor of your desire to be vaccinated.

As of yesterday (6 January) and since 30 December, Fairfax County has had 2,651 more confirmed cases (41,667 total), 107 more hospitalized (3,075) due to the virus and 12 more deaths (707) attributable to the virus or co-morbidity.

From Our 42nd District Delegate to the VA House of Delegates – Kathy Tran - The 2021 legislative session starts virtually on 13 January. Delegate Tran invites all of us to share feedback about priorities for our community. If you have input, email her at or call her office at 804/698-1042.

Directory Deliverers Needed – Thanks to those who have volunteered, but need two more to deliver to these routes:

          1) Harland, Wythe, Vienna, Dante and Barnack from Rolling Road down to Wythe

          2) Birmingham, Ontario from Birmingham to Springfield Village Drive.

We should get the 2021 Directories back mid-to-late January and break them into route packets to be delivered door-to-door (without contact with recipients) as the weather and weather forecast permit. The directories will be left just inside storm doors, on benches, chairs or tables near front door, but where the wind and rain/snow can’t get to them. Each route has 30 or less to deliver and should take less than an hour.

If your new neighbors moved into the village after 1 November 2020, we’d like to provide them a free copy of the directory and no-cost membership in our civic association for the rest of this fiscal year (1 October 2020 – 30 September 2021). Just let me know whether you want to give them the directory to them or should I.

If you did not join or renew your membership, we’ll have extra directories available for $10.00 each – and – that comes with free membership in our CAWSV for the rest of this Fiscal Year. Other than $10, we’ll need your names, address, phone number and email address.

Snow Shovellers Needed – If you or your children will help shovel for pay or out of the goodness in your heart, please let me know so we can advertise for you and direct you to those in need. Right now we have two who will need help and I am certain there will be others. I know that many of you help your immediate neighbors and for that our community is thankful. Just want to line up those willing to help with those who will need help before the first real snowstorm.

Food Scrap Composting Pilot Program - Fairfax County has launched a Residential Food Scrap Drop-off Program intending to compost food scraps.

Essentially, if it’s edible, it’s compostable, as is soiled paper and cardboard food service items such as disposable plates, butcher paper, pizza boxes, napkins, and paper towels. Flowers and dead house plants are also acceptable. Food scraps delivered to the drop-off locations must not include contaminants such as plastic bags, pet waste, or food wrappers. Residents are encouraged to use compostable bags to line their container, to reduce some of the “yuck” factor. If you use plastic bags to collect food scraps - dispose of those bags as trash, rather than placing them in the compost carts.

The two drop-off locations are at the I-95 Landfill Complex and the I-66 Transfer Station; both locations are open from 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM, seven days a week.

County asked that we circulate this article, but I am not sure how practical these centralized collection points will be for residential use, but I do know that putting food scraps in compost piles in your own backyard is an invitation for rats. There are plenty of rodent-proof composting bins available for purchase.

Happy Birthdays – my son Glenn Cooley and his son Brendan James Cooley and my niece Kerry Cooley Sander and her daughter Fiona.

Would like to also include your joyous family news (birthday, anniversary, promotion, graduation or whatever you feel comfortable sharing). Celebratory news certainly adds to the “village” image we should want in the enews.

Stay safe and healthy.

John Cooley, CAWSV


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