Village News, 12/9/21

Dear Village Neighbor / Friend,

Lengthy report, but I hope you will find it useful.

1. Fairfax County Redistricting - boundaries of electoral districts have been redrawn to ensure proportional representation. It is required by law and takes place after every decennial (10 years) U.S. Census. New local electoral districts apply to both the 1) Board of Supervisors and 2) School Board. You can see the voting districts that are affected by clicking Static Map Gallery | GIS and Mapping Services ( – top row, middle map. Here are those changes. 5 of the 7 changes impact our Springfield District and one directly impacts our village:

  • Irving Voting District (827) moves from Springfield to Braddock
  • West Springfield (840) which is all on the east side of Rolling Road – Springfield to Lee
  • Saratoga (626) from Mount Vernon to Springfield
  • Compton (933) from Sully to Springfield
  • Penderbrook (730) from Providence to Springfield.
  • Buffalo Precinct (703), from Providence to Mason district
  • Woodburn (717) split - part stay with Providence other part to Mason.

The new districts must be certified by the Virginia attorney general, which could take up to 60 days. Members of the Board of Supervisors and School Board who are in office now will complete their terms, representing the new districts as constituted in the adopted ordinance. The new districts will be in effect for the next countywide election in 2023. 

Redistricting does not change school boundaries, nor does it draw new election districts for lawmakers in the Virginia General Assembly and U.S. Congress. That job belongs to The Supreme Court of Virginia.

2. Fire Hazards – it’s that time when we all want to sit beside our firepits and enjoy a smore or two, but please keep a few preventative measures in mind to ensure safety:

  • Leaves are very combustible. Clear an area around your firepit to keep jumping embers from igniting the leaves.
  • Have a shovel and a filled water bucket handy just in case your fire jumps.
  • Stay with the fire until it is completely out. Use the water from the bucket to make sure it and bedded embers are out and cold.
  • A fire’s bedded embers will stay hot enough to re-ignite for longer-than-expected periods. They can and often do re-ignite when exposed to the air and certainly when a breeze is blowing. Granted, a fire’s ashes do make good soil conditioner but can also start another fire. Before spreading, be sure they are cold to the touch.

3. No Community Cleanup in 2022 – county notified us to not expect a community cleanup next year. I appealed their decision but was denied. We will, however, conduct the community-wide yard sale and free-for-all (Sperrmüll) unless the situation gets worse. Other significant changes for 2022: 

  • no Memorial Picnic & Pool Party (nothing to do with the covid-19 or its variants). Pool will self-manage next swim season and will need time to be able to safely host such events. They do plan to host more social activities and will hopefully allow our CAWSV to co-host or at least support their efforts.
  • no chili cookoff - apparently, I scared off the competition for the chili contest. I have some on the stove right now if you want a sample. But still hoping we can still do the Halloween Party, more to follow via enews.

Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) have not yet published their SY2022 – 2023 calendar so you may notice those entries are not included in the next directory. Eventually, you’ll find the SY22/23 calendar at

4. Advertising in our Village Directory - Here are the ad rates for the 2022 directory:

  • Back Cover: $325
  • Inside Front Cover: $250
  • Inside Back Cover: $250
  • Full Page = $150
  • Half Page = $125

Steve at Printing Ideas can help with your ad if you need him. When folks ask me for a contractor or business recommendation, I direct them to those who advertised in our directory.

5. Dog Doo – here’s a letter from a concerned resident who frequently has to deal with dog feces left by dog walkers.

“Dear neighbor, why would you think it’s okay to leave your dog waste inside my yard waste container? Having a pet is/was your choice. If your pet does its business while on a walk - please take that feces home with you. Leaving it in my container is rude, unacceptable, and illegal. I have to take it and place it with trash. My container is for my personal use, and dog waste does not belong in there. Thank you.”

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Note: Republic Trash Services crews have left yard debris containers because dog doo bags, like in the picture were mixed in with yard waste. And while we are discussing dog doo – please don’t toss those bags down the storm water intakes that drain eventually into our drinking water sources.

6. Winterfest – WOW! Great turn out and a lot of fun had by all. Thanks to the Village West Pool Board for inviting all of us to join regardless of our pool membership status. Note – if you have good photos of the Winterfest, our Webmaster would love to post some to our website (West Springfield Village).

7. Teresa’s Gift-Wrapping Service – Teresa Weir (SVD) is again offering her help to wrap your gifts for very modest prices. If you provide the paper, boxes and tags, her prices are small gifts $2.00, medium $3.00 and large will be $4.00. Pick up and drop off services are also available for up to $5.00 depending on your location. Call or text Teresa at 703/582-7469. Instead, you may want to email her at See attached flyer.

8. Holiday Decorating Contest – Many of our homes are exceptionally well decorated. Each year we have a contest to award 1st – 3rd place winners of our Holiday Decorating Contest. We’ll need at least 10 judges (ideally families) to look at each and every home in the village (see directory map) from the evening of 16 December to the evening of 19 December and then submit your results 1st – 5th place to me on 20 December. Develop your own criteria for judging. I use theme, simplicity, use of props and lights and relevance to the holiday spirit. Again, judges have to see each village home to make a qualified decision. Jury is still out on Christmas Party and Caroling – more to follow.

9. For Sale - Dining Table, 4 side chairs, 2 armchairs, and 2 leaves, China Hutch (2 cabinet/3 drawers, 2 glass shelves), and Server that opens at top (1 drawer/bottom cabinet with shelf). $500.00 obo. China hutch is two pieces (top/bottom), for easier carrying. (10 pieces in total.). When purchased new the set was over $3000 dollars. Can still be purchased new over the internet from American Drew Cherry Grove collection but at a substantial price increase. Furniture is in very good condition with some light scratches. If you are interested in an early American Furniture set, you won’t be disappointed. Comes with table pad. Email me (Bob Lomax, with name and number and we can set up a time and day you can view the set Selling it because it no longer goes with our updated kitchen decor. $50000, obo.

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10. Phone & Computer Scams (cont) – Bob Havey, our Webmaster noticed that a couple scams were missing from the list in last week’s enews. One is the "Can you help me?" Or, one that says, "I need a favor." The sender is someone you know (at least the email address is) which makes you anxious to help. A current version says that the doctor told me the I have a nasty fracture and I need some help. It's the same thing and then a second email says "please get me a gift card, etc."  This one is bad because if you agree to get the gift card, you get a 3rd email telling you that they really wanted a bigger gift card. On the email, the "From" address looks real, but it changes if you hit “Reply”.

Another one making the rounds now is a phone call to tell one Bob’s customers that there was a $149.99 bad charge on his Amazon account. He let them have access to his computer and they allegedly were helping him "fix' the problem. When he entered the $149.99, there was an "error" and the number changed to 14,999.00. They claimed that they had made a mistake and had deposited $14,999.00 in his checking account and told him to withdraw that amount in cash and send it by UPS to someplace in Dallas. He had sent the package before he realized that he had been had. 

Another of Bob’s customers was notified that $10,000 had been deposited into her account by accident. Bob was able to answer the phone when they persistently called her wanting their money back. Bob told him that she was keeping the nonexistent $10K and that he would have to talk to her lawyer.

The point is that these guys come out of the woodwork and find new ways to pick people's pockets. Be warned and beware!

11. Neighborhood General Services, LLC Recommendation – Jason Henry (Edmonton Court) used Ismari Menjivar (703/477-3673) and his crew to dethatch and aerate his yard, pull encroaching English Ivy, clean his gutters, mulch leaves to condition his yard and then rake and bag the remaining yard waste. Jason thought Ismari’s free estimate was very reasonable and the quality of their work outstanding. Beyond services mentioned Ismari and his crew also cuts grass, plant, mulch, prune or remove bushes, overseed, power wash and general yard maintenance. You can see his website at

12. Calendar:

  • 22 December – Last, Separate Yard Debris Collection
  • 20 – 31 December - Student Holidays, Classes Resume 3 January 2022

Not sure yet if Republic will pick up Christmas trees during the first two weeks in January but will include once they declare. Stay safe good people!

John Cooley


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