Village News, 12/30/21

Dear Village Neighbor / Friend,

Happy New Year West Springfield Village! Hope we all can have a happy and virus-free New Year! I have family visiting so I’ll push this out a bit earlier than normal. If I missed your input, suggest we can run it out on our FaceBook Group.

1. Advertising in our Village Directory – Consider advertising your business or the one where you work in our next directory. Those ads help defray the cost of the directory. Here are the ad rates for the 2022 directory:

  • Back Cover - $325
  • Inside Front Cover - $250
  • Inside Back Cover - $250
  • Full Page - $150
  • Half Page - $125

If you have interest or questions, contact Steve at Printing Ideas ( He will help with your ad if you need him.

2. Directory Delivery – we’ll need a few more volunteers to help deliver the directory to CAWSV members door-to-door during January once Steve at Printing Ideas finishes the run. Time investment is 30 – 45 minutes tops and is a suitable service project for older kids. We need 5 more from the east side to take routes in that part of the village. Delivery will probably be mid to late January.

If you did not join our civic association, you can still purchase a copy of the directory for $10.00. That also comes with a free membership for the rest of this fiscal/membership year.

3. We’ll Need a New President – The election isn’t until next October, but chances are good that my wife and I move somewhere closer to the setting sun soon after she retires. I don’t want to leave the association in the lurch and think it wise to identify a replacement now to get her or him onboard in an advisory role until that October election.

There are no special qualifications; shoot – look at me. Do you need to be retired? NO! It ain’t hard nor time consuming. 20+ years ago, we committed ourselves to reducing the number of volunteers needed to run our organization and to do more with less time required from each. To that end, we have succeeded.

Do we need our CAWSV? Oh, hell yes, we do! We all benefit from the collective voice of our CAWSV, the VW Pool Membership and our PTAs. Remember when your cell phones would not work in your home? Thank the Village West Pool Board of Directors and to a much lesser degree your CAWSV.

And, who remembers the fear we parents had whenever our child’s bus driver tried to turn left from Rolling Road onto Barack Drive and to turn either way from Barnack back onto Rolling Road? Thank the RVES PTA President (Deb Staron) and your CAWSV Board of Directors and Jan Vaughan (VDOT Engineer) who must have grown tired of my nagging and simply set aside the warrants that we could not meet.

And that improved intersection at Rolling Road and Old Keene Mill Road was in part due to your CAWSV + Kenwood Oaks Neighborhood Association + Rhygate HOA + Winter Forest HOA. We met with VDOT several times to request that it be addressed before widening Rolling Road through our middle. VDOT said it couldn’t be done until we, your CAWSV measured it as did VDOT Engineer Jan Vaughan and voila’ there it is and no longer a bottleneck for what is expected to be more traffic on Rolling Road after it is widened.

Who remembers back when we had difficulty seeing oncoming traffic due to overgrown vegetation in the Rolling Road median while trying to turn into Rolling Road traffic? Here we need to thank all of you who joined or renewed your membership and paid your annual $10.00 dues allowing us to contract for more cuts during the growing season than the 1 or 2 cuts VDOT could accomplish.

Those dues also allow us to have a professionally managed website and a private FaceBook Group to help attract folks to our village and to communicate with each other.

So? You tell me - do we need the CAWSV?

We developed an annual planning calendar that may help you decide. Asking for a copy of that planning calendar does not commit you but ask that you don’t dismiss the notion out of hand, nor assume someone else will step forward. I will help the next President even from afar. I didn’t and still don’t want to simply live in a community, but now need to finish off this Fiscal Year and hand it off to you in a smooth transition.

4. Calendar:

  • 3 January                  FCPS Classes Resume
  • 17 January                Martin Luther King, Jr Birthday
  • 21-24 January         FCPS Student Holiday
  • 21 February            President’s Day / Student Holiday
  • 2 March                    Wednesday Collection of Yard Waste Begins Again                      
  • 4 March                    FCPS Student Holiday
  • 13 March                  Daylight Savings Time Begins

5. FCPS’s Holiday Gift Card Drive – Some of you contributed to this annual FCPD Gift Card Drive to child victims, witnesses to horrific violence and survivors who lost a loved one to homicide. The coordinator of this drive, Saly Fayez ( asked to express her appreciation and that of the families this drive supported. She said that the community support played an important part in making the holidays better and brighter for some deserving children. Gift cards were presented to over 100 children and teenagers this holiday season. Here is a thank you card presented by a child victim of abuse,

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Please celebrate safely. Happy New Year!

John Cooley


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