Village News, 12/2/21

Dear Village Neighbor / Friend,

1. Phone or Computer Scams - Springfield District Supervisor Pat Herrity posted on FaceBook an alert about brazen criminals targeting senior citizens. Here’s the link that may help you guard against their attempts by phone and / or by computer to take our money The Top 10 Financial Scams Targeting Seniors (

2. Winterfest – is a go! Hope to see you there this Saturday, 4 December from 1 to 5 PM (rain date is 12/5, 1 – 5 PM) at the Village West Pool. For more information, visit Home - Village West Pool.

3. Curbside Collection of Yard Debris – Ken & Tiffany Anderson (Quebec Court) wanted all to know that Republic is apparently limiting us to 10 paper leaf bags and have passed by homes with more than 10 curbside without picking up any. Would think they’d take 10 and leave the rest, but nope! For quite some time now, they will not pick up leaves in plastic bags. Say something to your neighbor if you see them using plastic bags.

Also note that Republic’s willingness to collect yard waste is “commendable” given that county authorized a suspension of separate yard waste collection and the collection of Christmas trees during the first two weeks of the new year. That suspension is due to various demands related to COVID and a growing labor shortage affecting the industry nationwide.

County also granted the option for commercial haulers to mix yard waste with household trash. So, I for one am glad that Republic is picking up yard waste on Wednesdays through 22 December even if they are imposing restrictions on what they’ll take and how much they will take. Suggestion - cooperate with your immediate neighbors by allowing them to put extra leaf bags curbside at your home, and for them to allow you to do the same when they aren’t putting any out or less than 10 bags.

Understand Republic rates are going up (again) for one or more of three reasons:

  • Environmental Recovery Fee – cost for use of the landfill and recycling.
  • Fuel Recovery Fee – cost of fuel goes up – expect it will be passed on to us consumers.
  • Administrative Fee – intended to help commercial trash haulers to recover costs associated with the administrative processes such as their highly efficient and effected customer service.

They have plenty of cover under the first two excuses, pardon me – reasons to raise our rates.

4. Sewer Lines (Last Word) – Our Webmaster, Bob Havey found a good article about what we should be doing to prevent clogs and to maintain our sewer lines, how to recognize a problem and, ways that a damaged line can be repaired. And now that is all on this smelly topic; carry on!

5. Free – Becky Duckworth (Barnack Drive) purchased a smaller tree and now has this one available for anyone who may want it. The lights do no work, but Becky simply added her own lights. Interested? Contact Becky at to coordinate when you can stop by to get it from her shed.

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6. Calendar:

  • 4 December – Winterfest at VW Pool from 1 – 5:00 PM
  • 22 December – Last, Separate Yard Debris Collection
  • 20 – 31 December - Student Holidays, Classes Resume 3 January 2022

Stay safe good people!

John Cooley



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