Village News, 12/16/21

Dear Village Neighbor / Friend,

1. Enews – Email Woes – each week, we dispatch the enews early afternoon on Thursdays. Have kicked it out a day early, but rarely do we miss a week or send it out on Friday. You may not be enthused about the weekly enews, but we need to sort out the issues before the next emergency occasion like when that child was found wandering in Rolling Road traffic or when another child failed to come home from school. Just when we think email is good to go, more issues surfaced, now primarily with and addresses.

2. Christmas Party is Cancelled – Holiday Decorating Contest – YES! Party – No! And, Caroling – No! We were negotiating to have a party and then Santa was kicked in the knee by Rudolph and had to have a total knee replacement. Santa is on the mend and Rudolph is on the grill. Holiday Decorating Contest – Many of our homes are exceptionally well decorated. Each year we have a contest to award 1st – 3rd place winners of this fun contest. We’ll need at least 10 judges (ideally families) to look at each home in the village (see directory map) from this evening (12/16) to the evening of 19 December and then submit your results 1st – 5th place to me on 20 December. Develop your own criteria for judging. I use theme, simplicity, use of props and lights and relevance to the holiday, seasonal spirit. Again, judges will need to see every village home to make a qualified decision.

3. Fairfax County Redistricting - too few of us spoke for or against County’s Board of Supervisors (BOS) voting (9 – 1) to approve a plan that had not been provided the public for comment. The BOS did have a Redistricting Advisory Committee (RAC) that recommended a plan, but it and others submitted by the public were ignored. In fact, that one nay vote was not allowed in the last-minute plan development. Again, Chairman Jeff McKay disregarded county residents’ input and that of the RAC. The adopted redistricting plan also ignored subdivision maps. If certified by the Virginia Attorney General, it will split West Springfield Village down the middle along Rolling Road as a boundary separating the east side of the village to be realigned with Lee District while the west side stays with the Springfield District.  Redistricting does not change school boundaries, nor does it draw new election districts for lawmakers in the Virginia General Assembly and U.S. Congress.

I have expressed my own displeasure with the lack of transparency in the way this happened. The BOS must solicit and incorporate public input if we are to retain a representative local government. And then I also wrote to Mark Herring (VA AG) asking him to not certify this redistricting plan and send them back to county redo it with public comment. Herring can be reached by email at

4. Advertising in our Village Directory - Here are the ad rates for the 2022 directory:

  • Back Cover - $325
  • Inside Front Cover - $250
  • Inside Back Cover - $250
  • Full Page - $150
  • Half Page - $125

Steve at Printing Ideas can help with your ad if you need him. When folks ask me for a contractor or business recommendation, I direct them to those who advertised in our directory.

5. For Sale - CAWSV Treasurer Nelson Ritchie ( has the items pictured below for sale. Each is in great condition and the prices are negotiable.

PetSafe 1-Piece Sliding Glass Door for Dogs and Cats (Purchase May 15, 2021) - $150 - Brand new, still in box, unopened.  Before I could install it, my sliding door broke and needed to be replaced.

Upgraded gym with different equipment:

  • Century Wavemaster XXL | Freestanding Punching Bag (Purchased 7/22/20) - $300 
  • FLYBIRD Weight Bench (Purchased 12/30/21) - $100 


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6. Teresa’s Gift-Wrapping Service – Teresa Weir (SVD) is again offering her help to wrap your gifts for very modest prices. If you provide the paper, boxes and tags, her prices are small gifts $2.00, medium $3.00 and large will be $4.00. Pick up and drop off services are also available for up to $5.00 depending on your location. Call or text Teresa at 703/582-7469. Instead, you may want to email her at See her flyer that was attached to last week’s enews.

7. Bulk Trash Collection – Harvey Lloyd (Landor Lane) called Republic Services to schedule a bulk pickup (mattress) and was informed that they no longer do bulk pickups in Fairfax County. Christmas Tree Removal – Republic has not posted their annual notification about collecting Christmas Trees in January. We should expect that notice closer to the end of the month. The schedule on their website is incorrect and has been for some time now.

8. Calendar:

  • 22 December – Last, Separate Yard Debris Collection
  • 20 – 31 December - Student Holidays, Classes Resume 3 January 2022

Stay safe.

John Cooley

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