Village News, 11/5/20

Dear Neighbor / Friend,

We now have 330 members. 20 members from outlying communities, plus several non-resident homeowners and two more who have moved from the village, but want to remain as members. We must be doing something right; right?

Yes, they can join anytime during the fiscal year, but we are now working on the next directory. If they want to be listed, please advise them to get your dues and membership information in ASAP.

Directory Ads – speaking about the next directory, here is the price list for ads in our FY21 Community Directory:

  • Back cover - $300
  • Inside front/back cover - $250
  • Full page ad - $150
  • Half page ad - $100
  • Quarter page ad - $75

If your business or the one where you work want to advertise, reserve a spot by contacting Steve at Printing Idea, Inc (, 703/591-1708, Hustle if you want the back cover ad – it goes quickly!

Glass Recycling Success - In August, the City of Alexandria was desperate for sand for sandbags. They used 47 tons of sand made from glass that had been placed in the purple bins for recycling.

  • 14,534,000 pounds of glass collected since March 2019, region-wide
  • 5,502,000 pounds of glass collected in 2020 in Fairfax County alone
  • 1,126,000 pounds of crushed glass used for construction projects
  • 9,821,000 pounds used for glass-to-glass recycling

Curbside Leaves Collections – Consider working with your immediate neighbors to pile your leaves in one place and then share the costs for Mike McCarron’s Image Works Landscaping to come vacuum up the leaves. Mike can blow the leaves to the curb or can bag them to leave on the curb for your trash service to collect or simply vacuum the piles that you put curbside. Mike put together another video ( that shows both bagging and the vac truck in action in case you only want to do a single house and not cooperate as a group.

Image Works has well served our village by maintaining the Rolling Road median and the area around the village sign. Mike is also the son of a village neighbor, Sheila McCarron.

Contact Mike at, or 703/250-7440 and visit his website at

Holiday Candles Sale – from Shelly Fowler - Just a reminder of my Driveway setup this Saturday of Holiday Candles for sale. 8129 Edmonton Court. COME ON BY!

Scouting for Food Drive – we have two groups involved in this food drive in support of ECHO (Ecumenical Community Helping Others):

          1. Scout Troop 1501 will be conducting our annual Scouting for Food drive as a drop off event. Please bring your donations to Messiah Methodist Church (6215 Rolling Rd, West Springfield, VA) from 9:00 AM – 12:00 noon on Saturday, 14 November. The troop will collect all the donated food and deliver it to ECHO for distribution to needy residents in the local area. This will be a contactless drop off. No need to get out of your car, the masked scouts will happily do all the unloading. You may also drop off food at David Kirk’s 7910 Springfield Village Drive home before 14 November, and he will make sure it gets delivered. If you have any questions please contact David Kirk (, 703/451-1307).

          2. Pack 1545 and Girl Scout Troops 52010, 52099, and 1573 will be collecting food for their annual Scouting for Food Drive on Saturday, 14 November at the Rolling Valley Elementary School Parking lot from 9:00 AM – 12:00 noon. Food donations will go to ECHO, our local food bank. Please help our Cub and Girl Scouts to do their best by donating to their food collection.

          Food Items Requested:  Can Meat, Can Tomatoes, Muffin/Cornbread Mix, Can Fruit, Can Vegetables, Tortillas, Instant Potatoes, Jelly, Crackers, Jello/Pudding Mix, Juice (family size), Tea/Coffee, Spaghetti Sauce, Bag (Dry) Beans, Pancake Syrup, Margarine, Sliced Bread and Salsa

          Personal Care Items Requested:  Shaving Cream, Razors, Liquid Dishwashing Detergent, Band Aids, Deodorant, Hand or Body Lotion, OTC Pain/Flu/Cold Meds for Children/Adults and Baby Wipes.

Every year the scouts deliver thousands of pounds of food to ECHO for distribution for the Thanksgiving Holiday and beyond. This year the need is even greater. Please consider donating this year to help everyone in our local community have a happy holiday.

Covig-19 Update – 23, 533 confirmed cases, 2,342 hospitalized, 620 deaths in Fairfax County. That came from this single source website that also has links to the scientists and health organizations:

FaceBook Group – keep up with what’s happening in the village including emergency alerts. Our moderator, Wendi Dorey made our FaceBook group closed so as to prevent unwanted solicitations and breach of subscribers’ privacy. She also instituted rules for us to be kind and courteous, to prevent hate speech or bullying, abusive language and to prevent promotions or spam and for us all to respect everyone's privacy.

Stay safe, happy and healthy.

John Cooley, CAWSV


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