Village News, 1/13/22

Dear Village Neighbor / Friend,

Please let me ( know if this went to your junk or suspected spam folders. We think the problem is fixed but you’ll know first.

1. Winter Weather – Forecast calls for rain and snow Sunday evening to Monday morning. The rain and snow will change to all rain overnight. Some sleet or freezing rain possible. Low 29F. ENE winds shifting to S at 15 to 25 mph. Higher wind gusts possible. Chance of precipitation 100%. Snow accumulating 1 to 3 inches.

Could be treacherous driving, plan accordingly. Park in your driveway and not under trees that were damaged in the last snowstorm.

2. Scam Alert - Dick & Jule Ann Cheslock reported that someone apparently hacked into a village resident’s e-mail account and sent an email (subject: “Surgery”). You might have also received the following message:

“I slipped while walking and fell. Next thing I knew, I had broken my right femur, it required surgery.”

Thinking it might be legitimate, Jule Ann then replied expressing concern and asking for more information.  When she got the response back, she knew it was a scam. 

“I'm still in the hospital. Only one person is allowed to visit, with Covid protocols, and only during official visiting hours. I am having a hip replacement surgery tomorrow. Please, I was going to ask if you could help pick up a Google Play gift card from any store or Pharmacy. Today is my niece's birthday. Let me know if you can purchase the card today or tomorrow as I need to focus on my surgery tomorrow.”

This is very similar to the one we had in the village a few months ago. Be warned and beware!

3. Redistricting - Write if You Find Work – Many of you on the eastern side of Rolling Road have received notice from county that your property was transferred from Springfield Magisterial District to Lee District. If you follow NextDoor, you also have seen a significant amount of confusion about what caused this what it means to us. Redistricting does not change school or school pyramid boundaries, nor does it draw new election districts for lawmakers in the Virginia General Assembly or the U.S. Congress.

The electoral boundaries were redrawn as required by law after every decennial (10 years) U.S. Census. New local electoral districts apply to both the 1) Board of Supervisors and 2) School Board. You can see the voting districts that are affected by clicking Static Map Gallery | GIS and Mapping Services ( – top row, middle map.

The new boundaries cuts right through our village middle using Rolling Road to divide much like the Virginia Senatorial District boundary. Will this affect us as a civic association? It should not. Does this mean that our children from the east side will transfer from WSHS to John R. Lewis High School? No.

4. Dogs Running Loose – We had two dogs running loose earlier this week. Thankfully, they were not aggressive, but the real story here is how quickly the word spread about the location of the escape artists. Shortly after the alarm was sounded, the dogs were reunited with their owners. Thanks to all who used our Facebook Group to get the word out quickly. If you aren’t in that closed group, suggest you log in to Facebook and then search for West Springfield Village and once there ask to join. Asking is a formality only to keep the group free of unsolicited garbage. I am very thankful to Wendi Dorey (our Moderator) for starting and managing this highly effective communications medium.

By the way – the lady who owns one of the dogs and was watching the other apologizes and expresses thanks for our community involvement. 

5. Handyman Extraordinaire – Haidar Sadiq, 703/589-3474, Many of you know him and can attest to the quality of his work and his competitive pricing. He is licensed, plus a licensed HVAC serviceman. He is a wizard with electrical, plumbing and practically all jobs in/around a home. This is the same man who managed to keep me and Suzanne McCormick alive while in Kurdistan. 

6. Random Acts of Kindness - Terrence Brown also wanted to say a big thank you to Lou Rosen for clearing the walks and drives on Dante Court and for helping a neighbor get his stuck car out of the middle of the cul-de-sac.

We’ll have more opportunities to help others this holiday weekend. If you have youngsters who are willing to help for pay or simple goodwill – please post their contact information on our Facebook Group page and send to our webmaster to post to our website under “Resources” and then “Neighborhood Chores”.

7. Calendar:

  • 17 January                Martin Luther King, Jr Birthday
  • 21-24 January         FCPS Student Holiday
  • 21 February            President’s Day / Student Holiday
  • 2 March                    Wednesday Collection of Yard Waste Begins Again                      
  • 4 March                    FCPS Student Holiday
  • 13 March                  Daylight Savings Time Begins

8. Happy Birthday! – Mrs. Lois Hoffmann (Landor Lane) will soon celebrate her 39th birthday or is it her 29th? John? 

I got a good laugh out of this and hope it also makes you smile:  Don’t blame others for the road you’re on - it’s your own asphalt.

Stay safe.

John Cooley



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