Village News, 11/24/21

Dear Village Neighbor / Friend,

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you don’t mind, but I’ll send this out a day early due to tomorrow’s family celebration and for the first article below. Thanks to all who replied to last week’s enews. I reviewed those responses to see if any email provider may be an issue but could not see any. So, we can assume that, at least from the sender side – we’re good! How ‘bout your side?

1. Holiday Trash Collection Service – Republic’s website reports that our household trash collection will be moved from tomorrow, Thursday to Friday, 26 November. Please do verify for yourself at Trash Pickup Schedule & Local Service Information | Republic Services. Heads up - Separate yard waste collection on Wednesdays normally ends after the collection on Wednesday, just before Christmas Eve. After that we can put smaller amounts in with our household trash until 2 March when separate collection restarts.

2. Highway Use Tax – this flew in under the radar, but effective 1 July 2020, the Commonwealth Transportation Fund (CTF) started charging an annual highway use fee on any motor vehicle registered in the Commonwealth that is an alternative fuel vehicle, an electric motor vehicle, or a fuel-efficient vehicle. Gas/Fuel tax had been the CTF’s primary funding source, but as fuel efficiency improved and hybrids plus electric vehicles became more popular, another revenue source became “necessary”. I just re-registered my wife’s 2012 Prius and paid an extra $57.33 highway use tax. Can you imagine a Gulf Coast or eastern seaboard hurricane evacuation when even more vehicles on the evacuation route require charging before and during the evacuation?

3. Beware Door-to-Door Solicitors – more on this topic from Lauren Fasceski (Vancouver) - we should never accept an offer from people who go door-to-door offering roof inspections or gutter cleaning etc. Or the ones who leave those flyers saying, "We're doing XYZ in your neighborhood tomorrow." Those are almost always scams or at least slightly unethical marketing schemes. Instead, get recommendations from people you know or use a trusted resource like Consumer's Checkbook to find good companies. 

Here's an article from the Better Business Bureau specifically about scams involving "free roof inspections":  

This article is more related to what to watch out for after a storm, but the point about being wary of anyone going door-to-door is a good one

4. More on Sewer Lines – (continued) last week we mentioned another village sewer line had collapsed. Most of our sewer lines are over 50+ years old and now bumping up against the normal life expectancy of cast iron sewer pipes (50 – 65 years). So, it’s just a matter of time before those of us with the original sewer lines also have problems. Come to find out that same homeowner did have sewer line insurance and is now in the process of step-by-step repair, but with one of the plumbing services they (the insurance) want to use. His and my sewer line insurance plan is with HomeServe that had been offered by Dominion Energy. It is doubtful that any homeowner’s policy will cover the cost of repair inside our homes, but it might be worth your time to find out before you have damage.

The villager does want to retract his recommendation for Plumbing Company - Home Service Doctors. And, Bruce Slawtar (Vancouver) wanted to add to this story:

“After pipe replacements every 4 or 5 years, 20 years ago my son-in-law (a zoning officer for the county) suggested a recently developed (back then) technology for repairing residential sewer pipes.  The price was a little more than the typical dig and replacement drill -- but it was well worth it.  It involved a specialized subcontractor blowing in a light ceramic sleeve from the basement toilet all the way out to the public sewer. The concept is like putting a cast on an arm, but it's all internal to the owner's sewer pipes. It's worked great all these years (knock on wood). 

Don't ask me the subcontractor who did it (they were Richmond-based), but the contract was worked through either Able Plumbing or My Plumber. Evidently the technology was developed for homes in California, which experiences routine earthquakes.”

Bruce suggests we call around to the local plumbers and describe the technique, since he no longer has the contracts or contact information.

5. Calendar:

  • 24, 25 & 26 November – Student Holidays
  • 25 November – Thanksgiving Day
  • 4 December – Winterfest at VW Pool from 1 – 5:00 PM
  • 22 December – Last, Separate Yard Debris Collection

6. Winterfest – 4 December from 1 to 5 PM (rain date is 12/5, 1 – 5 PM) at the Village West Pool. Parents can shop from a variety of handicraft and other vendors while kids enjoy free activities including building their own gingerbread house, making s'mores, a winter scavenger hunt, and winter-themed photo opportunities. Refreshments for sale will include hot cider, sodas, and a hot chocolate and coffee bar. We will be raffling off gift cards and other items (raffle tickets $1; need not be present to win). Vendor spaces are available for $20, or you can donate a comparably priced item for our raffle and get some advance publicity for your business. For questions or to reserve a vendor space, email the pool's socials chair, Emily Stanton, at Hope to see you there!

7. Contractor Recommendation – received from Mark Gregris (Edmonton Court) and in his own words:

“I want to make the highest recommendation of R&R Tree Service. We recently had them take down a very large Oak Tree (60 feet) located very close to our house. The R&R team came and did a free estimate and came to take down the tree following Ms. Utilities marking all utilities at our home the R&R team showed up early removed the tree with the utmost care and cleaned up at the lowest possible price. They offer a 15% discount with the coupon from the clipper magazine. They also offer Military discount and cash discount if you ask.”

8. Plastic Lawn & Leaf Bagsfrom CAWSV Vice President Bernie Koehle - None of the trash services will collect lawn/yard debris in plastic bags. You should know that given all the discussion we have had on the topic, but please tell your neighbors who are still putting out plastic bags and probably wondering why they aren’t being collected…

9. Nuisance Ads - I’d love to meet the marketing genius who thought it a good marketing strategy to put ads in front of or in the middle of a video news clip. I’ve never been motivated to buy TP because those bear ads that too often are sandwiched in between segments of a want-to-see video. But one ad did catch my attention and that was to pay $6.99 to stop the ads. That might have been just those ads associated with the game I was playing online. Still, I wonder the effectiveness of annoyance ads. None for me!

Thanks to all who contributed to this enews edition. Request all do the same. Might be a good time for a leftover turkey recipe.

Stay safe good people and again Happy Thanksgiving!

John Cooley

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