Village News, 10/7/21

Dear Village Neighbor / Friend,

I’d love to meet the marketing genius who thought it a good strategy to put ads in front of or in the middle of a video news clip. I’ve never been motivated to go buy TP because those bear ads were sandwiched in between segments of a want-to-see video. But one ad did catch my attention and that was to pay $6.99 to stop the ads. That might have been just those ads associated with the game I was playing online. Still, I wonder the effectiveness of annoyance ads. No value added for me!

1. CAWSV Membership – we are 250 strong and looking for at least another 100 to fund our operation. Please let me know if you get new neighbors or did get new ones since 1 August. Thanks to each of you in that current membership group. Hope to see you next Thursday evening for our village meeting.

2. Crime in the Village – A pickup truck was stolen off one of our village streets not long after midnight last weekend. Granted, the owner mistakenly left the keys in the vehicle. Even so, this was a brazen invasion of our community. Suggest all of us review our security practices to include some of the tips that came in from Louise Calise concerning how electronic technology has emboldened certain criminals. Here’s a Reader’s Digest summary:

  • Do not leave your vehicle registration, insurance cards or remote garage door opener in your car left in long-term parking.
  • Mounted GPS is one of the things often stolen from parked cars at sporting or entertainment events along with garage door remote control and money.  Criminals will know when the event will end and can use the GPS to find “home” and your garage door remote to get into your home. Don’t put your home address into the GPS, but instead use a nearby address (like a nearby store or gas station).
  • Change how you list names on your cell phone. Thief took a handbag containing the victim’s cell phone, credit cards and wallet. Victim called home from another phone to tell her husband what had happened. He told her that he had received a test from her cell phone asking for the PIN to their bank account. Not knowing what had happened, he texted the PIN back to who he thought to be his wife. Apparently, she had stored husband’s phone number under “Hubby”. Another lesson learned: Confirm by calling back before texting a response.
  • While at a mall, a lady had her wallet stolen. She reported it to the store personnel. Back at home, she received a phone call from the Mall Security to say that they had her wallet. She immediately went to pick up her wallet, only to be told by Mall Security that they had not called her. By the time she returned home again, her house had been burglarized.

3. OKTOBERFEST – (Food, Beer/Wine, Games, Prizes, Photo Props, Music, Raffles) – all at the Village West Pool, Saturday, 9 October 9 from 12:00 noon to 6:00 PM (rain date 10 October, same time). This event is open to all, so invite your friends and neighbors! For questions or ticketing assistance, contact

Get your Oktoberfest tickets now! For more details and to purchase tickets, go to the Village West Pool website, This will be a super-fun family event that raises money for the pool... to be used for additional chairs and tables, and shade for the baby pool. Presale items are available through the website until noon on Friday, 8 October. Even if you can’t come, you can still enter raffles or just donate!

What's in store:

  • FOOD/SNACKS/BEER/WINE - Bratwurst (regular & veggie) - Hot Dogs - Lots of Side Dishes - German-themed Desserts - Pretzels - Popcorn - Beer - Wine - Soda
  • GAMES & ACTIVITIES - Corn Hole - Yard Jenga - Throw Throw Burrito - Coloring - Temp Tattoos - Make a Corn Husk Doll - and more!
  • CONTESTS - Win Prizes! - Stein Hoist - Yodelling - Sausage Toss
  • RAFFLES – Winner Need Not be Present to Win. Put your raffle ticket(s) in the jar next to the prize you want to win! Prizes include:
  • Pool-related prizes

Gift card for 10 pool concession items

Two passes for a child under 16 to be able to stay in the pool during one 15-minute adult swim (3 prizes)

Village West Vikings Swim Team Membership for 2022 Swim Season

Village West Little Vikings Learn to Swim Lesson Program for 2022 Swim Season

Village West Pavillion Rental (includes 10 pool passes)

Picnic bag with catered picnic lunch at Village West Pool (includes guest passes) for up to 6 people

  • Gift cards

Austin Grill: $25

Out of the Bubble Bakery: $25

Total Wine: $25

BGR: $25

Chuy's: Meal for Two (does not include gratuity or alcohol)

Aldi: $50

Scout Store: $50

Outback Steakhouse (Outback, Bonefish, Carrabba's or Flemmings): $50

IHOP: $25

Burger King: $25

Milanos: Meal for Two

Glory Days: $25 (two prizes)

Springfield Butcher: $50 (two prizes)

Maggianos: $25 (four prizes)

Rice & Spice: $25 (four prizes)

  • Gift baskets

Nalls Produce Gift Basket – Jams, Preserves, Gift Card

German Beer and Treat Basket

Usborne Book Basket

ThinkFun Game Basket

Wine Holder with four bottles of wine

  • Experiences

Weekend Rustic Cabin Rental at Deep Creek Lake

Try Scuba Course for Two (two prizes)

CPR Course (four prizes)

Sailing Trip on Chesapeake, includes food & beverages

Can't come to the event? Email us at and we'll put your entries in for you! On the presale ticketing page, you can:

  • Get the discounted presale price for the full meal package (includes food, games, entry + one raffle ticket)
  • Purchase an entry ticket (no food, includes one raffle ticket)
  • Purchase extra raffle tickets at a presale discount
  • Donate to the pool!

This event is open to all, so invite your friends and neighbors! For questions or ticketing assistance, contact

4. Cutting Another’s Tree/Shrub or Bush – It is reasonable expectation that we trim our bushes, shrubs, and trees to keep the sidewalk free from obstruction and that we also maintain that area (verge) between the sidewalk and curb and, keep the gutter splash clear of weeds and debris that may slow the flow of stormwater to Storm Water Drain (SWD) intakes. Those are reasonable expectations, but someone may have crossed the line of civility by taking it upon themselves to cut back a bush, tree or shrub that belonged to a neighbor without consent. Granted, you can prune a neighbor’s tree, bush or shrub that hangs out over your property, but only if you don’t destroy the tree or bush or shrub with the cutting. VDOT can and will cut any impedance over a sidewalk with or without homeowner permission, but surely you or I would first want to discuss your intentions with your neighbor.

5. NoVa RAFT (Resettling Afghan Families Together) - is now accepting donations of gently used cell phones, laptops and televisions that meet the specific criteria listed on our donation form. Rachel Swann, a high school student at West Springfield, is on board to spearhead a collection event. Volunteers will test each device to ensure it is in working condition as they receive them from donors. Pending approval from her club sponsor, a WSHS student group will host a collection event hopefully next week. Here’s that electronics donation form. Questions? Contact Ruth Lapointe, 8018 Springfield Village Drive,, 571/212-1883 (cell).

6. Membership Meeting – Next Thursday, 14 October starting at 7:30 PM in the Library at Rolling Valley Elementary School. We will vote to 1) Ratify the FY21 Audit Report, 2) pass a FY22 Budget Proposal with markups if/as needed and 3) elect new Board of Directors (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer).

7. Computer Corner – from Bob Havey of D2D Computer Services - To add to Dick Cheslock’s comment from last week:  I had a call from a customer who had received an email apparently from Yahoo threatening to “terminate” her email account if she did not click a “verify” button.  She had either listened when I said not to respond to such an email, or her natural skepticism kicked in.  We examined the email that turned out to be from an “” address.  Another bogus email.

If you receive an email asking you to “click here”, the first clue is always the “From” address.  Check to see that it come from where the body of the message says it’s from.  If there is any question, call me and I will help you sort it out (Bob Havey – 703/569-8195).

8. Calendar:

9. Fairfax County Water Authority Bills – Many had substantial increases in water / sewer bills. Mine jumped by about 50%. Knowing our winter consumption had been overcharged, and our current consumption had not increased, I asked for an explanation. Here’s the response:

  • The billing increase is due to your winter quarter consumption changing. Residential customers are billed for use of the sanitary sewer system based on water consumption during the current billing period or the preceding winter quarter billing period, whichever is lower. Please see the link below for additional information on how accounts are billed
  • If you need to reach us, we are available Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 6:00pm by calling the Customer Service Department on 703/698-5800 or email us at I still don’t know if they used the overcharged consumption rate for the last winter or did they use the corrected amount but did receive a lecture from a young CSR about my wife and I using varying amounts of water for showering (how did they know?).

10. For Sale - Six dining room chairs from Crate & Barrel. Excellent condition. Black wood frame and wicker seat. A somewhat similar chair sells for $349.00 currently at Crate & Barrel: Selling all six chairs for $450.00. If interested, please contact Cindy Stark at

11. KONA News, Events and Education – we share our news with neighboring communities and they share theirs with us. The following is from today’s Kenwood Oaks Neighborhood Association (KONA) e-newsletter:

  • "Eat to the Beat" @ Rolling Valley Elementary School event, Saturday, October 23; 12:00-3:00 PM. Join the Rolling Valley Elementary School PTA for outdoor fun including food trucks, live music and more! Featured food trucks are Chix N Stix, Wagon Wheel and Kona Ice, and the North Illinois Street Band will play classic rock covers that will have you singing along.  Bring a chair or picnic blanket and watch while you eat! (Kona Ice and the band are from 12-2 PM) 
  • Support Girl Scout Gold Award - Neighbor Mackenzie Nordai is in the process of completing her Girl Scout Gold Award. Her take-action project consisted of her leading a group of volunteers through our neighborhood and another neighborhood adjacent to the Hidden Pond Nature Center labeling the stormwater drains. She did this in correlation with the Northern Virginia Soil and Water Conservation District. Part of her Gold Award involves her further educating the public about her topic, Nonpoint Source Pollution. You can learn more here

12. Happy Birthday! Bob Ray reports that his beautiful wife of 32+ years - Carol Ray celebrated her “29th” Birthday on 5 October. Bob reports that after doing the math, he also is a bit confused. Note to Bob - let it go Brother and simply celebrate her 29th again and again!

Stay safe and enjoy this cooler weather! Some leaves are falling; won’t be long now.

John Cooley

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