Village News, 10/22/20

Dear Village Neighbor / Friend,

Thanks again for joining or renewing your membership in our civic association. Right now, we are 60 short of our 350 objective, but inching our way to victory.

New Neighbors? – Do you have new neighbors who will also benefit from our civic association? Let me know and I’ll will deliver the latest hard-copy newsletter with a copy of the 2020 Community Directory to you if you want to deliver to them or I will leave it at their door – your call.

Voting 2020 – registered Fairfax County voters can vote early (no application needed) at any early voting site. You can see the hours and times of all early voting locations here. The closest to us is at the West Springfield Government Center at 6140 Rolling Road. The schedule for that satellite voting site is Monday thru Friday: 1:00 PM - 7:00 PM and Saturday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM, 14 – 31 October:

You may drop off your completed mailed absentee ballot there or at any location during early voting hours. Ballot drop-off boxes are located outside the voting room. Curbside voting is available at every early voting location for people 65 or older or with a physical disability. Curbside voting doesn’t put you at the front of the line, though. Curbside voters should expect to wait. The last day to vote early is Saturday, 31 October at 5:00 PM.

Curbside Leaves Collections – many of you have asked if we can arrange to have our leaves vacuumed curbside into a truck. I know that at least one commercial service provides such service, but now another offers to 1) vacuum your leaves that you pile curbside or 2) they will blow your leaves from your property to the curb and then vacuum them. It is easy to recommend Mike McCarron’s Image Works Landscaping since he serves our village by maintaining the Rolling Road median and the area around the village sign Mike is also the son of a village neighbor, Sheila McCarron.

You can look at this video to get an idea of the service - So you can ask him to for a quote to vacuum up leaves that you pile at the curb – or ask them for a quote to rake and blow the leaves to the curb and then vacuum. He will provide free estimates.

Contact Mike at, or 703/250-7440 and visit his website at

No Ban Yet on Plastic Lawn & Leaf Bags – County Board of Supervisors will receive a presentation on the ban at next week’s environmental committee meeting on 27 October. You can watch the meeting and view the agenda items here.

COVID-19 Update – Virginia had 990 new cases just yesterday (1.6% of new cases in the USA). The information page on FaceBook is great single source with links to the scientists and health organizations:

An Offer to Help+ – We have two neighborhood ladies volunteer to make life easier by raking leaves or shoveling snow for elderly in the neighborhood who cannot do it themselves or afford to pay a lawn company. If you also are willing to help others or if you need help, please let me know.

Neighborhood Food Drop – Excellent food and very convenient when all we do is order online and show up at the drop off time and collect our order. Next one is Jeremy Barber’s The Garden that was moved to 29 October. Find out the details at our West Springfield Village FaceBook Group - look for Jenna Barron’s post. If you aren’t in that group, you ought to be.

Some have said they don’t do social media and I admit that that was me not long ago. But you don’t have to post or respond to posts to see what is happening in the village and to receive emergency alerts. Our moderator, Wendi Dorey made our FaceBook group closed so as to prevent unwanted solicitations and breach of subscribers’ privacy. She also instituted rules for us to be kind and courteous, to prevent hate speech or bullying, abusive language and to prevent promotions or spam and for us all to respect everyone's privacy

Photocopying at a Fair Price – Ken Barber runs Arrow Technologies at 7655 Fullerton Road, Suite F in Springfield 22153. Their costs are a fraction of the costs of more commonly used services. Arrow Tech is fast and the product is excellent. He just did 375 pages with stapling for 4 ½ cents per page or $16.88 for the job. Had I done it elsewhere it would have cost our association $45.00 plus stapling costs. Ken said we would be happy to support your photocopying needs (PTA, church, athletic group, scout troops or even those of your family). He does have different pricing guides, but I assure you it will be less than if you did it at those other places. Visit him at his office or call him or his staff at 703/866-2566 or email him at

Halloween - Read Fairfax County's guidelines here. Parents, please factor Covig-19 into your children’s safety and to consider also the safety of those providing tricks or treats. If you intend to give treats to the kids, please do so in as safe a manner as possible. Leave a porch or front light on as the signal that you want to see the youngsters and have treats for them. If no front light on – walk on by kids. 

Seamus O’Connor had suggested a parade in lieu of trick or treating. If that is of interest to you and you are willing to help plan and control it, please contact Seamus at

The House of Ruth - a domestic violence shelter in DC is in need for feminine products, toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash, diapers, wipes, and either books or activity kits for kids. Laura Rozier and her daughter, Emily are putting together reusable tote bags and filling them with those necessities. They are asking for our generosity to either sponsor a bag ($20.00) or donate new items as described above. If you are willing to donate items or $20.00, please contact Laura at to arrange for donation, pickup or dropping off items.

I am in for $20.00 and challenge you to follow suit, if you can.

Girl Scout Fall Product Sales thru 11/8 - You may not realize it, but every year Girl Scouts also do a fall product sale which includes candy, nuts and magazines (for new or to renew subscriptions). A portion of the proceeds helps fund Troop activities Although Rolling Valley Elementary School Junior Troop (grade level 4 and 5) are doing virtual meetings, there are still costs (i.e. badges, supplies, etc), and they have started doing in person events in accordance with Girl Scout COVID guidelines. Please support the Junior Troop by purchasing items from Morgan Gregris using one or both of the links below. If you have questions please contact Jessica Gregris by email at

For Candy and Nuts click on this link Select - Girl Scouts. For Magazines, click on this one Home - Girl Scouts.

Thanks – a short while back, we included a request for child car seat to support a single mother who was being helped by Wayne “Deacon” Kriebel and his church. Wayne reported that Lee Fineman and Ali Smith donated three seats, two of which had still had the rear-facing base attachment. Wayne wanted to acknowledge Lee and Ali’s generosity.

Happy Birthday!

  • Deb Bunyea celebrated her 29th birthday last weekend.
  • Marin Henry celebrated her 21st birthday last Sunday and is still celebrating daring bartenders to card her.

Happy Anniversary! Suzanne McCormick and her husband – earlier this week.

I admit that I switched from AC to heat in our home and considered switching back with yesterday’s temperatures. Ha! Stay safe, happy and healthy.

John Cooley, CAWSV




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