Village News, 10/14/21

Dear Neighbor / Friend,

Come join us for tonight’s Village meeting, Thursday, 14 October at 7:30 PM in the Library at Rolling Valley Elementary School. FCPS Policy - We must wear a facemask while in the school. We’ll vote to 1) Ratify FY21 Audit Report, 2) pass a FY22 Budget Proposal with markups if/as needed and 3) elect new Board of Directors. You will not be ambushed or guilted into nominating or volunteering yourself. We’ll have time afterwards to socialize, come join us!

1. CAWSV Membership – We’re 70 short of our funding objective and 158 short of our goal that all join and participate even if that participation is limited to just paying dues. Thank you for your membership.

2. Village Security - Last week we included Louise Calise’s report about how electronic technology has emboldened certain criminals. We just had another example where GPS was apparently used to set a meeting location for a quick exchange of “stuff” for money or a pickup. The following may fall under that category:

Two cars pulled up curbside on Barnack Drive. Both were 4-door sedans, new model, one was black – the other dark red or burgundy. Vehicle drivers were texting. Then, two kids walked along Barnack to link up with them. Both kids wore blue surgical masks, one was a teenage boy with dark hair wearing black Addidas pants w/white stripes down the side and a white t-shirt. One kid got in one car; the other kid got in the other car and both cars drove off.

Maybe it was completely innocent, but the kids were school-age, and it was a school night – too late to be out after midnight. Maybe they had been canvassing our neighborhood and were picked up after they had completed their search. Who knows? But, if you haven’t tightened your personal, family and property security – recommend you do so if for no other reason than to keep from being that victim who should have, could have, but didn’t. Put the police non-emergency number (703/691-2131) in your cell and home phones. Stay vigilant.

3. Computer Corner: October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month; thanks to our resident computer whisperer, Bob Havey of D2D Computer Services for these reports:

  • In response to my enews comment last week John Hoffmann suggested that a more reliable way of checking where an email is from is to “Reply All” and check the reply address.  His contention was that “Reply All” was more reliable than a plain “Reply” and that the “From” address on the incoming email can look quite authentic. Being a skeptic, I tested his theory. I tested an email that the customer forwarded to me as 2 attachments.  The first attachment was so flaky (splitting a $7.5 million inheritance) that I would not have even checked the email if I didn’t need something to test.  Sure enough, Reply All revealed the sender and the forwarder.  Reply only revealed the sender.  I think the point is that Reply All will reveal any history associated with the email.  The second was from his state treasurer’s office and seemed legitimate.  My advice was still not to click any links in the email and if he was interested, to enter the links in a browser manually and when he got to the web page to check that the URL in the address block still had the “.gov” extension.
  • Because of some updates to the underlying software, I have to make a lot of changes to the website.  If anyone wants to suggest changes this would be a good time to speak up.  I will keep things where they are if my new “theme” will allow it, but some things may have to be moved to be menu items.  I am also considering a panel above the enews for announcements.  Announcements can be from the Civic Association, VW pool, either of the elementary school PTAs, etc., but someone will have to let me know that there is an event to be announced.

4. Calendar:

  • 14 October (tonight) – Village Meeting, 7:30 PM
  • 23 October – RVES PTA “Eat to the Beat” – see the PTA’s flyer on our FaceBook Group
  • 1 November – end of the FY22 CAWSV membership drive – will you be in?
  • 2 November – Election Day
  • 7 November – daylight savings time ends

5. NoVa RAFT (Resettling Afghan Families Together) - is now accepting donations of gently used cell phones, laptops and televisions that meet the specific criteria listed on our donation form. Rachel Swann, a high school student at West Springfield, is on board to spearhead a collection event. Volunteers will test each device to ensure it is in working condition as they receive them from donors. Pending approval from her club sponsor, a WSHS student group will host a collection event hopefully next week. Here’s that electronics donation form. Questions? Contact Ruth Lapointe, 8018 Springfield Village Drive,, 571/212-1883 (cell).

6. For Sale - Six dining room chairs from Crate & Barrel. Excellent condition. Black wood frame and wicker seat. A somewhat similar chair sells for $349.00 currently at Crate & Barrel: Selling all six chairs for $450.00. If interested, please contact Cindy Stark at

A chair in a room

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A chair in a room

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7. Rafael - our Republic Trash truck driver for yard debris saw me loading a 72-gallon reusable mesh bags and asked me not to use them given his difficulty unloading the contents into his truck. “Use the trash or recycle toter” he said. He said he drives our area every Wednesday and seemed like a good man, but sorry Rafael – you’ll see those mesh bags a lot now that the leaves are falling.

Stay safe and enjoy this cooler weather!

John Cooley

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