Village News 06/13/2023

June 13, 2023


Not much news, but I wanted to get into the habit of sending these out more frequently. I did get a few responses for a Fall Yard Sale, so I will look into that


1.  Neighborhood Safety

2.  Request for daily cat care 

3.  Temporary Senior Community Center Location Secured

4.  Other nearby Concert Events in Fairfax County

5.  Calendar



1 – There was a news report of a house fire in Reston due to grease from a grill catching fire and dripping onto the patio, with the family was displaced because of it. I know I like to leave my grill alone for a bit to let it ‘season’, but I know when I need to put a brush and hose to it to clean it so things do not get too bad. This is a reminder to do the same.


I reported the car crash on the Fairfax County Parkway a while ago. You can still see the tire marks on both sides of the road from the vehicle losing control. This is a good teaching moment if you are driving your children and come across it. It is near the Braddock Road exit.


I read an article with some tips from the Fairfax County Police for preparing your house before you go on vacation. With school ending soon, I thought it would be good to share it. You can read it at



2 – a caretaker for a resident on Springfield Village Drive sent the following request:

Good afternoon,
I am looking for a local young person to assist with older cat care daily.
Approximately 10-15mins. per day late afternoon or after dinner time. This will be Monday-Saturday.
Start date: July 1st.
An adult will be present for access each day.
571-235-4004 until July 4th

If you can help, please contact them.



3 – From the Springfield District newsletter, it looks like a temporary location has been secured for the Springfield Senior Community Center. It is not that far away, so I wanted to share it. This is from the newsletter:


I am excited to report that after a several year search for a suitable temporary location, County staff have been able to secure a temporary location for the Springfield Community Resource Center at the site of the former Dress Barn at Huntsman Square. It took quite a while to come to an agreement with Giant, the neighboring business, on the terms of the design of the space. We are now in the process of creating the plans for design and buildout of the temporary location to make sure the location meets County standards and the needs of senior center and community programming. Moving forward, there will be community engagement opportunities where we will welcome feedback on what will be the best way to utilize this space.


While this is a temporary site, it is critically important for our seniors and community to have a consistent space to utilize until the permanent location is finalized. The process of finding a space suitable for developing a permanent Springfield Community Resource Center has been ongoing for years. The permanent facility is slated for the Fall 2026 bond after being delayed for multiple reasons, including the pandemic. In the meantime, I worked with staff to find a temporary facility that can serve the ongoing needs of our seniors and community while we get the funding approved by the voters and find the best location for the permanent facility. More details to come on both the temporary and permanent facilities.




4 – I got this form the Braddock District newsletter for upcoming free shows in their parks. See image below.

You can get more information about all the events in the County at



5 – Calendar


June 16 – WSHS last day of school (early release at 9:55am)

June 19 – Juneteenth Holiday (Fairfax County, Virginia Commonwealth, and Federal Holiday)

July 4 – July 4 Holiday



Braddock Nights Flyer