From Village News 02/11/21

Phase I – Rolling Road Project – is underway. PH I is to improve the intersection at Old Keene Mill Road and Rolling Road to include a second left hand turn lane from northbound (NB) Rolling Road onto WB Old Keene Mill Road. Plan also calls for a right hand turn lane from NB RR onto EB OKMR. It is reasonable to expect delays at that intersection as the work progresses. Plan accordingly. Work is to be completed by year’s end.

PH II is the actual widening of RR through our middle to include 2 NB lanes, 2 SB lanes, a 16’ raised median, left turn lanes, a standard 5 or 6’ sidewalk on the east side and a 8 – 10’ asphalt multi-modal path on the west side – both going all the way to the intersection with Old Keene Mill Road. Phase II is scheduled to begin in 2024 and be completed in 2026. Go to our website ( for schematics and background information.