Minutes 5/11/17

General Membership Meeting -- Minutes

May 11, 2017


Call to Order – 7:30 PM - President John Cooley


Self-Introductions – See participant list below


Minutes from Last (October 2016) Meeting – Secretary Ed Wyse – Vetted with participants who approved, is posted on website, and was a handout at this meeting.


Vice President Comments – VP Don Hale – VP had to miss tonight due to out-of-town family guests


Financial Report – Treasurer Liz Greene – see attached


Committee Reports:


  1. Membership – Julia Hale – being married to our VP – Julia also had to miss tonight, but reported that we have 332 paid members, 2 new and free, 10 of the 332 are from outside village, 11 paid also for FY18, 2 paid in full through FY20
  2. Community Directory – Kirby Myers – reported format changes in the January 2017 edition.
  3. The Village Crier – Larry Mark is dinged up and unable to join us, but sent the following:  Next and last Crier will be delivered in Sept/Oct. We’ll announce last edition in the Sept/Oct Crier and begin direct mail follow up initially to all without email addresses and then to those who request USPS mail updates.  Financial cost savings is not an issue; volunteer effort writing, publishing, and delivering are labor intensive and the printed news is often untimely.  The content of direct mailed news will be copied from the weekly Enews.  NOTE – Larry Mark has served our village longer than any other volunteer.
  4. Website – Bob Havey – Community life pictures needed to market our village. Website now with GoDaddy.
  5. Neighborhood Watch – Jeff Carter – passive, neighbor-watching-neighbor only


Old Business:


  1. Board of Directors renewed the contract with Image Works ($1470.00) for mowing the Rolling Road median.
  2. Bob Havey has moved our website to GoDaddy and redesigned the layout.  It’s looking good!
  3. Delegate Dave Albo will not seek re-election.
  4. The real estate tax rate will be unchanged in the fiscal year beginning July 1.

New Business:

  1. Calendar of Events:
  • Community Yard Sale and Free for All is postponed from May 13 to the rain date, Saturday, 20 May from 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM.
  • Memorial Day Parade and Pool Party, 1 – 5:00 PM, 27 May in cooperation with VW Pool. Pool Open Door to all for entire weekend. Parade interest is waning; may cancel.
  • Community Cleanup and Last Chance Corral – Saturday, 24 June from 8:00 AM – 12:00 noon.
  • Fall Meeting – 12 October, 7:30 – 9:00 PM at RVES
  1. Dues Amount for FY 2018 (1 October 2017 – 30 September 2018). We are a not-for-profit association which means that the dues need to be set to cover estimated costs of the membership year. If we continue to get 330 dues paying members, there should be no need to raise our annual dues. Only CAWSV members can vote.  Maintaining $10 annual dues passed on a unanimous voice vote.
  2. Status of Rolling Road Project – John Cooley reported. VDOT had divided the progject into Phase I (no property acquisition—2nd left turn lane northbound at Old Keene Mill Rd) and Phase II (property acquisition required—everything else including an extended right turn lane northbound at Old Keene Mill Rd).  VDOT now believes the 2nd left turn lane will require property acquisition, thus delaying the scheduled start in spring 2017.  Phase II schedule is unchanged. I asked that they now also include in Phase I the extended right turn lane northbound at Old Keene Mill Rd.  Hamid Misaghian confirmed today the right turn lane has been moved from Phase II to Phase I.. Talked to the new Preliminary Engineering Manager Andrew Beacher suggesting that the additional left turn lane, extended queue lanes, and the extended right turn lane may relieve evening commute congestion saving $36 million that may be used for maintenance of Rolling Rd and other local roads. Trying to arrange a meeting with him and civic associations/homeowner associations leadership to address concerns about Phase II.  VDOT consultant is continuing to develop the conceptual layout and they’re hoping to provide additional information later this month.
  3. Email Management – Sending enews to the several hundred email addresses served by the association is becoming problematic.  The task is time-consuming for the sender because mail must be sent in multiple batches due to limits on number of addresses to which a single message may be sent.  Because of the volume of messages sent, some email systems are identifying our messages as spam and therefore some messages aren’t delivered.  As a possible solution the leadership is considering MailChimp, an emailing management system that is free for small volume users, promises to protect addresses, and is used successfully by several local non-profits.  A concern is that some members do not want us to release their addresses outside our control.  Options were discussed; future study is required.  This will include looking at other secure mail services that will protect email addresses.

Adjourn – NLT 9:00 PM - CAWSV President

Program – No program scheduled for this meeting.  



John Cooley

Louise Calise

Jon & Debbie Fowler

Anne Gothro

Liz Greene

Bob Havey

Jim Kirkpatrick (Rolling Valley)

Wolansa Mekonnen

Kirby Myers

Ed & Margaret Wyse



Financial Statement, 4/30/2017


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