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30 October 2019

Dear West Springfield Village Neighbor, 

I serve as the President of your Civic Association of West Springfield Village (CAWSV). I’d much rather email you weekly with village news than rely on these less-timely newsletters via snail mail; if only I had your email address. We do hard copy news only at beginning and end our membership drive and when something is important enough to merit the expense, time, and effort to mail them. Even if you decide to not become a member of our civic association, you can still get the enews by providing me ( your email address. To protect against disclosure of your email address, I send the enews to myself and BCC you and the rest in the village. If it isn’t in your inbox, check your spam folder. It is very safe to whitelist my email address so it will instead go to your inbox.

We also have a very good village website ( where you can find archived editions of the weekly Village News, minutes from previous meetings and other relevant and helpful information and phone numbers. All can access our website, regardless of membership status.

And, you should want to join our West Springfield Village FaceBook Group. Log in to FB and then search for West Springfield Village - once you are there, request to join. It is a closed group to protect us from unsolicited ads and business promotions. All in the village can join our FaceBook Group. This is the quickest way for you to get the word out about a lost child or pet or police activity.

We also subscribe to NextDoor which you can customize to post or receive posts only to or from West Springfield Village or you may also include other neighborhoods within several miles. NextDoor is also a closed group intended to exclude unwanted business offers and ads. If interested, go to, add your street address and follow the posted instructions.

The Rolling Road Widening Project will soon need to be updated weekly; the only practical way to do that is email, our FaceBook Group and our website. We will not invade your privacy with phone calls or knocks on your door. Please send me ( your email address. We protect the privacy of your information and use it only for West Springfield Village business.

Rolling Road Widening Project Update – In case you haven’t heard, Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) will widen Rolling Road in our sector to 4 lanes, plus left turn lanes, a 16’ raised median, a sidewalk on the east side up to the intersection of Rolling Road and Old Keene Mill Road and a multi-modal asphalt path on the west side. It has begun, at least the survey work for utilities relocation. Property rights acquisition is scheduled to begin soon. We’ll have construction activity for about 4 ½ years considering they will move the utilities in late 2020 and begin roadbed construction in 2023 in order to finish in 2025. The project is to be completed in two phases.

            Phase I includes adding a second left turn lane from northbound (NB) Rolling Road onto WB Old Keene Mill Road and adding a dedicated right turn lane from NB Rolling Road onto eastbound (EB) Old Keene Mill Road. Due to property acquisition issues, Phase I is behind schedule.

            Phase II is the actual widening project from Old Keene Mill Road south to the Parkway; now scheduled to commence in 2023. The project design calls for the median to block left turns out of and into Ashford Court, Glover Court, Taft Circle and Rivington Road. Left turns out of Winter Forest will still be doable, but even more death-defying than now. Most homes along Rolling Road will lose at least 7 ½ feet of your front yard. The curb will move at least back to just inside the current sidewalk and possibly more. Temporary, construction easements will take even more of Rolling Road front yards during the construction phase. Post construction (permanent) easement widths will depend on the water catchment systems planned to be buried under the walk paths and roadbed. Right now, Virginia already owns that area from curb to house-side of the sidewalk.

            If you rent, please advise the property management team and the home owner about this project. If you want more information, send me your email address so we can add you to the weekly enews updates. Since the last newsletter, VDOT has added sound barrier walls, but not within our village. And they revised the time line as follows:

      Phase I Begin Right of Way Acquisition – July 2019

Phase I Begin Utility Relocation - Spring 2019 – delayed, but no update on start

Phase I Construction – Winter 2020/2021

Phase II Begin Right of Way Acquisition – Winter 2019/2020

Phase II Begin Utility Relocation - Winter 2020/2021

Phase II Construction Start – Spring 2023 Phase II Construction Complete – 2025

Civic Association Membership Drive – Our Membership Chair, Julia Hale (Wythe Lane) says we are near the end of the Fiscal Year 2020 Drive. Our membership year is also the fiscal year (10/1/2019 – 9/30/2020). The dues are again a modest $10.00 per household for the year. It has been $10.00 per annum for over 20 years and we do a lot with your dues to include: 

  • Representation of the majority opinion at governmental hearings on such things as the traffic light at Barnack & Rolling Road, the upcoming Rolling Road project.
  • Representation on the Springfield District Council and on the Fairfax County Federation of Citizens Associations
  • Supporting the VW Pool in their bid to get the cell phone tower in our area (remember when you could not use your cell phone at your home?)
  • Host at no additional expense an annual community yard sale and community cleanup.
  • Host or co-host with Village West Pool several social and community events designed to bring us closer as a community.
  • Maintain Rolling Road median to include the area around our village sign.
  • Publish a Community Directory chock full of good information and listings.

            Why not be a member? I can’t think of any reason. We save you much more than the annual dues. In fact, Village West Swimming Pool offers a $20.00 discount to those who are also members of our Civic Association of West Springfield Village (CAWSV).

            Membership is extended to all households, not just homeowners. We welcome your participation, even if it’s limited to just paying the $10.00 dues. If you would like to join, please complete the attached form and mail in the enclosed return envelope along with $10.00 dues payable to CAWSV. Be sure to indicate your instructions about your listing in the next directory. Come join us! Or, you can pay using paypal at:

Village West Pool - A genuine community resource! Village West Pool is a fun spot to cool off in the summer and get connected with your community. In addition to a large pool with slide and diving boards, VWP has a wading pool, picnic pavilion, grill, volleyball net, shuffleboard court, and children's play structure. In addition, VWP hosts a swim team, the Village West Vikings, which runs Memorial Day through late July and is open to swimmers of all levels ages 4-18. The pool works in close collaboration with the Civic Association, sponsoring joint social events like the Memorial Day weekend open house, ice cream socials, and an annual fall chili cook-off. VWP offers monthly and full-season memberships. Civic Association members can take advantage of a $20 discount on any membership type; there is also 20% discount for new annual members. For more information on the pool, go to or email For swim team information, visit or email

Event Calendar:

            November 3                Daylight Savings Time ends at 2:00 AM

            November 5                Election Day

            December 21              Christmas Party with Santa Claus (look for updates via enews)

Glass Bottle Recycling – drop your glass bottles off at the large purple collection container located in the back lot of the Springfield District Government Center behind our post office. County is attempting to repurpose glass by grinding it into sand or gravel for use in construction projects rather than having it end up in the landfill. Yes, you can still put glass bottles out for curbside collection (least favorable solution), but put glass into your trash toter separate from recyclable waste such as paper, plastic and cans.

25 MPH Speed Limit in the Village – 25 MPH on all of our streets other than Rolling Road which is 30 MPH. Slow down, even 25 MPH may be too fast when your children are playing in front yards, walking on sidewalks, crossing the street or riding bikes in the street. And please direct your delivery drivers to also go slowly. We are currently considering speed humps and other traffic calming devices and techniques. Any road under consideration for traffic calming must:

  • Be in the state system of highways owned and maintained by VDOT. Be classified as a local, collector, or arterial road.
  • Function as a residential street.
  • Have a speed limit of 25 miles per hour (MPH).
  • Have a traffic volume between 500-6,000 vehicles in a 24-hour period.
  • Have an 85th percentile speed of at least 35 MPH in at least one direction.

            Look here to see more about traffic calming - Send me a note with your opinion on this matter.

Recycle Used Clothing and Household Goodsat the I-66 Transfer Station and also at the landfill complex in Lorton; both are open seven days a week, from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. These Donation Stations offer another option for residents to reduce waste by repurposing unwanted but usable goods.

            Attendants will help you unload and provide a receipt for your donations. Collected items are prepared for sale in local thrift shops. Textiles that are no longer serviceable are recycled into carpet, upholstery, and other uses. Accepted items include:  clothing, shoes, hats, outwear and accessories, toys and games, books, records, CDs, household items such as toaster, glassware, dishes, and cookware.

            Donation Stations do not accept: car seats, cribs, playpens, bike helmets, food, plants, pets, lawnmowers, swing sets, things that are broken or missing pieces, electronics, propane or fuel containers and weapons.

            Bikes for the World also has a collection location at the I-66 transfer station for used bicycles. They fix them and distribute them to those in need. Habitat for Humanity picks up paint that is dropped off at both locations for resale at their Restores locations to fund their work in the community. 

Board of Directors All are volunteers and serve without pay:

            President – John Cooley (Edmonton Court)

            Vice President – Bernie Koehle (Edmonton Court)

            Secretary – Kim Brown (Rolling Road)

            Treasurer – Liz Greene (Vancouver Road)

            Past President – Kirby Myers (Springfield Village Drive)

Executive Council All are volunteers and serve without pay:

            Membership Chair – Julia Hale (Wythe Lane)

            WebMaster – Bob Havey (Rolling Road)

            Directory Editor – Kirby Myers (SVD)

            Neighborhood Watch – Jeff Carter (Ontario Street)

Handyman Recommendations - Samuel Machado did drywall repair, painting and reinstalled molding in our home after we experienced water damage. He specializes in bathrooms, kitchens, decks, painting and drywall. He can be reached at 703/687-5938 or at You are welcome to visit my 8131 Edmonton Court home to see his work.

That’s all for this edition, but please email me with questions.

John Cooley

President, CAWSV 

8131 Edmonton Court / 703/451-7055

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