Village News, 9/22/22

Dear Village Neighbor / Friend,

Not sure what to think about the sudden rush of folks wanting to join or renew their membership in our civic association. Yes - we are thankful, but as soon as I reported that another has nominated himself to be your next President - we get an immediate increase of those renewing their membership. What? Were many of you trying to stay under the radar as we searched for the next President? Regardless – thanks! But now, for the rest of you – “All ye, All ye, Outs in Free” or as most of us chanted in that backyard game Ollie, Ollie, Oxen Free”. Either way - come on out, it’s safe now!

1. CAWSV Membership – It was unnecessarily confusing for some who already paid their dues to get these weekly enews with membership appeals in each. We separated those who are current with their dues into this separate mailing. If you are reading this – you are paid in full. All who have joined, or renewed membership receive an email receipt. Let me know if I missed you.

About one half of us have renewed CAWSV membership. We do ask that all help spread the word especially to the new neighbors.

2. Your Next CAWSV President – I have not heard any opposition but will give you another chance to disagree with my request for unanimous consent to continue transitioning Jeff Fasceski into the President position. If you disagree – say so now by nominating yourself. Yes, we’ll still need a vote at the 13 October meeting, but we are investing now to bring Jeff Fasceski on ideally with a smoother transition. Expect that meeting will be again on my front porch or some form of an online meeting if the weather does not cooperate. FCPS has forgotten the community-use reason for public schools. More to follow.

3. Virginia Taxpayers to Get Rebates – about 3.2 million eligible taxpayers will receive one-time tax rebates of up to $250 in the fall of 2022 if they filed individually. If they filed jointly - up to $500. To be eligible, taxpayers have to have had a 2021 tax liability (you paid VA tax even if you got a refund). Starting September 19, taxpayers can go to to check your eligibility for this one-time tax rebate. Click on this article for more information - Virginia taxpayers getting rebates this fall ( If a taxpayer owes money to Virginia Tax, the Commonwealth will use that person’s tax rebate to satisfy that debt before sending the taxpayer the remainder of the rebate.

Question? – Virginia has close to 9 million residents, but only about 3.2 million are eligible for this rebate. Didn’t the other 6 million pay taxes?

4. Pictures of Village Life – We need to freshen up the website with newer pictures especially those that reflects summer in the village, at the pool, along the stream or in block gatherings. Even if the photo is just your family doing what your family does during summer months – please send to our webmaster, Bob Havey at

5. Dog Walker Needed – we have a village neighbor with a very loving German Shepherd female dog that will need to be walked twice daily the first 3 weeks in December. Particulars of the job will be worked out with the dog owner, but please let me know if interested or if your responsible, older child (capable of handling a 40 lbs dog) is interested. I will forward your contact information on to the neighbor in need.

6. New Girl Scout Troop - Natalie Regan (Greenview) and Kirstin O'Connor (Vienna) are starting a new Girl Scout troop. A brand-new third-grade Brownie troop is starting up at Keene Mill Elementary, and we're looking for additional girls!  Our plan is to meet on one Tuesday evening and go on one field trip per month.  If your daughter is (or might be!) interested, please contact Kirstin ( or Natalie Regan ( 

7. Oktoberfest - Summer may be over, but the pool fun is not! Village West Pool is holding its second annual Oktoberfest fundraiser at the pool on Saturday, October 1 from 12-6 PM. Come join us for great food and drink, live music, games, contests, kids' activities, and raffles! For more info, check out the attached flyer or hit the Oktoberfest tab on the pool website, Discounted presale tickets for meals and raffle tickets are available on the website through September 29. Tickets will also be available at the door for event entry, raffle tickets, meal deals, and a la carte food and beverage purchases. Questions, email Check out their flyer at Oktoberfest - Village West Pool. I’m in and hope to see you there!

8. Calendar:

  • 10 October – Columbus Day or Indigenous Peoples’ Day
  • 13 October – General Membership Meeting (elect new Board of Directors, ratify FY22 Audit, Pass FY23 Budget with markups as needed.
  • 1 November – FY23 Membership Drive ends even though residents can still join anytime during the Fiscal Year.
  • 8 November – Election Day - maybe then the emails and phone calls will stop.
  • 11 November – Veterans Day

9. For Sale - Dining Room Set with 6 chairs, china hutch and buffet cabinet - $500.00 obo for the lot.  If you are interested, come see these at 8131 Edmonton Court. Email to coordinate day & time. Come see it just to say hello.

10. Free - Y’all come get this stuff, please!

  • Two twin beds, both suitable for toddlers given their side rails. Bed, frame, side rails, and stain-free mattresses in this package.
  • One wooden shelf unit that has served us well as a food pantry
  • One bench that also lifts to a storage for linens, toys or a place to stash that dead body
  • 2 Chests of drawers suitable for garage or for kids toys
  • And lots, lots  more – come have a look!

Email or call 703/451-7055 or text 703/628-3613 to arrange day/time to come have a look to see what you may want. I need to get these treasures out of here before my wife comes back to countermand my initiatives. Ha!

11. Money & Politics – one more comment and I’ll stop – so those expensive TV, Radio, and Social Media Ads (and even the attack ads) are the best means to get a message from a candidate or incumbent to the masses. Which means the media giants get even richer while some exercise censorship all the while we are asked to finance this exercise. If you haven’t – please do watch the 1997 movie “Wag the Dog”.

12. A Neighborly Complaint - Had a resident say that he/she wanted nothing to do with our “club” since he/she hadn’t seen much from our collective voice and efforts. I have no issues with the complaint, but WOW! Really? He/she undoubtedly enjoys using their cell phone from the bowels of their home without realizing the time spent by the VW Pool Board and to a lesser degree by your CAWSV Board to obtain that tower and clear it with county. Maybe he/she doesn’t remember when we could not use cell phones in our homes? I certainly do and it wasn’t that long ago!

Also willing to bet they have used the traffic light at Barnack and Rolling Road to get out during rush hour traffic without so much a thought about what it took for the RVES PTA and us (our “club”) to finagle that traffic light and have it installed at no cost to us. Had I or Deb Staron spoke only for ourselves – it would have fallen on deaf ears. Add the voice of all of us and the RVES PTA and they had to sit up and take notice.

I bet he/she believes that VDOT’s twice per year mowing of the Rolling Road median is enough for him/her to see oncoming traffic as they attempt to turn onto RR from our side streets. Probably doesn’t know that we (the dues-paying members) contract for 10 mowings each year of that same median and village sign area.

I’d be willing to bet he/she/they also use our website and FaceBook Group for everything from lost pet to sourcing background for the Rolling Road project.

Maybe we (I) did a poor job of keeping all informed about our representation of our village matters pertinent to district, county and state governments leaving him/her to enjoy village life whilst we did the bidding for all in our community regardless of his/her “club” membership status. It is very much ok to decline membership in our “club” but give credit where it is due – and good people – it is due those who stood up to lead our village and Rolling Valley (east) subdivision. Not me, but the other 9 souls in leadership positions. BTW – we are a voluntary citizens’ association – not a club. And it is individual choice to join or renew membership, but I’d ask it not be for imaginary beliefs that we aren’t doing what you might expect from us. We’re thick skinned – tell us what else you think we should do.

Question – how do we refer to “him” or “her” without specifying gender? Actually, I have no interest in learning – just didn’t want to ID this person.

John Cooley


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