Village News, 9/16/21

Dear Village Neighbor / Friend,

Won’t be long before we start raking leaves, but apparently, we are in an early Indian Summer.

1. CAWSV Membership - How much would you have paid to use your cell phones back when it couldn’t get a signal inside your home? How much would you have paid or willing to pay now to know that your child will be safe or safer in that school bus trying to turn left onto Barnack from Rolling Road or left/right from Barnack into Rolling Road traffic? How much would you pay to able to see oncoming traffic if/when you want to turn left onto Rolling Road from any of our side streets or left from those side streets onto Rolling Road?

$10.00 membership dues for the year ought to cover it. All credit is due the VW Pool Board (Eileen Gallagher) who worked the deal for that cell phone tower, we (CAWSV) just had to testify that we also wanted it even though county had other planned sites. And credit the RVES PTA (Deb Staron) and your CAWSV representative who drove to Richmond to strong-arm the Transportation Secretary to get that traffic light at the intersection of Barnack and Rolling Road. Even after that visit, it still took one VDOT Engineer (Jan Vaughn) to have the courage to finally set aside the unattainable warrants then find the money to install it. And we should also mention those members of our community who provide the funds (CAWSV dues) for us to contract for the maintenance of Rolling Road. These are just some of the benefits from our type citizens’ association. If I or you as individual citizens had requested these without the weight of the CAWSV or the Pool Membership or the weight of the PTA – none of it would have happened. There are reasons why associations speak more loudly than just one voice. If you want to hear more – drop me an email. But please do come join us!

Some have expressed frustration about these weekly reminders to join or renew your membership. If it helps, only those who haven’t yet joined or renewed their membership receive these reminders. Those who have paid their $10.00 dues don’t. We’re trying to get as many in by the end of September to save the cost of direct mailing the membership appeal and form. Come join us!

2. Formatting Issues – some of you may have received the village news in very large font or parts of it in that large font. Super Sleuth, Computer Whisperer and our webmaster, Bob Havey (D2D Computer Services) broke the code to fix the issue. He discovered that it may have had something to do with my use of Times New Roman (sounds weird, I know) – so we converted to Arial, 14 Font as you’ll see here. Please let me and Bob Havey ( ) know if this comes to you with font sizing issues. Thanks for your help.

Just yesterday, my computer again spun out of its orbit and became little more than a paper weight. I called Bob to once again put ol’ Humpty Dumpty back together again and he did! He is amazing! I am in awe of his skills. If you have computer issues, just call Bob! You can see his ad in our directory or call him at 703/569-8195. I break it and then just call Bob!

3. 5-Cent Tax on Plastic Bags – County Board of Supervisors voted 9-1 to establish the tax on each disposable, plastic bag starting 1 January 2022. This tax will apply to disposable plastic bags provided to customers at grocery stores, convenience stores, and drug stores.

Those 9 Supervisors suggest we start using reusable bags to avoid the tax and to reduce our dependency on plastic bags. According to the BOS Chair, Jeff McKay the revenue from this tax will provide County with avenues to support environmental cleanup programs, pollution and litter mitigation programs, and educational programs on environmental waste reduction.

Retailers can retain two of the five cents from the tax through 31 December 2022 to aid them in the switch to environmentally friendly alternatives. That drops to one cent effective 1 January 2023. Learn more about the tax here.

Note – the one nay vote was our Springfield District Supervisor who argued against any new taxes during the pandemic especially given a 45% increase in county taxes over the last 10 years. Pat Herrity pushed to include more locations in the voluntary collection of used plastic bags. The board also heard opposition from community members, businesses, grocery stores, and testimony from former EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler.

You may recall that we (CAWSV) did not have enough input on this issue to formulate a position paper from our CAWSV. I did submit my own thoughts on this primarily to simply ban the use of plastic bags much like they did for plastic lawn and leaf bags. Surely you can see why they chose this course of action over a ban.

4. Calendar:

  • 14 October – Village Meeting, 7:30 PM, vote to Ratify FY21 Audit Report, vote to pass a FY22 Budget Proposal with markups if/as needed and vote to elect new Board of Directors.
  • 1 November – end of the FY22 CAWSV membership drive – will you be in?
  • 7 November – daylight savings time ends

5. Lawn Aeration – In the not too distant past, we had a village gentleman who was aerating lawns for his neighbors whether for payment or out of the goodness of his heart. Was that you? If so, will you do so again this fall? One of your former customers is asking. Or will anyone else get into this effort? 

6. Curbside Collection of Yard Waste - Commercial Trash Services were given the option to pick up yard debris on the regular schedule (Wednesdays) or with household trash on Thursdays. That option gives the crew or their dispatcher that choice when their trucks are full or they’re short a crew or vehicle or any other reason. Bottom line, they can miss us on Wednesday if/when they want to or need to. So, we should put our yard waste out for Wednesday collection and if it isn’t not picked up, put it out or leave it out with your household trash for collection on Thursdays.

7. Real Estate Market Report – Village Resident and Real Estate Agent Tim Royster (Smyth Street) reports that we’re still in a real estate seller’s market. He said that homes, in particular our homes are still selling at or above list price. Contact Tim at to find out more about current market conditions and how to optimize your home’s resale value. 

8. CAWSV Board of Directors – We need new blood on our Board of Directors (BOD) in the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer positions. Some currently serving may be willing to continue, but a couple of us need to transfer the responsibility while we are still here and can help the incoming person. It would be helpful to have a Board Member from the east side of Rolling Road. It isn’t hard or time consuming; I guarantee - but may be good for you and the health of our organization to have some transition, continuity time. Give it some thought and let’s talk. The Executive Council (Membership Chair, Webmaster, Neighborhood Watch Coordinator, FaceBook Group Moderator and Directory Editor) are appointed by the BOD. We are thankful that Andrea Lewis (SVD) stepped up to be our new directory editor and thankful for the quality directories we enjoyed from Kirby Myers while he served in that position.

Stay safe good people!

John Cooley

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