Village News, 8/22/19

Dear West Springfield Village Neighbor / Friend,

CAWSV FY20 Membership Drive – The form is attached for your convenience. It can also be found on our FaceBook Group and on our Website (

FY20 (10/01/19 – 09/30/20) annual dues are $10.00 per household. You can mail your dues and directory listing instructions to CAWSV, P.O. Box 2204, Springfield, VA 22152. Make check payable to “CAWSV”.  Or, you can pay $11.00 using PayPal by clicking “Here”. The extra $1.00 covers the charge PayPal exacts on our transactions.

Please provide: First and Last Name of 1st Resident, First and Last Name of 2nd Resident, Address, Phone Number and Email Address. Indicate on the form if we may list your names and address in the directory (Yes or No), list your phone number (Y or N) and lastly may we list your email address (Y or N)? If you answer no to 1st question – the other two answers are also no.

Do you remember when that small child was wandering in Rolling Road traffic? We put out an APB, but the child’s family was not in our database and missed that urgent email. We have had other lost and hurt children, police activity and a need to help lost folks who did not speak English find their way back to their relative’s home. You may also remember that child that didn’t come home after school and how quickly we mobilized to search for her until found safe. Even if you don’t want us to publish your phone number and/or email address and even if you decide against joining – I think you’ll see the need for us to have your information. We use it only for CAWSV business.

If you have decided to not join, please let me know to save us time, effort and money.

Before They Arrive at Your Door – They being the property acquisition team from Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) who will negotiate with you Rolling Road homeowners to acquire (buy) a portion of your front yard for the Rolling Road widening project.

The state already owns that area from home-side of sidewalk, verge (grassy area between sidewalk and curb) and the curb. All should expect that curb, verge and sidewalk to be moved back toward your front door plus an additional easement depending on the type of storm water catchments they use under the sidewalks or the asphalt path. How much of your yard will be needed will be different for each home. I have asked for a marked up plan to show just that.

I recommend you Rolling Road homeowners prepare for their visit by making a file folder with a copy of the latest tax assessment and a plat drawing. And, casually review the eminent domain law, some documentaries and news reports of how that played out for other home/land owners for other projects. In fact they say that the lion’s share of project costs is property acquisition. I found this on the internet and think it may help all:

I am certain it won’t be as bad as I may inadvertently make it seem, but be prepared.  

Taste of Greater Springfield (TOGS) - Our friends at the Rotary Club of West Springfield are hosting the 7th annual TOGS on Sunday, October 27, from 3:00-6:00 PM at Waterford Receptions in Springfield.  Tickets can be purchased online at and all proceeds go to scholarships for needy WSHS students to attend Northern Virginia Community College, as well as numerous projects that benefit our local community.  Members of this Rotary club pick up the trash on Rolling Road 4-5 times a year and I encourage you to attend TOGS and enjoy great food from 12 local restaurants, as well as craft and beer tastings. 

Civic Association Secretary – Kim Brown (Rolling Road) volunteered to take on the Secretary position. Kim and her husband John often stand up when we need volunteers and once again she answered the call for help.

Over-Flowing Trash Toters – At one point or another we all have more trash than what will fit into our toters. So we put it in a bag and place beside the toter and are left to wonder why the trash service companies don’t pick up the extra bags up. Many of you are at work when they come by and may not be aware that they have hydraulic arms on the trash truck that extend to pick up the toter. The truck often has only one man who drives it and who operates the mechanical arms. If you have extra trash, discuss with your neighbors about putting some of your extra stuff in their toter. Also we need to put the toter curbside with the handle on the house side (opposite of the instructions on the toter lid) so all the trash will dump into the truck and not onto the street. Recycle toters should still have the handle on the street side as depicted on the toter lid.

22152 Real Estate Market Report – Thanks to Natalie Perdue and Long & Foster for providing the information for this report. During July 2019, total units sold was lower than at this time last year. The total number of homes available in July was lower by 26 units or 51% compared to July 2018. The total number of active inventory this July was 25 compared to 51 in July 2018. In July 2018, the median sale price for West Springfield Homes was $480,000. This July, the median sale price was $507,000.00. For those of us who forgot Math 101 - median sale price is the middle sale price in a given month. The same number of properties are above and below the median. During July there were 39 homes newly listed for sale in West Springfield compared to 50 in July 2018.

Village Street Repaving – VDOT acknowledged my request for information about when to expect our streets to be resurfaced. But, they have not responded yet. Let me know if you see their engineers surveying our streets.


August 1 – 11/01/19   Civic Association Membership Drive

August 26                    School Begins

Early October             Audit team meets to review our financial records and procedures

October 10                  Village Meeting at 7:30 PM at RVES Library

October 19                  Halloween Party and the Great Chili Cookoff (note the change)

School – first day is next Monday. We all should get back into the habit of extra caution when backing out of driveways and driving more slowly and carefully when children are hustling off to or returning from school or their bus stops. About 25 years ago, I hit a child in Turkey; even though it was his fault – I never felt such doom and despair as when he went down after being hit. I don’t wish that feeling on anyone else. Let’s be safe and do your part to help keep our children safe. BTW – the child was only scared out of his wits. I gladly paid for a medical exam and threw in an extra for a bicycle to keep myself out of Turkish prison system.

Stay safe!

John Cooley, CAWSV

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