Village News, 8/15/19

Dear West Springfield Village Neighbor / Friend,

CAWSV FY20 Membership Drive – I forgot to include the membership form in last week’s enews, but it is now attached. The form can also be found on our FaceGroup Group and on our Website ( The Membership Drive used to take about 40 – 45 Block Captains going door-to-door; now we hope to do it using email, snail mail, FaceBook and our Website.

We certainly hope you will join or renew your membership, but if you have decided to not join, please let me know to save time, effort and money.

Annual dues are again $10.00 for Fiscal / Membership Year 2020. Mail your $10.00 dues to CAWSV, P.O. Box 2204, Springfield, VA 22152. Make check payable to “CAWSV”.  Or, you can pay $11.00 using PayPal by clicking “Here”. The extra $1.00 covers the charge PayPal exacts on our transactions.

And we need your instructions about being listed in our next directory. If you want to review what you had directed, look at the FY19 Directory or email me. Here’s the information requested: Name of 1st Resident, Name of 2nd Resident, Address, Phone Number and Email Address. May we list your names and address in the director (Yes or No), may we list your phone number (Y or N) and lastly may we list your email address (Y or N)? If you answer no to posting your name(s) and address – the other two answers are also no. If you do not answer, we’ll assume your answers are yes to listing in the next directory.

Once we receive your dues, you won’t see this article again until next August. Yes, you can pay for more than one year assuming dues amount will not change. If they do, I’ll send Guido to collect the delta. Please tell your neighbors if you are pleased with our association; tell me if you aren’t. Also tell your Rolling Valley subdivision neighbors and friends – they can join our CAWSV until such time as we can stand their RVCA back up.  

Help Wanted – Civic Association Secretary – I had hoped that by now, the Board of Directors would be voting to select from candidates for this position, but we’re still waiting on you to volunteer to help lead our association. Duties:  1) You will be asked to vote on Board of Directors decisions, 2) attend the two village meetings to capture the minutes, 3) prepare the minutes and 4) distribute to the other meeting attendees. Once approved – 5) post to our website (

Current Secretary Ed Wyse will leave the village before our next meeting so the BOD will need to appoint a new Secretary and then ask the membership to vote to elect him or her to continue in that position. Ed can be reached at if you want to discuss the position with him. If you’re willing to step up and serve our community, please let me know ( You will need a computer and have email service.

Residential Road Repaving – I am late today with this enews hoping I could have an answer about when we can expect our streets to be repaved. I have not heard from them, yet. Maybe we can include in next week’s edition.


August 1 – 11/01/19   Civic Association Membership Drive

August 26                    School Begins

Early October             Audit team meets to review our financial records and procedures

October 10                  Village Meeting at 7:30 PM at RVES Library

October 19                  Halloween Party and the Great Chili Cookoff (note the change)

Full Propane Tanks for Sale – Gus Hagi (Edmonton Court) has several full bottles for sale at $40.00 (note price reduction) each full tank. Gus can be reached at 703/589-4424.

Phone Static – my Verizon phone service now has almost constant crackling and static on it. Verizon ran their diagnostics from the comfort of their cubicle and proclaimed the problem to be in my home; therefore, my responsibility to fix. Anyone else having this issue with Verizon phone service? This started about when we had that very heavy rain about a month or so ago.

Stay safe!

John Cooley, CAWSV

(See attached membership application form attached.)


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