Village News 11/27/22

Hello everyone. I apologize for the delay in the newsletter. My Father passed away two weeks ago, and have been sorting out a lot of things. Getting this out in a timely manner slipped through the cracks. Although you do not want to think much about it, I strongly suggest getting your affairs in order to minimize what your family will have to deal with when you pass away - especially things you do not want them to know about.




  1. Village West Pool Winterfest - 12/10, 1-5PM
  2. Fairfax Police Victims Services Division Gift Card Drive
  3. Running Bamboo Ordinance in effect January 1, 2023
  4. Calendar


1 - On December 10, 1-5pm, the Village West Pool will be having their Winterfest. Here is information from their newsletter:

Winterfest 12/10 1-5 PM. Come by for some holiday shopping with our local craft and small business vendors and enjoy kid-friendly activities and our fire pit! We will have hot beverages, festive treats, and raffle tickets for sale. Volunteer signup will be out shortly - your first opportunity to accrue hours for the 2023 season! To participate as a vendor, contact Emily Stanton at Note the date change - there's a big craft fair at South County on 12/3, and we didn't want to conflict.


2 - The Fairfax Police Department Victim Services Division is having a Gift Card Drive from 11/11 through 12/16. Here is information they sent out:

In 2022, the Victim Services Division worked over 350 cases involving child victims and witnesses of domestic & sexual violence as well as children who lost a loved one to homicide.  Many of these children will not get to celebrate holidays this year due to the financial burden that comes with being a victim of crime. In the true spirit of the season, we ask you to please join us in brightening the holidays for our courageous children by participating in this drive.

Now through Friday, December 16, 2022, we are seeking gift cards for our child victims (both young and teenagers) to places like Giant, Amazon, Safeway, Walmart, TJ Maxx, Target, Kohl’s, local restaurants, and clothing stores. Gift cards will allow parents/guardians to be active participants in purchasing gifts for each child and practical needed items that they would normally go without.

Your generous donation of gift cards will help those families most impacted by crime bring a smile to the faces of their children who have had a tough road due to the violence they have witnessed or been a victim of themselves.  Each child victim selected for the holiday gift card drive has been affected by crime and has been vetted by their assigned Victim Specialist. All the families we select are truly those in need.  For some, the gift cards can be used to purchase toys and other gifts. For others, the gift cards will be used to purchase winter clothing for the children or to purchase food for their holiday meal.

Thank you in advance for your support! Your generosity will brighten the eyes and hearts of our child victims, will bring so much joy, and most importantly will make an impact this holiday season.

For more information, contact Saly Fayez at 703-246-2465 or


3 - On January 1, 2023, a new Fairfax County Ordinance will go into effect regarding running bamboo. If you have bamboo in your yard, you must contain and prevent it from encroaching the public right-of-way and your neighbor’s property by January 1, 2023. Not doing so can lead to a fine. The County’s website has information about it at: If there is bamboo from an adjacent property encroaching yours, I hope you will be a good neighbor and inform them of it so they can resolve it before reporting them. 


4 - Calendar


  • December 10, 1-5PM - Village West Pool Winterfest
  • December 26 - Christmas Holiday
  • January 2 - New Year’s Day Holiday
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