Village News, 11/21/19

Dear Village Neighbor / Friend, 

If there is to be enews next week, it will be posted to our website and a notice dispatched via FaceBook if/when it is there. Use our FaceBook Group to report items you believe important for the rest of the village.

I send the enews to myself and “Bcc” your email address along with others in order to protect your privacy. “You” is meant as the plural you or us and not specifically you – John or Suzanne.

Enews Distribution List - Last call to stay on the enews distribution list. This is the 3rd and final call for those who did not join or renew membership in our civic association, but who do want to continue receiving the enews. Not asking for anything other than “yes – I want to continue receiving the weekly enews”. No response means no and I will assume you have moved and pull your email address from that list. I believe it is our responsibility to at least attempt to communicate with as many in the village who are willing to listen, especially now with significant changes coming. Sure – you can still join the CAWSV, but it is also important that we put the enews into as many village inboxes as possible. Same for Rolling Valley residents.

Rabid Raccoon – Molly Alonzo reported that a friend in a neighboring community had and encounter with what proved to be a rabid raccoon. Rather, it was the family dogs that got into it with the raccoon. The dogs are ok, but the raccoon was tested and found to have rabies. Check your pets to make sure they are current in vaccinations and best you can avoid wildlife that acts differently than normal. The disease is spread by the saliva of an infected animal. My son wanted to pet and cuddle with what he thought to be a gerbil when he (son) was very young. It wasn’t a gerbil and it did bite him. Advise your child not to be like my son and to not approach unfamiliar animals.

Real Estate Market Report – Thanks to Natalie Perdue (SVD) for arranging access to this report.       

            Units sold in October 2019 – 39 or 22% more than October 2018. Active inventory - There were 31 homes in the active inventory which is 37% less than 10/2018. Median sales price was $485K up 2% from October 2018. Homes sold in October 2019 were on the market for an average of 17 days – 35% lower than 10/2018. Homes in our West Springfield sold for 99.5% of listing price. At the end of October we have 0.8 months of inventory to sell – or 48% less than October last year.

            I’d say it is very much a seller’s market; agree?

For Sale - 2007 Toyota RAV 4 Sport, excellent condition, 2-wd, blue exterior, black interior, 6-cd changer, one year old all-season Bridgestone tires, 88,650 miles. $7,000 OBO. It has been professionally maintained by HRM; their ad is in our 2019 directory. Interested, contact Maura at or by phone at 703/201-5215.

Traffic Calming – We now have 53 responses (12%) from village residents including several from adjacent Rolling Valley subdivision. About a dozen of the respondents say no to traffic calming and another 8 or so say yes as long as it isn’t speed humps and the balance say yes.

Traffic Calming Vertical Devices - Raised crosswalk, Speed cushion, Speed hump, Speed table

Horizontal Traffic Calming Devices: Bulb-out, Chicane Choker, Crosswalk refuge, Pavement markings (to narrow travel lane) and Raised median

Here’s the link to traffic calming and the steps needed to get devices. But below is the Readers’ Digest Version:

Do the street(s) meets the basic eligibility requirements for the Traffic Calming Program?

  • Be in the state system of highways owned and maintained by VDOT.
  • Be classified as a local, collector, or arterial road.
  • Function as a residential street.
  • Have a speed limit of 25 miles per hour (MPH).

Step 1: Study Initiation If these requirements are met, we may formally request to enter the street(s) into the Traffic Calming Program. We make our request to our District Supervisor. Supervisor Herrity’s office will then contact Fairfax County DOT. The request needs to include the following:

  • The name and termini of the street(s) being requested for a review.
  • Contact information of community members, typically 4 to 5 residents, who can serve as community task force members. One resident needs to be identified as a lead contact for the task force.

Step 2: Traffic Count and Speed Study FCDOT conducts an engineering review, a traffic count, and a speed survey of the study area to determine if the street(s) have an existing speeding concern.

  • A preliminary field review is made to determine if the geometry of the street(s) can accommodate traffic calming measures. FCDOT considers features including road grade, sight distance, drainage, and location of road access points.
  • The street(s) must have a traffic volume between 500 and 6,000 vehicles per day.
  • The recorded 85th percentile speed of vehicles must be equal to or greater than 35 MPH in at least one direction of travel.

Step 3: Conceptual Plan Development and Task Force Meeting - Based on its conceptual plan, FCDOT will identify the ballot area for the project. Program criteria require a minimum distance of 400 feet between proposed or existing vertical traffic calming devices or stop conditions. The minimum spacing for horizontal traffic calming devices is 200 feet between other traffic calming measures. In addition, FCDOT requires a minimum of 150 feet of sight distance to a device to ensure that drivers will have adequate time to take precautionary measures.

The ballot area comprises residences on the street identified for traffic calming and residences on other streets whose sole or primary access is the street identified for traffic calming.

Step 4: Community Meeting - Once the task force has obtained the signatures from all directly affected residences and has determined that significant community support has been developed, then the task force, FCDOT, and the District Supervisor’s office determine a suitable date and location for a community-wide informational meeting.

Step 5: Community Vote After the community information meeting, representatives of the task force, in collaboration with the District Supervisor’s office, conduct a vote to approve or disapprove the proposed traffic calming plan. More than 50% of the occupied residences in the ballot area must support the traffic calming plan for the plan to be implemented.

Step 6: Fairfax County Board of Supervisors Endorsement - If the proposed traffic calming plan is approved by the community and endorsed by FCDOT will schedule installation of the devices.

Note – If installed, we’d have to wait a minimum of 2 years after the installation of traffic calming measures before requesting its removal.

2020 Directory Advertising – Steve & Laura at Printing Ideas are now soliciting for ads for our next directory. In addition to the ad in the directory, your business will also be listed on our West Springfield Village’s website and at least twice during the year in our enews. Villagers also refer directory advertisers to inquiries for recommendations on NextDoor that reaches many subdivisions in the West Springfield area.

The ads can be reserved on a first come, first served basis. The ad rates for this year's directory are as follows:

  • Back cover - $300
  • Inside front/back cover - $250
  • Full page ad - $150
  • Half page ad - $100
  • Quarter page ad - $75 

Please email us to reserve your ad space. And, contact us if you have any questions about ad placement or creating your ad for the directory. or 703.591.1708

For those of you who advertised last year, if you want to renew your ad from last year, please email me and I will reserve a spot for you. If you would like to use a new ad, you can email me the new ad.

Christmas in the Village –we will need a coordinator for Christmas Caroling if we are to do it again. And, we’ll need a coordinator for the Christmas Decorating Contest, if we want to continue that holiday tradition. For those new to the village or to our enews, we also have a Christmas Party where Santa Claus stops in to deliver gifts that parents pre-position for him and Mrs. Claus to give to their children. That event is pretty much covered short of potluck contributions of holiday treats.

Please note that I am happy to include other holiday events and celebrations, but that’s on you to send me a note about those holiday activities.

Birth Announcement - Village residents Bob and Jane Lomax would like to announce the birth of their first grandson, Sullivan Lomax Jones, born November 15, 2019.


Slow down and be careful! There is nothing more important than our children. Keep them safe.

John Cooley, CAWSV

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