Village News, 11/14/19

Dear Village Neighbor / Friend,

Please keep in mind that I send the enews to myself and Bcc your email address along with others in order to protect your privacy. “You” is meant as the plural you and not you – John or Suzanne.

Traffic Calming – We now have a whopping 3% of the village homes respond with their opinion about whether or not we should request a traffic calming study to see if we can get devices placed here to slow folks down. We need a substantially higher percentage to weigh in before we act – even if that act is to do nothing at all. Just hit reply and type in “yes – traffic calming devices” or “no traffic calming devices”. I welcome details, but we have to get more of us on record supporting or not supporting the request for the next step.

Traffic Counters on Village Streets – You probably saw them, but who requested the traffic count and for what purpose? I pinged on Supervisor Herrity’s staff and not them. They pinged on FCDOT (Fairfax County Department of Transportation) and not them. I caught up with the gentleman who was recovering the devices and he informed me that the directive came from VDOT headquarters in Richmond. I called and wrote them as did Peyton Onks from Supervisor Herrity’s office. If you read the traffic calming link I included in previous enews, you’d also know that a traffic count is part of the study (step 2) associated with any community request for traffic calming once we can determine if we have community support (step 1). It appeared that VDOT had moved on to step 2 since the counters were on Bellamy, Springfield Village Drive, Vancouver, Barnack, Birmingham, Greenview, Smithfield and Rivington which represent what I thought would have more, frustrated traffic during the Rolling Road project.

Turns out I was wrong – here’s the response from VDOT: 

            “We have contractors who count traffic regularly to provide information to the FHWA (Federal Highways Administration), as well as to update traffic volume statistics that we regularly publish.  Since we started contracting this function a few years ago, they are very efficient and are getting out to more streets in less time than we used to.  So, the effect is that people think we are counting more than we used to, and for a certain timeframe, I guess we are!”  

Now, I am hoping to get that data to determine which roads have requisite volume of traffic for a calming device. That’s only one of the warrants we have to meet, but since they counted it – we should be able to use it; right?

Christmas in the Village – I know that it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but we will need a coordinator for Christmas Caroling if we have enough interest in doing it again. And, we’ll need a coordinator for the Christmas Decorating Contest, if we want to continue that holiday fun. For those new to the village or to our enews, we also have a Christmas Party where Santa Claus stops in to deliver gifts that parents pre-position for him and Mrs. Claus to give to their children. That event is pretty much covered short of potluck contributions of holiday treats.

Please note that I am happy to include your holiday events and celebrations, but that’s on you to send me a note about your holiday activities.

Slow Down and Drive More Carefully - Report delivery drivers who speed on our streets as we should also report trash trucks who might be going too fast. The 25 MPH limit on our streets is often too fast when the kids are heading off to school or bus stops or return home from school or bus stops. Surely those who get behind the wheel are capable of self and vehicle control. That’s all I got to say ‘bout that!

John Cooley, CAWSV

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