Village News, 10/31/19

Dear Village Neighbor / Friend,

Last Call – Just finished our last attempt at increasing our membership count to 350. OK – it’s not really “last call” since your neighbors can join anytime during the membership year. We push hard August through October so we can adjust spending based on the approved budget. Right now we are 70 memberships short or $700.00. We may have to pinch a few pennies, but we’ll be fine - at least in terms of money.

Thank you again for joining or renewing your membership.

Trick or Treat – weather forecast looks bad, especially after 7:00 PM. Consider trick or treating before darkness when the strong thunderstorms are forecasted to hit. Reminder - if the front porch light is not on – don’t trick or treat that family. The heavy, overcast weather will make visibility even more difficult. Drivers and kids alike – be careful!

Traffic Calming – Last week, we asked for your input and/or opinion about traffic calming to verify community support (first step) for a request for the mandatory traffic calming study. The study is the second step to determine if we are eligible for the radar speed detection trailer, striping, curb bump-outs, speed humps or more police presence. I received three (3) responses; hardly enough to say that our  community is behind it or not.

Curbside Parking – If your vehicle does not have current license plates and tags [front and rear] and/or does not display a current safety inspection sticker, it has been or likely to be ticketed and perhaps towed to impound. That same vehicle is ok if parked in your driveway instead of curbside on village streets. Be warned, beware! Second time we included this, but an officer was spotted cruising the village writing tickets to violators. No complaint about any particular vehicle; just a warning. Note – this is not directed at any one of us – just a heads up.

Environment Expo: How You Can Act on Climate Change – Mount Vernon District Supervisor invites all of us to the expo on Saturday, 16 November from 8:00 AM – Noon at the Walt Whitman Middle School. This event will educate and inform residents on environmental challenges that we face on a daily basis

Attendees will leave the Expo with simple actions you can take to make an impact on climate change. Highlights include and Electric Vehicle Showcase, Exhibit Hall, Workshops and Film Screening. For more information - and Facebook plus YouTube

HandyMan Recommendation - Jerry & Margaret Penn (6813 Landor Lane) also recommend Walter (Samuel) Machado, who recently repaired ceiling drywall in their living room and dining room, installed crown molding, recessed lights, electric fan and switches after they had a disastrous ceiling failure.  Their original ceiling, like most was installed with nails, not screws.  He installed new chair railing and painted the ceilings and walls. Walter is a perfectionist and his work is without parallel. He just finished installing new window shutters on all of their front windows and is currently working on their storage shed, deck and patio. He will be installing new side fences shortly. Jerry and Margaret welcome anyone wishing to inspect the quality of this man’s professional work. Walter can be contacted at or 703/687-5938.


            November 3                Daylight Savings Time ends at 2:00 AM

            November 5                Election Day

            December 21              Village Christmas Party

Stay dry and please drive carefully this evening keeping an eye out for our children.

John Cooley, CAWSV, 703/451-7055


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