Village News 10/24/22


Hello everyone! I am the new CAWSV President Jeff Fasceski. This is my first attempt at a newsletter and doing a mail merge to send it out. Hopefully, you received it without format errors. I will try to send out the newsletter weekly, but it will most likely start out being every 1-1.5 weeks as I get used to things. I will keep the newsletter in the same format that the former President used since it works well. I believe in not fixing something that is not broken.


1.     CAWSV Meeting Summary

2.     Association Membership

3.     Girl Scout Troop 52010 Toy Drive

4.     Bring Back Past Events and Creating New Events

5.     Calendar

1. The CAWS Meeting was held October 13, 2022. Each of the Committees gave updates from the previous meeting, new business was brought up, and ended with the election of a new President. Once the Meeting Minutes have been reviewed and finalized, they will be made available on the CASW website - .
2. CAWSV Membership – We are short of our 350 members objective with less than two weeks left of the November 1 deadline. Now is the time for the procrastinators to get going! I will try to send out one more newsletter before the deadline.
We will change the email address for the PayPal account so the former President will not be bombarded with payments while he is enjoying the clean Colorado air next year. Once that is finalized, that information will be announced.

3. Christina Diamond and Tierra Anthony's Local Girl Scout Troop 52010 is conducting a Toy Drive to support INOVA Children's Hospital (INOVA Children's). You can drop off your donations at Rolling Valley ES in the lobby or just outside the main entrance by November 11, 2022. They are asking for comfort items, arts & crafts, electronics, toys, and care items. More specifically, their biggest needs are: Play-Doh; latex-free character band-aids; infant toys; toddler toys; items for teens. Questions? Contact Christina at or Tierra at  
A pdf flyer has been attached to this newsletter.
4. Since I am relatively new to the Community during the tail-end of a world-wide situation that postponed or canceled events for a year or two, I wanted to know if there were events that have not happened for a while that you want to see come back. Also, are there any new events you would like to see, e.g. a New Neighbor Social every other month, a Community Potluck lunch or dinner, a book club, etc.? I would like to see more events that give us an opportunity to meet our neighbors and strengthen our community.

5. Calendar:
  • 31 October - Halloween - please be careful driving home since there will be more kids and families out than usual.
  • 1 November - FY23 Membership Drive ends even though residents can still join anytime during the Fiscal Year.
  • 8 November - Election Day
  • 11 November - Veterans Day
  • 24 November - Thanksgiving
 I wanted to thank you for voting to have me as your President. I have big shoes to fill with John Cooley leaving. I hope to get advice, information, and questions from all of you to help me keep this community as welcoming and friendly as I have seen it since I moved here in August 2021. Please reach out to me at, and I will respond as soon as I can. Thanks.

Jeff Fasceski
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