Village News, 10/10/19

Dear Village Neighbor / Friend,

Thank you for joining or renewing your membership in our civic association. We are 50 memberships behind last year’s pace, but also 150 short of our funding objective of 350 member households. We could use your help informing your immediate neighbors about the benefits of our CAWSV. They are very welcome to contact me (  or Membership Chair Julia Hale ( with any questions.


Village Meeting – 7:30 PM tonight, Thursday (10 October) in the Rolling Valley Elementary School. Major agenda items that will require a vote are:  1) ratification of the FY19 audit report, 2) passing our FY20 budget with markups as needed, 3) election of new board of officers (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer). Self-nominations from the floor will be greatly appreciated and put up for membership vote.

We should also have an update from VDOT about the Rolling Road Project and hope to get a report from the Village West Poo meeting. Come join us!

Community Service – Jerry O’Brien wants to publically express "Kudos to Carol Gallagher and Lover O'Brien for picking up and disposing of two large, yellow bags filled with construction debris that had defiled the corner of Rolling Road & Birmingham Lane for the past 4 - 6 weeks. Congratulations ladies, and thank you." I and probably all of us also thank you!

Parking – A concerned villager wanted all to know that vehicles (without vehicle license tags [front and rear] and without current safety inspection sticker) have been ticketed and in some cases towed from our streets. That same vehicle is ok if parked in your driveway instead of curbside on village streets. Be warned, beware! No complaint about any particular vehicle; just a warning. Note – this is not directed at any one of us – just a heads up.

Glass & Glass Bottle Recycling – All probably saw that we’d have significant changes to trash and recycling removal. I think that there is even more changes coming, but glass bottles will no longer be collected in your recycling toters. Instead, we can drop bottles off at the purple collection bin behind the Springfield Government Center on Rolling Road (preferred solution knowing the glass will be recycled into useful sand or gravel) or simply put them into your trash toters to be added to our landfill after passing through the incinerator. I suspect the next change will be only once per week collection of household trash.

Notary Public – Come to find out that Olin Greene (Vancouver) is a notary. He will need advance notice so he can bring the stamp home from work. He can be reached at 703/866-0445 or via email at

Debates – #2 below had fallen off, but now is back on with a different date. Both events will start at 7:30 PM in the Rolling Valley Elementary School cafeteria as indicated below.

            1. Monday, October 14 (Columbus Day):  Springfield District Supervisor  Pat Herrity (Republican) - incumbent versus Linda Sperling (Democrat)

            2. Tuesday, October 29 - Springfield District Representative on the School Board Elizabeth Schultz (R) - incumbent, Laura Jane Cohen (D) and  Kyle McDaniel (I)

Halloween Party and the Great Chili Cook-off - 4 – 7:00 PM, 19 October at the Village West Pool (7008 Elkton Drive). Seems like changing the date and time of these events has created confusion. They are scheduled from 4 – 7:00 PM, 19 October. We moved up to the 19th to avoid schedule conflict with Rolling Valley ES Haunted House. Weather cooperating, this will be great family fun, especially for our kids and those of us still young at heart. Hope you can make it.

            Halloween Party – Party Coordinator, Barbara Naylor will undoubtedly continue the success of past events. She needs donations of chicken nuggets and apple cider plus the use of your burners to help keep food warm. Let her know if you will contribute.  Barbara can be reached at

            Annual Great Chili Cook-Off – The Village West Pool is hosting its Annual Chili, Chowder & Cornbread Cook-Off also starting at 4:00 PM on 19 October. They normally have chili, corn chowder, gumbo and much more on the menu! Come warm your belly while visiting with your neighbors and watching the kids play! No entry fee required; food prices start at $5.00 for kids, $10.00 for adults to sample and all fixings are provided. Arrive with your winner in a crockpot by 3:30 PM Sign up online soon (next week) as they post it at www.villagewestpoolcom. Questions? Contact Jen Guernsey at

            Non-Perishable Food Collection – we will again collect donations of non-perishable food at the Halloween Party to help ECHO feed those in need in our regional area. ECHO is looking to fill Thanksgiving baskets and needing:  stuffing mix, gravy mix (packets, jars or cans), boxed potato mixes, package boxed rice, canned vegetables, bread or muffin mix, dessert mix (brownies, cake, pudding), disposable roasting pan, canned fruit, beans, tea and/or coffee, flour, shortening, sugar.

Vendor Fair – from Laura Rozier – Sunday, 20 October from 1 - 4:00 PM in the Village West Pool Parking Lot. Get your holiday shopping started and support your neighbors with home-based businesses.  We have 18 vendors signed up so there will be something for everyone – jewelry, crafts, bags, clothing, books, artwork, greeting cards, wine, baked goods, healthy living, sports themed gifts, candles, toys, home décor and more! Skip the mall and shop local!

Vendor & Craft Fair – from Jeanne Jones - Saturday, 12 October from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church 6509 Sydenstricker Road Burke, VA 22015.  Vendors include Lula Roe, Color Street, Pampered Chef, Mary Kay, Noonday Collection, Discovery Toys, Thirty-One, Tupperware and many more. Crafters include jewelry, pottery, crochet/knit items, greeting cards, home décor and much more.


August 1 – 11/01/19   Civic Association Membership Drive

October 10                              TONIGHT - Village Meeting at 7:30 PM at RVES Library

October 14                              Springfield District Supervisor Debate, 7:30 PM

October 19                              Halloween Party and the Great Chili Cook-off, 4 – 7:00 PM at the pool.

October 20                 Vendor Fair at Village West Pool, 1 4:00 PM

October 27                              Taste of Greater Springfield, 3 – 6:00 PM at Waterford Reception

October 29                  Springfield District Representative to the School Board Debate, 7:30 PM

Handyman – Probably the most often asked question is about who to call for general handyman work. My recommendation is either Haidar Sadiq (703/589-3474) or his brother Zewar Sadiq (571/314-9200). Both served the U.S. Government with my wife and me during Operation Provide Comfort in northern Iraq. Both are skilled at many jobs to include electrical, drywall, plumbing and HVAC, but they will tell you if your job is beyond their skill level (doesn’t happen very often, if at all).

Contractor Recommendation – Hannah’s Pet Care for personalized pet care. Hannah Roddy actually works for a Veterinary Clinic and willing to combine home and pet sitting including overnight stay as you may need. Call, text or email her at, 703/507-8233.

Rutting Season – With the cooler weather, deer rutting season will soon start meaning more vehicle – deer accidents, especially very early morning (BMNT) and that time between sunset and ending evening nautical twilight (EENT).

Had a great visit to TX and NM visiting family and weaning myself from network news. It felt good to escape the angst and hostile politics of our region. Most folks out there in the oil and gas regions care about their family, job, paycheck, taxes and much less (if at all) about the political BS happening in our nation’s capital. It was good to put life back into perspective and to relax.  

Stay safe!!

John Cooley, CAWSV

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