Village Nesws, 4/24/20

Dear Neighbor / Friend,

Sorry for yet another email. I only send this because it is time sensitive and next Thursday enews will be too late for your benefit.

Yard Waste Collections - Apparently I am the last to know that Republic Trash Service will start (again) collecting yard waste this next Wednesday, 29 April. You might have already been aware, but I wasn’t. Please share this type information if / when you get it. I hate being the last.

The Herrity Report and the McKay Messenger– No matter your politics, our Springfield District Supervisor, Pat Herrity put out a wealth of information in his latest Herrity Report, dated yesterday, 23 April. Here’s the link - I encourage you to sign up for these reports and those from the Chair of County’s Board of Supervisors, Jeff McKay at

Within reason, enjoy the weekend.

John Cooley, CAWSV


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