Resident Business

Unlimited Service Construction Company

Stephen Gagliano, owner of Unlimited Service Construction Company, 6820 Barnack Drive, Springfield, VA 22152 (703/843-3191) for transformed John Hoffmann's 1967 vintage bathroom into a zero-barrier shower ADA compliant bathroom. Stephen paid close attention to John’s Parkinson’s needs determining where to place the “blocking” for the safety bars, pull down seat and shower fixtures.

J & F Specialties, Inc

J & F Specialties is owned and operated by Village resident, John Boynton (Truro Court). You may recall that previously John offered to help older residents or those with physical restrictions with home projects. Even though that program has ended (for now), some of the beneficiaries want to thank him. Here is one such note from Andrew Bilski (SVD):

Abdullah Hagi (Edmonton Court),

Abdullah Hagi (Edmonton Court), a rising WSHS Senior and certainly a jack of many trades, though still learning in order to become a master. Power washing, leaf raking, garden bed prep, gutter cleaning, mowing grass, car washing / detailing and just about anything you may need and willing to invest in the lad’s growth into manhood. He has done enough work for me to earn my (John Cooley's) recommendation. Text him or call him at 703/886-6794.

Gus and Sons

Gaye & Marion Evans found Gus as a small business owner for home services. Gaye reported that he was prompt to respond and to create an appointment. He did some electrical work as well as took some stuff from two different houses to the dump at a very reasonable cost. Gaye said that she would definitely call on Gus again to address home services.

Bernie Koehle - Lawn Mowing

Bernie Koehle (Edmonton Court) is looking for three more lawns to mow this summer. Bernie cuts only when your lawn needs cutting unlike other services that cut every week regardless of need. Prices are negotiable, but a typical lawn will cost $25 - $30 per cut, that includes trimming, blowing the clippings off sidewalk and bagging on a case by case basis.

Amboy Apparel

Adrian Subido - Owner

Phone: 571-721-8893




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Window/Wall Graphics

Stickers/Bumper Stickers

Vehicle Magnets and Wraps